Tosh, with eyes wide open, looking at CJ.
Madison Pettis as Natasha "Tosh"

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Tosh takes center stage as does a theme that no matter what everyone’s socioeconomic status, each kid is under immense pressure.

Director(s) Thomas Carter
Writer(s) Adam Giaudrone
Air Date 6/4/2018
Actors Introduced
Eric Spence Moore II

Morning Routine: Tosh

There is a lot of work put into looking good, feeling good, and getting places. Hence why Tosh gets up 5 AM to work out on her spin bike. Also, why her breakfast is grapefruit and egg whites. When you come from a two-parent home, with parents who are successful and have a quite ambitious mom, there are expectations. The kind which you want to live up to.


I’m fully expecting Tosh to have a breakdown before the season or series is over. Just because of how intense her mom is alone. Plus, while we don’t see any clear signs of issues, with her being instilled in this idea of planning everything out, it makes you wonder how she reacts to when plans go awry, not her way, or even blow up in her face. Can she handle that?

Because this semi-perfect life raises so many red flags and with the vibe this show gives, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some kind of insecurity or some kind of darkness to be exposed later on.

The Pressure Is On: Eric, Tosh

Tosh trying to reassure Eric who is feeling a little insecure about his college prospects.
“You’re not your dad, Eric, and you never will be.”

With someone like Tosh as a girlfriend, and recently having a concussion, Eric is a bit stressed out. He was a major player for football scholarships and schools like Northwestern and Notre Dame but they have begun to back away now. A scary thought because his dad got injured in his first year of college and seemingly life hasn’t been the same since. So Eric is freaking out.

Something not really helped by Tosh who is super into planning and is optimistic to a level which doesn’t work when it comes to serious situations. For then it just feels like that person is downplaying what you’re going through. Which, with the coach not being sure what could happen in the future, well Eric’s headaches are of the least of his problems.



One of the things I appreciate about Five Points is how it shows everyone is going through something. And while for one person, the problem may not seem big or they wouldn’t take that course of action, for another, it is a huge deal and they are doing what they can based on what they know. Like this whole Eric thing? It isn’t 100% clear what his relationship is like with his dad, but it is clear he wants to get the hell out of dodge and going away to college is one way to do it.

Yet, I must admit I like the fact neither him nor Tosh seem to be using one another. He doesn’t see her as this rich girl who can make it so his financial worries go away or be some kind of escape. Also, with the way Tosh’s life is, it isn’t like she is trying to be a football player’s wife and that is the end game here. Leading to the next topic.

We vs. Me: Eric, Tosh

As noted, Tosh as a girlfriend can be a bit much. Especially since she is at a place in her life where she speaks in we, talks about going to college together, and while not noting a marriage between her and Eric, her speaking it means she is planting seeds. Tosh doesn’t do or say anything without a plan in mind. So, as you can imagine, while Eric likes her, maybe even loves her, considering they been together for a year, it has really come to a point where he realizes they can’t be a we anymore.

Why? Well, while she is invested in Eric’s potential, she isn’t necessarily invested in who he is now. When it comes to Eric who isn’t a football player, who is just a dude who is in his teens, that person isn’t nurtured and spoken to. So, despite the situation coming off as a shock, Eric ends things and walks away.


Eric breaking up with Tosh.
Eric (Spence Moore II): “It’s over”

Is it wrong that I like seeing relationships end when cheating isn’t a factor? I just feel sometimes cheating is, in media, used way too often as a means of ending a relationship vs. just saying it isn’t working. But what I also like is that Eric didn’t break up with her because they were going through a rough patch, she wouldn’t have sex with him, or anything like that. He wasn’t happy, didn’t think she was capable of making him happy, so he broke up with her – face to face!

Which also shows some kind of respect you know. After all, how many couples do you know, when you were a teenager, that were together a year? If they lasted more than 2 months that was a long time. So a year? I’m glad that, if it had to end, at least it ended with some form of respect. It would have been cool if they could have worked it out but, clearly the level Tosh is on, Eric just isn’t there yet.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. For an episode about Tosh, isn’t it kind of weird Eric kind of stole her thunder?
  2. What is the meaning behind the title? Is it to allude to Eric’s concussion or everyone knowing Tosh got broke up with?


  1. I absolutely loved that Tosh was so much about looking and feeling good for herself and not the sake for Eric. Yet, also, as a girlfriend, invested in his future and their future together.
  2. It being presented everyone, no matter their socioeconomic status, are dealing with some kind of pressure which could stress them out. For Eric, it was not repeating his father’s legacy and for Tosh, it was living up to her mom, and her own, expectations.
  3. Eric and Tosh’s breakup not being amiable, but not in the midst of someone cheating or drama because of something like not having sex, him talking to some girl or the usual drama that causes breakups on shows like this.

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