Girl Meets World: Season 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 21: “Girl Meets Texas: Part 2”


After Riley’s discovery comes the topic of change. Could Riley and Maya’s relationship change, Riley and Lucas, Lucas and Maya, and if it did change how would it? Would it lead to a happy ending, or someone dating for a while, then breaking up and never speaking to the other person ever again? That is the fear and it seems that fear is riding on everyone’s back.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Things have becoming increasingly awkward. For one, it is hard to tell whether Riley truly wants to just be like siblings with Lucas, and arguably it seems Lucas doesn’t necessarily want that at all. For with even mention of being a sibling, you can see Lucas a little heartbroken, confused, and frustrated. After all, it seems he thought the only reason him and Riley didn’t stay as a couple was because she wasn’t ready. But, even with them not being official, it seems to me he still thought they were significant others. However, with all this sibling stuff, and then Riley talking about how life is easier seeing them as siblings, his world seems a bit turned upside down.

The same goes for Maya for despite Riley constantly giving her blessing, Maya seems scared to act. Mind you, not at all because she thinks she may hurt Riley, but because it seems she is just scared. For, like Riley, she doesn’t want to lose Lucas’ friendship in the pursuit of a happy relationship. Plus, Maya is dealing with guilt. Guilt which comes from keeping the secret of thinking Riley and Lucas wasn’t a match, but keeping her mouth shut and stepping back. Something Riley notes that she knows Maya did, and repeats that nothing would ruin their friendship as her means of saying it would be ok if Maya did do something.

Which of course she doesn’t for as brash and silly as Maya can be, she doesn’t have Riley’s emotional maturity. An odd comment for sure, but considering Riley grew up in the environment in which she recognizes love, emotions, and has support, even with her closing up when she was being bullied, you can’t deny there aren’t moments when her emotional intelligence showed. Hell, even in season 1, when she let Cory dance with Maya, it showed that she realized there are certain needs in Maya’s life which weren’t being met that her dad could satisfy. Making this whole scenario show that while Riley is still learning about herself, she is perhaps sure that Lucas might not be the one. He might be some semblance of him, but not the one exactly.

Hence why, openly mind you, she says Maya likes Lucas to Lucas’ face. Then, after another blessing given to Maya so she won’t feel like she betrayed Riley, she leaves with Farkle somewhere. Thus setting up the question that, despite the compliments, and interactions, does Lucas even like Maya or even see her that way? For, at least for me, that hasn’t even been considered a factor. All this time he could have just been nice to her because he felt sorry for her, or wanted her to feel good about herself. It may not have been flirting at all. Though with her trying to keep things as they are, joking with him, and making fun of him, and him stopping her with all that leads up to a kiss, so comes the question of whether that motion was done because he wanted to kiss her, or because that is the only way he knows how to make a girl stop in her tracks?

Leaving Zay. As we know, Vanessa is the one who, for exact reasons unknown, rejected Zay despite his constant attempts. Yet, thanks to Grand Pappy Joe, a 2nd chance comes along. One in which, between the girls pretending they are Zay’s girlfriend, to Zay perhaps seeming more calm and confident, arguably Vanessa sees Zay in a different light. One bright enough where she finds herself allured to him and wanting to spend some time with him before he goes back to New York.


I loved the fact Vanessa became a real person, and they addressed Zay’s feelings for her. The main reason being, it makes him seem like he is potentially part of the cast now. For quite some time it seemed like he may become like Smackle where he comes and goes so frequently, but with him being fairly consistent over the last few episodes, and him having his own sort of storyline, there might be hope. I do wonder though what may happen with Vanessa after the next episode? For a long time ago I wondered if maybe as Maya fell for Lucas, since he is like Riley, maybe Riley could fall for Zay, since he is like Maya. An idea I find highly unlikely, since I think Charlie is going to make a play for Riley, but it still leaves the question of: What is next for Zay since Vanessa ain’t likely to come to NYC?

I liked that the show didn’t have it where it seemed Riley was just giving Lucas to Maya since she wants her to be happy. Granted, I’m still not convinced she doesn’t like Lucas as more than a brother, but be it her convincing herself, or maybe her just knowing dating him full-time would be awkward and may not end well, it is hard to deny that Rowan Blanchard has made Riley a balanced character. One who, at heart, is a silly person, but one capable of strong emotions when it is called for and, despite how silly she can be, and naïve at times, is capable of understanding the emotions of others.

Being that so many shows have love triangles, secrets, and things of that nature, I must say I enjoy the idea that perhaps this show might try to be different. For with almost everything out in the open, since arguably Lucas hasn’t outright said he likes Riley or Maya, well at least in sometime, it makes it so things pretty much are do or let it go. Will Lucas tell Riley he doesn’t want to be like siblings, will he perhaps accept what Riley says and then address Maya? Making it where he either says he doesn’t feel the same, or they maybe start season 3 as boyfriend and girlfriend? Who knows? I must admit however, despite being a Lucaya fan, a part of me wants to see him reject him. Only if because that is the unexpected choice.

Low Points

Considering how Lucas, sort of, was dumped, I wish they showed him as emotional, or vulnerable, about it. Granted, it may seem out of character, but with it seeming to me he thought Riley was just trying to find herself more before maybe going back to dating him, you’d think they would show a bit more emotion from the dude. After all, it explains a lot in terms of why he assumed Riley would be his date for the dance, among other things.

On The Fence

It’s kind of sad that with the rise of Zay that Farkle has been put on the back burner. Though with Zay needing a boost to be considered part of the main cast, and not just a persistent guest star, arguably Zay needed the screen time Farkle would usually have.

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