Even with new actors introduced, there is a slight struggle in getting through the episode. Especially since there isn’t that one character, yet, who presents a silver lining. Episode Focus: Papa Don’t Preach/ Your Life Is Complicated Enough (Paige & Jake) Being that Paige’s character in Locked, when it comes to the book, wasn’t huge,…

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Even with new actors introduced, there is a slight struggle in getting through the episode. Especially since there isn’t that one character, yet, who presents a silver lining.

Episode Focus: Papa Don’t Preach/ Your Life Is Complicated Enough (Paige & Jake)

Being that Paige’s character in Locked, when it comes to the book, wasn’t huge, she was under the impression she could manage going to school and work on the movie. Nina shuts that idea down. However, being that everyone in Paige’s family has a degree, and she holds the opinion of her teacher father high, she is trying to figure out a way to chase her dream and make him happy.

Alongside that, she is now in a weird place with Jake. Despite the whole kiss in the first episode, they don’t really define their relationship to this one. Though, when they do, Jake says they should just be friends since her life is complicated enough. However, with Alexis trying to get her claws into Jake, perhaps as revenge for Paige taking a part her career desperately needed, there is fear of losing him. Though, on Jake’s end, there is a fear that maybe Rainer may take the girl who stole his heart freshman year.

So, needless to say, while everyone may be single, their status is “It’s Complicated.” [note]I don’t know how Hollywood works exactly but, based off The Arrangement, surely an agent or manager should be coming into Paige’s life soon right?[/note]


It’s so difficult to connect with these characters when their actors are so much like Abercrombie & Fitch mannequins. I mean, there is something too perfect about all of them that it creates this, I don’t want to call it a barrier; however, there is some kind of haze which makes it so you may recognize their emotions but you can’t empathize with these people.

The troubles of beautiful people aside, I have to admit that I like the idea that Paige wanted to stay in her dad’s good graces and also make him proud. I feel like, especially with FreeForm shows, there is so much teen rebellion and all the angst that it creates a sort of monotony. So while this show may still use a ton of your usual soap opera, melodramatic, storylines, at least that one little piece was different.

As for the rest of the topic? Honestly, all these love triangles do nothing for me since there isn’t much chemistry between any of these characters. Though I gotta admit, when Rainer was talking about Jake and Cassandra being an item, and I thought about it, that didn’t seem like a bad match. I don’t see it happening anytime soon, but it is a possibility down the road. Especially as she comes to realize how reliable he is and that he is a good guy. Nevermind that he gives her the opportunity to work.

Subplot 1: What’s A Little Rivalry? (Paige, Alexis, Jake, and Jordan)

As you can imagine, Paige, on one of the rare auditions she has done, got a part in a major movie role. One in a big name franchise which, assuming Nina gets to keep it [note]It seems she stole the rights for the book from her former boss Alan Mills (Shawn Christian), who she used to be an assistant for. He taught her everything and she used it against him. However, with him being the new studio head, he could trash the movie and effectively put a bruise on Nina and Rainer’s career. Maybe kill Alexis’ in the process.[/note], could become a real launch pad. However, Alexis, being that she was some sort of child star, whose career is on the downturn, isn’t happy she lost the part to a nobody. Hell, she was ready to strip and maybe have sex with a producer to secure the part for herself. Though, for reasons not yet clear, the guy instead makes her Paige’s sister in the movie.

Something which doesn’t seem to quell Alexis’ need to pick with Paige, hence her sniffing around Jake, but may calm her for now. Especially upon learning an old flame named Rachel (Katelyn Tarver) will be in the movie.

As for the boys? Well, with us meeting Tangey (Pepi Sonuga), it is becoming clear that these boys really had something worth fighting over. Though, in the long run, it seems neither really wants to deal with her now. Rainer feels betrayed, Jordan feels bad since Barrett (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), thanks to Nina, is pushing the idea she is a slut, and it has ruined their friendships. Something that is noted to have existed since they were 12. Yet, with Ida (Vanessa Williams) [note]Tangey’s mom[/note] and Nina arranging, or more so in the process of doing so, Tangey to sing for Locked’s soundtrack, don’t expect her to disappear anytime soon.


Can I just say that I love how Alexis’ sexual fluidity isn’t made into a big deal? She flirts with men, and is willing to have sex with them, but seems really in the zone when it comes to women. She seems to be very much a homo-romantic bisexual and it is just accepted. Well, at least it seems to be. It isn’t necessarily clear why Alexis’ career has issues. Outside of with Paige, she doesn’t seem like an a-hole.

Outside of that, again there is a touch of indifference. The whole Jake, Jordan, and Tangey storyline just doesn’t click. None of them seem to have any chemistry with one another and even with it being noted that they all may have been friends since they were 12, their interactions don’t lead you to believe that. I mean, Alexis and Jake, I’ll admit, have some sort of kindling there, but Alexis, and her actress Niki Koss, maybe the only one on here, or just the first one, who has fully embraced and has gotten into character.

But hey, one down and who knows how many to go. Especially as Alexis’ exes, currents, or flirtationships keep adding onto who is part of the cast.

Subplot 2: The Secrets We Keep (Jordan)

Say that in the most dry and sarcastic way possible and you’ll understand my feelings about this show thus far.

Jordan has secrets. What kind of secrets? Well, apparently only Nina knows and that could be why he is with her. After all, she got his career launched and can kill it with one phone call. Though, it seems a woman, who is from Jordan’s past, knows of a baby he left behind and is ready to give some threats. Especially as he dissed her in front of some fancy suited dude.


Anyone else smell desperation in the air? I do. For right now it seems like Jordan is being presented everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to drama. He is sleeping with Nina, Rainer’s mom. He slept with Rainer’s ex and now he got a baby too? This is all for the guy who seems to get the least amount of screen time and barely does anything with what he does get? Come on now. It would be one thing if there was some attempt at making these characters seem complicated and truly layered, but when the layers are like wet paper towels stacked on top of one another, you got to wonder if things may ever get better?

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