Girl Meets World: Season 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 30: “Girl Meets Legacy”


In the season finale they dance around the topic of who Lucas may end up dating as 8th grade comes to an end.

Episode Summary (with Commentary)

There isn’t too much at all that happens this episode of note. Well, except for the fact that Lucas, Maya, and Riley address that they have utterly avoided the weirdness dealing with the two girls liking Lucas. However, one could consider it a large step that all three are now capable of admitting they like one another. Maya openly admits to liking Lucas since that camp fire, Riley has liked Lucas since she fell into his lap, but Lucas doesn’t give us the same details unfortunately. He does note he likes both girls but doesn’t give the same sort of information in regards to when he first realized it. Still, even without those details, I think I would be remiss to say that there hasn’t been some progress on that love triangle front.

As for other noteworthy events? Well, the kids and their parents petitioned for Cory to end up in the high school. Meaning Cory is going to continue to be these kids’ teacher just like Feeny magically found a way to continue on year after year. Now, as for who may also be following the main cast in regards to high school? Well, that is hard to say. For with it being reported we are getting new cast members next year, it leads me to doubt that many of the seldom seen or heard may get promoted, or may even transition to everyone’s new classroom. But, at the very least, we do know that with High School will come more challenges and maybe even the cast no longer in the same classroom. Though with the show bending things so Cory could come with them to high school, who knows what else may be done for the sake of convenience.

Things To Note

Zay and Vanessa still seem to be an item, and he goes to her formal in the episode before returning for graduation.

We see quite a few of the middle school guest starring teachers like Mr. Norton, Harvey, and Ms. Kossal get to say their goodbyes. Unfortunately, Harper isn’t included.


With us getting to have a goodbye to some of the teachers likely to not transition to the high school years, it presents a sense of closure and a reminder of how those people affected some of the characters’ lives. Well, except for Harvey who seemed like he was just there for a proper alumni send off.

It was nice for when Zay wasn’t around they noted where he was and reminded us of the Vanessa storyline.

On The Fence

Cory getting to go to High School with the kids seems a tad bit lazy, but with this being a show performed in front of a live studio audience, you can’t expect a huge amount of sets and changes from season to season. So while I roll my eyes at the idea of him following them through senior year, a part of me feels like it should have been well accepted from the get go.

While you have to admire the kids have finally come to a point where Maya and Riley can openly say they like Lucas, and he can openly say he likes them, it remains a bit of a pain that they remain in a love triangle situation. If only because the situation is mildly frustrating. Formerly it was a real annoyance because they presented reasons to ship one couple or the other but with the stable pairing which is Farkle and Smackle, it becomes hard to really push your usual #Team etc nonsense when you see one couple that seems functional.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Will we not know Lucas’ choice until the series finale?

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