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Girl Meets World: Season 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 8: "Girl Meets Hurricane"

IntroductionThe focus is largely about two characters transitioning. We have Maya transitioning into a more hopeful figure, or even her own version of Riley, and you have Shawn transitioning from Angela being the love of his life, to giving Katy the chance to do so. Though, of course, things aren’t as simple as flipping a switch.Review (with Spoilers) - BelowCharacters & Story (with Commentary)Topic 1: Cory, Topanga, and RileySomething I rather liked in this episode was the subtle thanks Cory got in the episode. For while I often call Riley spoiled, it was quite nice for her to recognize that Maya is just now getting a lot of the love and attention she has been given her whole life. As for Topanga, I think she has a similar feeling. For while Riley sees what Maya missed out on, Topanga is looking at what Katy is, and this leads to her seemingly being thankful of Cory not only being a good husband, but also a good father.Topic 2: Shawn and MayaThere is so much cuteness in watching Shawn and Maya bond. Granted, it seems sort of weird since they have, on screen anyway, only interacted a handful of times, but with Shawn seemingly always wanting what Cory has, and Maya always wanting what Riley has, it seems they are both getting their wish through each other. However, being that their relationship is in a sort of honeymoon phase, it does lead you to wonder how will things be when Shawn, much less Cory, decide to really come down on the girls?For, thus far, Maya has been the wild one, the one pushing Riley out of her comfort zone, and while Shawn addressing the way Maya dresses seemed like a father thing to say, and was kind of wanted considering how the girls dress sometimes, you have to wonder how will she react when he tries to limit her freedom? After all, as seen, Katy may keep a roof over Maya’s head, and clothes on her back, but it doesn’t seem like she is much of a disciplinarian. As for Shawn, honestly he seems like he could easily become the bad guy in arguments and perhaps go into that weird space where he is dad, but not the biological one so there is complications. Of which, for now, would just deal with discipline, but in the future would likely deal with Maya’s dad eventually showing up.Topic 3: Shawn, Angela, and KatyTo begin, Angela’s appearance was so awkward and forced that I’m glad Cory, and the writers, addressed it. For one, you have to wonder how in the world she found out where Shawn was? Has she been avoiding him like the plague, yet kept in touch with Cory and/ or Topanga? When she got married, did she just not invite any of the people who seemingly were a major part of her life? Much less, all things considered, when her dad died, were either Cory or Topanga invited to the funeral?I mean, there is a lot of storylines which should have been explored when it comes to Angela meeting Shawn again, almost to the point it makes me wish this was an arc instead of almost stunt casting, assuming I’m using that right. After all, 2nd to Cory and Topanga, Angela and Shawn were a huge deal. To the point that when it was announced she pretty much abandoned him, it was shocking. Albeit, it may help with Shawn understanding how Katy feels in the long run, but with Angela just waltzing in, telling Shawn she has been married for 4 years, is asking him about having kids, and the whole odd meeting seemingly orchestrated by Cory, it makes Angela look like a butt head, and Cory too since he had to have known she was alive, married, and not yet willing to provide the closure Shawn seemingly needed.The oddness doesn’t end there though for while the idea of Shawn and Katy is growing on me, Angela being used to sort of push the two together, or at least push Shawn into the idea, just seemed like the writers wanted to say, “Get over Angela, Katy is here now.” Which left a bad taste in my mind. Granted, I want Shawn to be happy, and especially want Maya to be happy, but I want something which seems genuine and not like the show is trying to give Shawn and Maya the Matthews’ fairy tale.Which I can’t say whether it is the pessimist in me or not, but a part of me doesn’t want Katy and Shawn to become a couple for then it just takes away the idea of Maya’s story being rooted in reality. For, yeah, happy endings do happen, but a part of me thinks that Shawn and Katy realizing they aren’t compatible, or perhaps are better co-parents than lovers, is a better ending then them becoming this series’ Cory and Topanga.Things To Note
  • What happened to Lucas’s friend from back home?
  • Why would anyone of the cast shop at Demolition after all the hassle they went through?
Collected Quote(s)“Maybe if you don’t hope for too much, but let yourself hope for one thing, it might actually happen.” —  “Girl Meets Hurricane.” Girl Meets World“[…] Hope looks great on you.” —  “Girl Meets Hurricane.” Girl Meets World“We’re here to make somebody else happy.” —  “Girl Meets Hurricane.” Girl Meets World“I think life puts people in front of us, so that we can be prepared for what happens next.” —  “Girl Meets Hurricane.” Girl Meets World

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