Girl Meets World: Season 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 10: “Girl Meets the New Teacher”


With another Boy Meets World alumni returning, naturally the nostalgia hits hard and fast. But, like most episodes of Girl Meets World, the episode provides a lesson. However, it isn’t so much for kids as it might be for adults. For more on “Girl Meets the New Teacher,” look below.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Hello Harper J – Maya and Riley

Despite rarely being out of Cory’s history class, the show shifts focus and reminds us the kids have others subjects as well. Thus leading to the introduction of the newly hired Ms. Harper (Tania Gunadi) who is basically the Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn) for the Girl Meets World universe. She is alternative in the fact she is a “cool” teacher with her motorcycle and leather jacket, and with her wanting to use graphic novels before she uses books like To Kill a Mockingbird, she has everyone’s eyes glued on her. No more than Principal Yancy (Stuart Pankin) though. Someone who doesn’t really appreciate how Harper is trying to not only become familiar with students by allowing them to call her by her first name, but also the fact she is using media which isn’t school approved.

Though what really makes things go from bad to worse is when she decides to outright disobey his orders to teach from To Kill a Mockingbird and instead use Frank Miller’s A Dark Knight Rises. Making it so as quickly as we say hello to Harper, we are saying goodbye.

Topic 2: Batman vs. Superman – Cory, Maya, and Riley

Which leads to Cory getting involved for he was part of the committee which hired her. As for why he hired her? Well, it is because, as we have seen by watching how Cory handles his class, he likes an alternative form of teaching. One which doesn’t rely on the same books and methods used from generation to generation, but tries to shake things up, change the way the band is playing, and make learning an experience more than an obligation. Something which Yancy seems to represent for his attitude is very much about students coming and going, passing the tests and moving on, rather than them truly learning something and becoming better equipped people for life.

However, the difference between Harper and Cory, in comparison to Yancy, is power. Something which Maya and Riley notes is what makes Yancy a superman to Cory and Harper’s batman. For with the words “You’re Fired” there goes Harper, and Cory quickly follows as he tries to give Yancy an ultimatum.

Topic 3: What Happens When You Invest In The Future – Cory, Maya, Topanga, and Riley

Luckily for the both of them though, between Topanga, who knows the law like the color of her husband’s eyes, and Mr. Turner, Harper and Cory end up with no worries. After all, as noted, Harper is basically Mr. Turner deux, so with her teaching from graphic novels and presenting an alternative way to learning, pretty much he sees her fight with Yancy like the ones he had with Feeny. Which leads to the tidbit that it seems Yancy may have had a long problem with Cory’s methods as well, but with Mr. Turner noting he is the one who hired Cory, it seems any issues Yancy had evaporates.

Leaving us with what maybe what truly matters in the long run of the show. The first thing being Maya and Riley having a conversation about what they want to be when they grow up. Something which Riley doesn’t know yet, but with Ms. Harper showing that not everyone has to be like Cory, or perhaps like how Yancy seems, Maya thinks being a teacher could be an option. Leading us to the episode’s end in which you get your usual teary eyed moment which comes from any of the Boy Meets World alumni’s visiting. This time around, it pretty much comes from Cory and Topanga recognizing the affect Mr. Turner had on their life, and saying thank you. Which is slightly done by the girls as well, but more so Riley who slowly but surely seems to recognize how privileged her life is, and is becoming more and more thankful for what she was born into.

Things To Note

Mr. Turner is the superintendent of schools.

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