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Girl Meets World: Season 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 22: “Girl Meets Texas: Part 3”


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With almost everyone’s feelings out in the open, so comes the difficulty of deciding how to handle said feelings.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Everything is confusing for damn near everyone, though especially Riley, Maya, and Lucas. For with Lucas, he doesn’t want to be Riley’s brother, so there is one issue; Maya likes Lucas, but isn’t comfortable around him when not teasing him; and Riley, in an effort to not hurt Maya, and try to make her happy, sacrifices the potential of her being happy, as well as Lucas being happy with her.

That is the short version of what goes on in this episode. The long version would be us going into the show presenting the evidence for or against the Riley/Lucas and Maya/Lucas ship; seeing that as much as both Riley and Maya have evolved as people, that maybe they aren’t ready for relationships still; and that with high school assumingly around the corner, these kids are in for a world of pain.


It was nice to hear Farkle and Smackle are getting along well with whatever it is they have off-screen. To the point I hope they can serve as some sort of example for everyone else on how a relationship, their age, can be.

Low Points

I honestly hate the fact this love triangle wasn’t resolved. All that really came from all this was everything being put out in the open, a constant reassurance that Riley won’t be mad no matter what happens, and we still have yet to hear how Lucas feels. Which, as of now, it seems clear that he likes Riley more than he may possibly like Maya, but I need him to communicate that. I’m tired of Zay, and in this episode Farkle, saying the obvious but the people themselves not saying what they feel. Which perhaps is appropriate for 14 year olds, but god it is frustrating to watch.

On The Fence

With the evidence presented for Rucas as well as well as Lucaya, honestly I feel like the show has either set things up so, hopefully, the season finale may give us a final answer, or it may leave us where misery may rule these kids’ lives for a while. Since, as can be seen, the triangle is still very much in effect and in an effort to make Maya happy Riley is hurting Lucas, and honestly I think that as much as Maya may have feelings for Lucas, she may very well not be mature enough to explore them. Plus, let’s take note: How she acted with Josh is how Riley sort of acted with Lucas. Leading to the question: how much does she really like him, and why? Is she just attracted to him because he is a good guy and he is around and available? For while he does compliment her, and they have their moments, there has never been that definitive moment which makes them seem destined. At this point, everything Lucaya related honestly seems like wishful thinking.

Though it was nice for Charlie to return, I find it sad he is being brought to prolong things. But perhaps what really drives my “meh” feelings about his return is because Riley doesn’t seem interested in even giving the boy a chance. Yeah, she goes on a date, but with no hand holding or talking option, it becomes clear she is just going through the motions. Same goes with the Lucas and Maya situation. As Riley sacrifices her happiness, it seems they are going through the motions so said sacrifice isn’t in vain. They aren’t trying to see if maybe they could work as a couple, they just sit awkwardly and pretty much make it seem that while Lucaya may have worked as a fantasy, it isn’t something which works in reality. An argument which, in the past, applied to Rucas as well, but now I feel almost confused as the characters. In fact, a part of me feels that, ultimately, perhaps this whole love triangle was made to fit the trend, and add some drama, more than to actually be beneficial to the story and their world. Since, as of now, I can’t see any real beneficial pay off besides them joking about this later on and Boy Meets World fans point out how much this storyline mirrors something which happened in the source series.

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