Recap It’s happening! It is truly happening. Something good, something stable, is coming to both Katy and Maya’s life. Though Maya can’t believe it. Major Characters Maya | Shawn | Katy | Cory Main Plot (with Commentary) Topic 1: You Belong With Me (Cory & Shawn) Before we get to the serious part, let’s get…

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It’s happening! It is truly happening. Something good, something stable, is coming to both Katy and Maya’s life. Though Maya can’t believe it.

Major Characters

Maya | Shawn | Katy | Cory

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: You Belong With Me (Cory & Shawn)

Before we get to the serious part, let’s get past the comical bits. Cory doesn’t want to be second to anyone. Shawn has almost always been his number one and now with Cory not being one, or two, but three? He is appalled. Jokingly of course, but being that Cory has been Shawn’s rock for so long, who else would be appropriate to give him to someone who could do the same?


Though we know Cory and Shawn have been friends for decades, and that Cory is silly, a part of me feels that if Boy Meets World wasn’t a source, or didn’t exist, it would lead some to wonder if Cory was serious. I can already imagine there being some fanfic out there where Cory’s jokes are his way of telling Shawn he truly cares for him, in a non-platonic way, and his jokes were just so no one would catch on. Which isn’t me saying I’m against their bromance, nor saying Cory is suspect, but I do wonder, since I never saw the later seasons of Boy Meets World, has he always been this extra or is he bearing the weight of this show being on the Disney Channel?

Topic 2: I Don’t Want (her) To Hurt Again (Maya)

The Hart/ Clutterbucket family haven’t had the best luck. As shown when Maya and Riley were learning about their families, luck and hope isn’t really part of the Clutterbucket’s history. Hence why Kermit left and devastated everyone. Leaving Maya to fear Shawn would do the same. Not because he is a bad guy, but perhaps just because he one day may fall out of love with Katy. Thus leaving Maya to pick up the pieces. So, against Riley’s advice, she questions and pressures Shawn to prove he means what he says. Which, at first, is comical, but it comes to a point where Shawn doesn’t speak to her like a mini-him but the kid she is. Then, he surprises everyone with the wedding setup on the roof.


What I always loved about Maya’s character is there, every few episodes, is some sort of growth or development. Sometimes not in the form of her seeming like she is getting older and wiser, but perhaps more so revealing to us that because of Katy’s inability to sometimes handle what life has thrown at her, Maya has become prepared for the worse. Take note of Maya being a light sleeper because of her mom crying after Kermit left. That and her need to question Shawn, who has been nothing but sweet to her and Katy. Which to me continued to push the idea that Katy isn’t necessarily a bad mom, but certainly far from the ideal. Though with the only positive example being Topanga and Farkle’s once seen mom, it isn’t like there are a plethora of mothers to compare her to. Though I must admit, her noting how she looks to the Matthews to raise Maya has never left my thoughts.


That aside, I found it weird when Maya thought, even for a moment, maybe it might have been her mother which drove her father away. This thought isn’t explored much, but being that in “The Forgiveness Project” Kermit makes it seem that perhaps his irresponsibility with money, and not being ready for a family, were his reasons, it is strange this thought popped into Maya’s head. That is unless she thought that was just an excuse and Kermit disappeared because her mom drove him off.


Topic 3: Let’s Walk This Road Onto Eternity (Shawn and Katy)

In a small, intimate wedding, Mr. Feeny is the priest, Ava and Auggie, who share their usual cute banter, are the flower children, Cory gives away both Shawn and Katy, and Topanga is maid of honor, and Riley and Maya are Katy’s bridesmaids. The ceremony is as expected, one which will likely get you teary eyed, and perhaps the part which may break you do the most is Maya wondering if Shawn is her dad now and him hoping she’ll see him that way.



I don’t know why I was expecting a bigger wedding. Neither Shawn nor Katy are showy people, and though perhaps more witnesses to Shawn’s promise could have maybe calmed Maya down, and made for a cute moment as she was welcomed into the family, honestly it wasn’t necessary. Though, I got to admit, a part of me wanted Kermit to be there. Not to cause trouble, but I got to admit I’m a bit peeved he disappeared again. So it would have been nice like how Cory gave away Shawn, Kermit gave away Maya. If that makes any sense to anyone but me.


Collected Quote(s)

The lives we’ve led until now have made us both wonder if life knows what it’s doing with us at all

—        “Girl Meets I Do.” Girl Meets World

“I promise I’ll walk with you as long as you’ll let me. I promise I will walk with you no matter where it leads. As long as you’re next to me, this is our road.”

Review Summary


Another episode in which Carpenter gets to peel back the layers which have made Maya and while Maya’s lack of hope is a borderline broken record, the writers find ways to try to keep it fresh.


The wedding, from the Ava and Auggie cuteness, to Cory’s nonsense as he gave Shawn away, to the vows, oh it was just so cute. Also, it made me cry.

Low Points

Cory I honestly need to dial back the clown antics by 5. I get Shawn represents his childhood, and he may like him more than Topanga, at times, but it can’t be that serious right? Or am I just not familiar with close relationships like theirs?

On The Fence

With Disney often airing episodes out of order, here is hoping nothing eyebrow raising happens in the future which makes it look like this whole episode didn’t happen yet

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