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Girl Meets World: Season 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 7: “Girl Meets Rules”


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This filler episode is pretty much just about reestablishing that Riley is good, in the way adults think an ideal kid should be, and Maya is rebellious, in such a way which reinforces the idea she needs stability and a watchful eye. Though, while their part of the episode is mostly filler, the storyline dealing with Ava, Auggie, and Topanga shows the continued growth of the tikes and their relationship with Topanga.

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Topanga, Ava and Auggie

The main focus with this storyline dealt with showing how far Ava and Topanga have gone from Topanga almost outright disliking the child, for taking advantage of her son, to almost feeling sorry for her. For with Ava marching in, claiming this child name Emma stole Auggie away with her almost Riley like sweetness, the child is pissed. So much that she wants Topanga to help her masquerade as a sweetheart.

Leading me to think that perhaps Ava represents a sort of alternate storyline for if Maya’s parents stayed together. Which I bring up since, in a way, the situation Auggie has with choosing between Emma and Ava is very similar to Farkle choosing between Riley and Maya. Also, Ava pretty much has many of the same issues which makes Maya interesting. There is the issue of parents who are unhappy, and likely going to divorce; her being heavily reliant on the Matthew’s family for normalcy; and it seeming like she is reliant on Topanga for the mother she doesn’t have, like Maya is reliant on Cory for the father she doesn’t.

In the end though, we learn that as much as Auggie may enjoy Emma, he, like Farkle, is unable to just stick with one girl for he can’t deal with Ava’s attitude all the time, nor Emma’s. So, basically, history is repeating itself but with Topanga being the adult of the drama.

Topic 2: Maya and Riley

With it being season 2, honestly I don’t understand why there is a need to show, once more, that Maya is wild and carefree and Riley is her exact opposite. Especially with another one of Girl Meets World’s blatant lessons. I mean, at the end of the day these type of episodes hurt the show for it takes away from any ground it gains like it does when it comes to what comes in “Girl Meets Hurricane” or “Girl Meets Tell-Tale-Tot” and reminds us that how bland this show can really be. To the point where it continually pushes the question of: When is Riley going to actually meet the real world, meaning the dark side of it, and it directly affect her, and Maya isn’t going to just become sucked into Riley’s world of sunshine and rainbows?

For, unless I’m missing something, it seems every other episode gives Maya another boost in character development, as Riley stays the same. Which, granted, could just be showing that Riley is comfortable in herself due to a stable home environment, but with her not taking Maya’s issues seriously in the past, there remains this bubble I’m dying to see someone pop. Though, as of now, the only way I can see that bubble popping is by Cory and Topanga talking divorce, which there isn’t a likely chance in happening.

Either way, what I need the writers to do is develop Riley for Maya continues to place her in her shadow and damn near make her seem like the sidekick.

Things To Note

Sometimes I think Maya might have issues with Lucas not because she may like him, but because he can ultimately take Riley away from her. Which, due to Maya not really having a friend like Riley to take up time with, would be devastating. Especially considering if Lucas takes away Riley, it means he sort of takes away the Matthews as well.

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