Hayley Kiyoko’s character finally comes into focus and she presents a different perspective on how some characters are.

Director(s) Thomas Carter
Writer(s) Adam Giaudrone
Air Date 6/11/2018
Actors Introduced
Mr. Dell Noah Weisberg

The Bully: Tosh, Jonathan, Lexi

Remember how it was said Tosh didn’t seem so bad? Well, that opinion was given too soon. Though Lexi isn’t the friendliest of girls either, Tosh can get a little nasty. Luckily for Lexi, however, Jonathan makes quite a good best friend and it seems she shares him with Wallace quite well. Making the fact she barely knows Wallace quite strange.


Okay, riddle me this, how can Jonathan seem so close to Lexi yet she knows nothing about Jonathan’s other best friend Wallace? Granted, not all best friends no each other and form a supergroup, but unless Jonathan doesn’t wish to play matchmaker, this all seems sort of off to me.

Yet, one of the themes of Five Points is how each person sees things from a different angle. Making you wonder what is Jonathan’s take on the situation at hand. Not just Wallace’s crush, but also Lexi. For even though the show doesn’t let us into a character’s thoughts, it would be interesting to see how he sees things.

Tosh asking why Lexi dresses and is the way she is?
Tosh: Why are you such a freak?

Not to downplay Lexi and Tosh’s beef though. Even if it sort of downgraded Tosh into a stereotype, in a way, and made Lexi seem a bit more generic as well.

Dreams of Being Juliet: CJ, Lexi

That is, even considering Lexi is a mutli-colored haired girl, with a love of eyeliner, who wants a lead role in a play. Something that she struggles to really talk about, for she makes such a good stage manager, but then CJ pops about. After their conversation earlier that day, it seems he has a bit of a crush on her and he kind of boosts her ego a little bit.


Lord, we may have a love triangle. One between Lexi, CJ, and Wallace in which Wallace doesn’t really stand a chance. Though, taking note of his conversation with Tosh, maybe she may go geek and give Wallace the time of day? Forcing Jonathan to be in a rather odd situation.

Dreams Dashed: Wallace, Tosh, Lexi

Oh, and speaking of odd situations, another reason Wallace may have lost his chance is because he convinced Tosh to join the play and she auditions for Juliet. Something which clearly is going to upset Lexi.


Lexi seeing Tosh audition for Juliet, thanks to Wallace.
Lexi: Wha— what the hell is she doing here?

I really hated the fact as soon as we got to something really juicy, the episode ended. For there is so much about to happen. Well, that could happen anyway. We got Wallace doing something which would end any chance he had with Lexi. Then with have Tosh entering Lexi’s sanctum and likely taking the part she wanted. Also, with Tosh and her cronies there, no way will Lexi audition and, who knows, she may just quit drama club to not be around Tosh or the traitor Wallace.

Not to forget, now Jonathan is really in a pickle because one best friend just screwed over the other. So will he be forced to take sides? Here is hoping he gets focused on in the next episode.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • The drama departments guns got dumped in the trash and you know what that means? Likely CJ is going to take those to the pawn shop over the real antiques which might be lost forever. Outside of the gun Wallace decided to keep.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, what happened to the whole Alex situation? That kind of blew over weird.

Low Points

  1. This being, roughly, 9:30 makes it so as you really start to get into it, it’s over.

On The Fence

  1. Tosh being turned into an unquestionable mean girl kind of set her back.
  2. After Lexi lurking in the shadows a bit, her focused episode was kind of a let down. Kiyoko made it work but the vibe this show should be on FreeForm with a budget transitioned to, “I’m glad this is only 10 minutes” quick.

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