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Girl Meets World: Season 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 12: “Girl Meets Yearbook”


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Girl Meets World returns to grace as it seems we have reached a possible turning point. One which may lead to our dear Farkle maturing, as well as Maya realizing something different about her relationship with Lucas.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Topanga’s New Best Friend – Topanga and Katy

Since this show has begun, Topanga has been given the short end of the stick as a character. Due to her not working within Riley’s school, and Riley not being of age to work within Topanga’s firm, it has limited her greatly in comparison to Cory. However, now with Mrs. Svorski’s former shop being hers, she has become more and more injected into the central storyline.

Leading to the focus of this topic which is her building relationship with Katy. Something which I feel is important since, as of now, Topanga is the only adult with adult friends and interactions. Also, through Katy’s friendship with Topanga, this is the best way to grow the character. After all, Katy hasn’t had that many episodes, and while we are aware of the unfortunate events of her relationship with Kermit, and that she likely has a burgeoning relationship with Shawn, it isn’t until this episode that she seems like more than part of Maya’s backstory.

Which isn’t to say she has a strong dramatic turn, but with her speaking more about herself; goofing around when it comes to what is mentioned in topic 2; and building a relationship with Topanga, it makes it so that she and Topanga benefit from the bakery’s existence.

Topic 2: Pretending To Be Something You’re Not – Maya, Riley, Lucas, and Farkle

With it being time for yearbooks, so comes the odd moments of learning what everyone thinks of each other. An issue which, in the beginning, only hits Farkle hard since he seemingly is tired of being the weird science geek. Thus leading to the creation of Donnie Barnes, who seemingly is inspired by Farkle’s perception of Lucas. But things don’t end there. For while Riley, originally, is fine with how everyone perceives her, she does have an issue with people perceiving Lucas and Maya as a couple. This, in her usual overdramatic, and a bit self-centered, way leads to her turning into her perception of what it means to be Goth or emo. Oh, and, like Farkle, she comes up with a new name for herself: Morotia M. Black.

Now, this throws both Lucas and Maya into a tailspin for neither one fully understands the need for both of their friends to change so drastically. Though, rather than work together, Lucas focusing on Farkle and Maya on Riley. Leading to many speeches from Lucas, only in class, and Maya deciding to pretend to be Riley in order to show her the silliness of her ways.

Something which leads to the odd result of learning that while the class loves having a Riley, having a Maya isn’t necessarily required, despite in a previous episode it seeming the class liked the bad kids, of which only Maya qualifies. So this leads Maya to think that perhaps she should stay acting like Riley and be sunshine and rainbows. Which Lucas doesn’t help in pushing the belief of since he brings up how unfortunate Maya’s background is.

Topic 3: People Can, and Sometimes Have to, Change

But then things snap back together. If only because Maya seems to discover something about Riley. As for what exactly, it is hard to tell but it deals with Lucas being like a brother. Now, whether that means Maya sees Lucas like a brother, thinks Riley sees him as a brother, or what? I am not fully sure. Though considering how some of the kids note Lucas is the male Riley, a part of me is leaning toward Maya maybe seeing him as Riley’s brother – which perhaps may make things complicated for with Maya, assumingly, being straight, and very much in love with Riley’s personality, said personality being possess by a boy maybe an issue. Especially since Riley already likes him.

As for Riley, after so many Lucas’ speeches, and Maya trying to push her out of the dark, eventually Maya breaks through. However, the secret of Riley’s she discovered by being her she doesn’t reveal. Which was a bit frustrating, since it could have bought clarity, but hey what can you do? Anyway, next up is Farkle and while Riley seems to have gone back to her normal self, it seems Farkle wants to change and evolve, and even if it is something as small as not physically looking as nerdy anymore, he hopes his friends will stick by his side as he transitions into the person he wants to be, rather than stay the person they are used to.

Final Thoughts

Setting aside the issues of Zay, Lucas’ friend, still being absent, alongside Katy not talking about her date with Shawn, this was a top quality episode. It continued to show Maya as perhaps the girl who is truly meeting the world, and Riley the one who will slowly and surely be introduced to the idea she may not always get what she wants, and it doesn’t mean a fit is the most appropriate way to handle things. Alongside that, I am quite in love with the way they handled Farkle. If only because it shows that Farkle, is maturing and perhaps, one day, wants to be taken seriously. Whether it be as a person, a love interest, or just, point blank, breaking away from being some sort of comic relief. Which, to me, was important for if he went back to his former self like Riley, then it would take away from the idea that these are kids we are dealing with. Ones who maybe familiar with who they want to be, but certainly can’t know who they are yet.

Collected Quote(s)

“What I think of myself is that it really bothers me what other people think of me.”
—           “Girl Meets Yearbook.” Girl Meets World

“I do know that if you let someone say who you are, then you really won’t be who you are, and you certainly won’t end up being who you were meant to be.”
—           “Girl Meets Yearbook.” Girl Meets World

“When you become someone else, even though you’re just acting, it’s impossible not to discover something you didn’t know before.”
—           “Girl Meets Yearbook.” Girl Meets World

“When you have strong emotions for someone, it’s like you’re too close to see straight.”
—           “Girl Meets Yearbook.” Girl Meets World

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