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Girl Meets World: Season 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 13: "Girl Meets Semi-Formal"

OverviewIt’s time for the semi-formal dance and with Lucas not asking Riley, a new guy showing interest in Riley, and with the topic of what Maya knows about Riley from pretending to be her an unresolved issue, it seems things are increasingly going to get complicated.Characters & Story (with Commentary)Topic 1: Foreshadowing/ This Week’s Boy Meets World Nostalgia – Eric and JackWith Eric being a senator comes the need for him to meet with companies which want to make deals. Thus leading to him becoming reacquainted with his old friend Jack (Matthew Lawrence) who is representing an evil company who doesn’t seem to have a good environmental record. But, despite the original reason for the two of them meeting, very little is mentioned dealing with business for with neither one seeing each other in years, it is time to catch up. Leading us to learn that Rachel and Jack are no more, Jack thinking maybe he went down the wrong road, which led to his current position, and then comes the foreshadowing.Of which, to summarize, pretty much it seems that the scenario which was who may Rachel choose, is going reimagined for Riley. Making it so she will choose between who is someone she wants as a boyfriend and who is more like a brother [1].Topic 2: Why Hasn’t He Asked Me Yet? – Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, and CharlieIt has been ten months since Riley learned about the semi-formal, and since then there hasn’t been a word out of Lucas’ mouth about it. So, naturally, Riley is worrying up a storm about it since she still is very much crushing on Lucas and wants that ideal, Disney fantasy, type of relationship. Which she ultimately does get, with her getting a huge amount of flowers, a banner, a disco bar, and things of that nature, but then the guy who asks her isn’t Lucas. No, instead it is this completely random person named Charlie (Tanner Buchanan).Naturally, Charlie asking Riley completely throws her off since, as we have seen, Riley doesn’t interact with a lot of people outside of the main cast we got to know. So this boy who spoke to her once, off-screen, asking her out, giving compliments, and seeming genuinely interested in her, it sort of shocks her. To the point where she doesn’t shut him down, like she does Farkle earlier in the episode, but comes up with the lie of having to babysit Auggie.Which, as soon as she says it, leads to her learning Lucas was just about to ask her. Which of course leads to the question of: Why did he wait so long? Well, the answer is: he just assumed he and her going together was already the plan.Topic 3: Like a Boyfriend/ Like a Brother – Riley, Maya, Charlie, and LucasLeading to Riley, the night of the semi-formal, thinking about her decision and regretting a bit what happened. Though with Auggie nowhere in sight, and both Topanga and Cory saying she can go, she finds herself forced to face these two boys, while Maya holds her tongue on her thoughts of what is to come when it comes to Riley and Lucas.Leaving us without much in the way of answers. For despite bumping into both boys at the same time, who seemingly have become friends, Riley doesn’t end up making a decision. Then, to make things worse, as the dance begins and this band named Sheppard plays, so begins both Riley and Maya spinning around with different guys.Though what absolutely needs to be noted is that there are signs which point to Riley and Lucas not being together. For one, Lucas speaks about Riley as a friend in such a way where it seems the lightbulb in Riley’s head is starting flicker. One which shows that as much as she maybe into Lucas, and he might be sweet on her, he might not be into her in a romantic sense. After all, while they did date for about a day, after their kiss, things haven’t really been the same ever since. Also, near the end of the episode, Riley is more so dancing with Charlie, and Lucas more with Maya, and despite the way Lucas and Maya go back and forth, it seems Maya enjoys dancing with Lucas and while he isn’t necessarily showing signs he is into Maya, who knows how the writers may craft their future.Final ThoughtsLet me just say, considering Zay basically is the male Maya, a part of me feels it would have made more sense for him to be in Charlie’s position than the show introducing a brand new character. For really, why in the world did Charlie come into existence? Zay could have been watching in the background, all this time, and noticing the same thing Maya just discovered, and could have figured he could maybe make a move. Thus probably causing some drama, yeah, but also it would make sense in the long run for Riley to find someone who has all the qualities she loves in Maya and Maya to find someone who has all the qualities she loves in Riley.That love triangle, box, or whatever it is now, aside, I must say I love the fact that Farkle maintained some of his look from the last episode. Though I was honestly hoping that instead of him still trying to inject himself into this Maya or Riley fiasco, he’d just get with Smackle. For those two are on a similar journey of trying to find a way to balance their nerdy persona, and interest, with becoming teenagers. And being that neither Riley nor Maya are likely to have any sort of stable puppy love relationship for a while, it would be nice if Farkle was leading the way.Things To Note[1]: We learn that Rachel still is in contact with Eric, but hasn’t talked with Jack in years. Also, we learn she is in the Peace Corps.

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