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Girl Meets World: Season 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 11: “Girl Meets Fish”

Initial Thoughts

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Unfortunately, this is a themed episode which means it basically is a throwaway. One which doesn’t have much in the way of redeemable qualities, and really makes me hope that as Riley and Maya get older, and perhaps things get more serious, this show will move off the Disney Channel.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The Death of Chelsea the Goldfish – Auggie

The whole episode is about the death of a goldfish that, until Riley gets it, Cory is under the impression survived the whole school year. Truth is though, from Maya to Lucas, as well as Farkle, everyone has killed their fish one way or the other. Some by stupidity, like Farkle, and others by mistake, like Lucas. Either way though, they all lied about it and purchased a new fish to cover their tracks.

Leading to the topic of who killed the latest Chelsea. The answer? Auggie. For with him trying to feed the fish graham crackers, he ends up being the murderer. Something, strangely, everyone pretty much gets on him about, in a light way mind you, but being that he is so young, it seemed weird they would gang up on the kid.

But, being that this is Disney Channel, naturally Riley steps in, as the relief from any dark moment, and takes the guilt away from a child who killed something and makes him smile again.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely hate episodes like this. They really serve no point and, with Girl Meets World having some sort of arcing storyline, it makes me feel like they wasted time. For with there being child labor laws, and Disney being rather inconsistent with this show’s airings, every time they make a theme episode, which seemingly will always have Auggie dead center, I grow to hate his part in this show.

For while, in general, the kid has interesting storylines, especially when Ava is involved, him being in the center of this nonsense makes me wish the character wasn’t there. Though, all things considered, even if Auggie wasn’t around, Girl Meets World would still be subject to these ridiculous themed nights they have been doing since I used to watch the channel on a regular basis.

Leading me to wonder, did I even like these themed nights back in the day?

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