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Girl Meets World: Season 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 15:  "Girl Meets Farkle" or "Girl Meets I Am Farkle"

OverviewAcceptance of a friend, no matter what quirks they have, or what society labels them, is the focus of the episode.Characters & Story (with Commentary)Topic 1: Genius IQ - FarkleThough it has been long established Farkle is smart, as is his father Stuart, it becomes official as Cory’s class takes an IQ test. Leading to a celebration arranged by Farkle’s parents, Stuart and Jennifer Basset (Kristanna Loken) and the awkwardness of Corey seeing the “Monster” in person once more.Topic 2: We’ll Accept You No Matter What – Farkle, Maya, Lucas, and RileyWith this genius label being placed though, so comes the question of why it seems. Leading to a series of test in which comes the question: Is Farkle possibly autistic? Albeit, more so in the milder ranges of the spectrum, being Asperger’s, but still, could his odd actions be due to his autism? Well, most of his friends, but especially Maya and Riley, don’t seem to really think Farkle’s quirks are attributed to him being autistic. For while they go down the list of traits and Farkle believes he fits nearly all of the check boxes, it shows that the kids perceptions of autism is that of someone who is of a severe nature and, arguably, considering how they talk about it, seemingly they only have negative connotations associated with autism [1]. Either way, they remind Farkle they are friends and that he will be accepted by them no matter what the final diagnosis is.Topic 3: Hope for Isadora – Farkle and Isadora (Smackle)As Isiah takes another episode off, in comes Smackle for with her arch nemesis, and crush, Farkle officially becoming a genius, she believes Einstein Academy is where he belongs. Thing is, while Einstein may have a better academic curriculum, it doesn’t seem to have life lessons involved. At least, if you take Isadora’s word on it.But what really matters when it comes to Isadora guest starring this episode is because, unlike Farkle, who we learn isn’t autistic, Isadora is. Something which I honestly never thought about when we’ve seen her before, because who every Disney Channel show has someone like her, but with it being official it leads to a whole new form of understanding. Almost to the point of making me wonder how many odd and off beat characters, Disney has had over the years, could have also had autism, among other things.Getting back to Isadora though, as has long been established, though she openly likes Farkle, his heart has always belonged to Riley and Maya. That is, until this episode. For, so it seems, being that neither one want him, as more than a friend, yet can see Isadora desperately wishes to have him see her the way he sees Maya and Riley, they hook them up. Leading to the type of results which may very well kill any dreams some may have of Maya and Farkle as a couple. For with Isadora giving compliments to Farkle, like calling him a hunk, him holding her hand as he expresses he might be autistic, and the end of the episode featuring her, despite having Asperger’s, enjoying a hug from him, it seems there might be something there.Question is though: Will Isadora become a big enough part of the show for their storyline to consistently grow from here on?Collected Quote(s)Believe in what you contribute to others. […] Remarkable people have I.Q.’s all across the board. Everyone has great gifts, and everyone has the potential to impact our world. —           “Girl Meets Farkle.“ Girl Meets WorldDon’t live under a label, it just gets in the way of who you are. —           “Girl Meets Farkle.“ Girl Meets WorldWe’re all a unique collection of atoms, and there’s only one of each of us. The only label you should wear is your name. Let your actions define you. Because there is another spectrum: how you live your life, what you do with whatever you’re given, how you treat the other people around you. These are your actions. This is your name. That’s who you are. —           “Girl Meets Farkle.“ Girl Meets WorldThings To Note[1] Riley makes another joke at Maya’s expense in order to make Farkle feel better about possibly having autism. Leading me to wonder if Riley truly understands that Maya doesn’t find those jokes funny.

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