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Girl Meets World: Season 3/ Episode 20 "Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

With the recent decision that Disney will be cancelling the show, despite a reported plan 4th season previously agreed on, you’d have to wonder why? It is one of their top shows, arguably one of the few that has its actors and story talked about, outside of children’s television, and is evolving in ways we haven’t seen in ages. Yet, with the filming having ended in July, much less the show nearing its season, possibly series, finale, it doesn’t mean the story is slowing down or stopping. For now, there is an arc which could change everything far more than the love triangle arc.

Topic 1: The Fate of Farkle and Smackle (Farkle, Smackle, and Lucas)

It has been a running gag that perhaps Smackle has a crush on Lucas though, unlike how Riley and it once seemed Maya had a crush on him, it was purely superficial. Something which seemed to never really bother Farkle before but, with Cory having them think of their future’s, he is forced to really think about whether he and Smackle are meant to be. Much less, if he might be standing in the way of who she maybe is meant to be with.

After all, Riley is only hopeful when it comes to Lucas and they aren’t as verbal about their affections as Smackle is over Lucas. However, when confronted, Smackle admits that she just flirts because she is insecure and thinks Farkle may not like her as much as she likes him. Leading to him reassuring her and almost saying he loves her.


With Smackle noting her insecurities, you have to remember there was a time when Farkle was head over heels for both Maya and Riley and was in an unrequited love triangle. One which, I’m sure, she noticed as the girls came to Farkle’s competition back in, let’s say season 1. So who knows? Maybe she felt like a consolation prize, the one that was willing and available? Especially since, as seen in episode 7, Farkle has no problems still flirting with Maya. Though, in my mind, sometimes I think the kids do some unscripted things just to mess with one another. So who knows if that kiss was just the actor taking advantage of the situation. It did kind of seem Sabrina wasn’t prepared for it.

That thought aside, it is nice that if these final episodes are what end the series, they are wrapping things up and explaining them. Especially the complications of this relationship since, honestly, it is between them and Ava/ Auggie for cutest couple. For while Disney doesn’t seem to allow anything past holding hands and some snuggling, the writers/ actors found ways with Smarkle to exhibit intimacy.

Topic 2: Can Riley & Maya Be Forever? (Maya and Riley)

While Riley and Maya have had the occasional spat, often in convenient ways, they have reconciled. So with Cory talking about the future, Riley and Maya seem very sure of themselves. To the point, as noted, Riley is surer of her relationship with Maya than Lucas. Though, even when the triangle officially ended, she noted to Maya she doesn’t see Lucas as her forever but simply her first.

With that said, what comes up in topic 3 may rock them to the core.


Focusing on the Lucas situation, and relaying it to the Maya and Riley, she says a lot about not understanding why people would become friends if it isn’t forever. This, based off the Riley we know, makes sense. However, when you bring in the idea of relationships and a boyfriend, it leads you to question why she isn’t of the same mindset? Riley has matured, yes, but it is hard to say if there is that issue of comparing her relationship to her parents to what she should expect or if now that she has what she wanted, it just isn’t magical anymore for reality can’t live up to fantasy.

Topic 3: London Calling (Topanga)

It has been well established Topanga is good at her job. We have never seen her in a courtroom, nor in litigation, but we have been told she is good. Now, though, her success has earned her a promotion that would make her a partner. Problem is, the job is in London and a move to London means a split from Maya, Ava, and everyone else the kids have come to know and love.


Anyone remember That’s So Raven? Remember she had a mom on the show once but then she was written off? Am I the only one who feels like if this show does have a season 4, this storyline was made so Topanga can be reoccurring like Shawn versus Topanga in nearly every episode. That aside, it does make you wonder if in Girl Meets Goodbye if Topanga will be the one that is said goodbye to or will it be us?

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