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Girl Meets World: Season 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 18: "Girl Meets World of Terror 2"

OverviewIt’s a Halloween episode! Meaning it has nothing whatsoever to do with the story, and can be skipped – unless you miss seeing Auggie, Ava, or Doy.Characters & Story (with Commentary)Assumingly, rather than have this episode follow the season finale on October 18th, Disney decided to put out the low point of the season early. Though, in comparison to the last Halloween episode, things have improved. For one, instead of featuring multiple silly stories, completely unrelated, this episode features everything happening in one night, with a decent storyline.Said storyline deals with the kids of the show, Auggie, Ava, and Doy, trick or treating, and Ava being spoiled and selfish, alongside Riley and Maya meeting a flapper ghost (Brittany Ross) who haunts their bay window. Which, granted, isn’t a storyline which furthers anything, but at the very least we see the dancing talent of Maya and Riley, as well as get a few giggles here and there from the girls’ interaction with the ghost.But, as noted in the overview, pretty much you could skip this episode and I’d bet you’d be perfectly fine.HighlightsGot to give it up to the costume department for Riley and Maya’s outfits, as well as to the girls for their flapping danceAva and Austin moon interaction was cute, especially her stealing his walletThe cartoon segment featuring Maya and Riley was kind of cool, and sort of creepy [1].Low PointsWhile it was good to see the kids back, I honestly cannot stand Doy. Nothing against the kid, but he has one of those characters which I can see becoming possibly interesting in the future, and likely flashbacks to these episodes maybe funny but, as of right now, I’m so glad he rarely is in the series.On The FenceAs a joke, they have Ava reading her stage directions and while I guess it was kind of cute, the gag got old quick.The Flapper ghost story: while arguably it could be considered the highlight of the episode, I do wish there was some sort of build to the ghost revealing herself. It would have made the ghost’s goodbye more impactful and even a nice recap of the importance of the bay window before the season goes toward its final episodes.Things To Note[1]: In the cartoon segment, the girls switch eyes, and even empty out their heads. Leading to us to see nothing but sunshine and rainbows come out of Riley’s head, and Maya having dozens upon dozens of Rileys. Which, if I ever thought Disney would go there, would push the idea that perhaps Maya likes Riley, but the more realistic way to look at it would be Riley being Maya’s conscience, and voice of reason, hence her clouding her thoughts.

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