The man everyone is looking for is introduced, as Maximus ends up having someone’s life in his hands.

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Plot Recap

The Backstory Of The Target – Dr. Wilzig

While we get to see the lead-up to Dr. Wilzig escaping the Enclave, not a whole lot is revealed about what he took with him and what it does. We do know he saved a dog and protected it throughout its upbringing. Also, he was a scientist not above testing his work on himself.

However, as for what he made and, why is it so valuable? That isn’t gone into. The only thing we know is that one of his peers discovered what he did and attacked him, Dr. Wilzig’s dog killed that person, and with a vial in hand, Dr. Wilzig has been on the run ever since.

Never On Your Death Bed Be Rude To A Healer – Knight Titus, Maximus

Michael Rapaport as Knight Titus
“Michael Rapaport as Knight Titus,” Fallout: Season 1 Episode 2, directed by Jonathan Nolan, 2024, (Prime Video)

Maximus, excited to be a squire, tries to show off what he knows about the T90 armor Knight Titus has, but Knight Titus isn’t in the mood for a giddy squire. Really, what he wants to do is kill something. So, rather than take the helicopter to where they are supposed to go, they get dropped off somewhere in which Filly (seemingly no relation to Philadelphia) is the closest city.

That was a mistake. Why? Because while expecting a cave, potentially on Dr. Wilzig’s tail, they find a radiated monster that nearly kills Knight Titus. Luckily, Maximus shoots and kills it as Knight Titus starts blaming Maximus for his injuries and pushes the idea he’ll be punished once they get back; rather than Maximus giving Knight Titus a stimpak, he lets him die and takes his armor.

Poor Little Vault Dweller – Dr. Wilzig, June, Lucy, Cooper, Maximus

Dale Dickey as June
“Dale Dickey as June,” Fallout: Season 1 Episode 2, directed by Jonathan Nolan, 2024, (Prime Video)

Lucy finds the surface world to be strange and not that accommodating. In fact, they may outright be selfish. But she is a young woman with a goal, and Filly holds promise. She meets a woman named June, who may laugh in Lucy’s face, but with the mention of the raider Lee Moldaver, things get serious quickly, and Lucy is told to be on her way back home.

Again, undeterred, despite how many tell her to go home, Lucy seeks answers, and that is when Dr. Wilzig pops up. This is their second meeting, for they met the night before, and no sooner than Lucy is told once again to go home, Cooper shows up and starts a shoot-out. With his special bullets, he blows holes into the people of Filly and even blows off Dr. Wilzig’s café. Luckily, June has a device she can screw on, but things are looking bad until Maximus shows up.

Now, how did Maximus know to appear there? Well, the ways of the T90 are as mysterious as what Dr. Wilzig’s experiment is about. All we know is that Maximus buys Lucy and Dr. Wilzig enough time to escape, and Maximus has the kind of moment with Lucy that makes you wonder if they could become love interests.

But for now, Cooper gets the best of Maximus, leading to Maximus having to retreat, and after originally shooting Dr. Wilzig’s dog, he brings him back to health and uses him to track Dr. Wilzig, which will ultimately do him no good since Dr. Wilzig decides to take a cyanide pill and directs Lucy to cut off his head.

You may wonder why that is? Well, let’s reverse since we left out a few details. June revealed to Lucy that Dr. Wilzig, willingly, is supposed to meet Lee Moldaver, a little more than 20 miles away from Filly. With Lucy the only one willing to stand up to someone like Cooper, even if naïve, Dr. Wilzig thinks Lucy is brave enough for the journey that he clearly can no longer take. So, with Dr. Wilzig’s head and whatever he took from the Enclave, it is hoped that Lucy has what it takes to deliver not only her father’s freedom but whatever Dr. Wilzig was holding.


Notable Performances or Moments

The Violence

I know “Fallout” is a violent series; I’ve been playing it since “Fallout 3,” but there is something cartoony about it, for “Fallout” uses ragdoll physics. So if you shoot someone, you can dismember them, but also, they will fly back in ways that are local enough to take away from you killing someone.

The series doesn’t have that comical levity. Cooper blowing holes through people reminds you of the shock of “Westworld” when people died, but these aren’t robots. They don’t have some back area where repairs are done. People die, and while it won’t leave you with your mouth gaping open, it is a bit jarring.


Lucy Slowly Going To The Dark Side (Potentially In A Comical Way)

While Cooper’s depiction of violence is undoubtedly serious, Lucy’s hasn’t been so far. With using a tranquilizer gun, her shooting people has been a bit silly. However, with having to cut off Dr. Wilzig’s head and doing so to rescue her father, so comes the question of how doing something so violent may change her?

Lucy isn’t utterly innocent, but she is nowhere near morally grey. So with that in mind, as she uses real bullets, carries a head around, and experiences the madness that surviving in the wasteland causes, her journey to her father isn’t the only thing of interest – it is also her development as a person.

On The Fence

Wishing It Was A Little More Clear Why Dr. Wilzig Was Valuable

One of the things I’m waiting to see in this show is what are called “Super Mutants.” They are these huge beings who are similar to DC Comics’ Bane, but because of the experiments done on them, their intelligence is generally low. So when Dr. Wilzig gave himself a shot, I was left wondering if this show was going to make its own backstory for Super Mutants.

But, as of now, we’re not given any real idea where this Dr. Wilzig thing could go, and with him committing suicide, unless we get flashbacks, his character is done.


Cooper and Luxy are holding strong, but I can’t say the same for Maximus. Despite The Brotherhood of Steel being one of the most recognizable factions of the “Fallout” universe, I don’t feel like they are tapping much into the curiosity and interest they can bring. Knight Titus being an ass, Maximus an opportunist who isn’t against going for things he isn’t ready for; it’s getting old fast.

Then, add in the potential of him latching onto Lucy as a crutch? I’m not totally against it, but I worry about how that could slow down or damage her journey.

Background Information

Episode Title The Target
Release Date April 10, 2024
Network Prime Video
Director(s) Jonathan Nolan
Writer(s) Graham Wagner
Previous Episode Season 1/ Episode 1
Series Page Fallout
Character Guide Fallout Cast and Character Guide

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Dr. Siggi Wilzig Michael Emerson
June Dale Dickey
Knight Titus Michael Rapaport
Maximus Aaron Moten
Lucy Ella Purnell
Cooper Walton Goggins

New Character Description(s)

Dr. Siggi Wilzig
Michael Emerson as Dr. Wilzig in Filly
Michael Emerson as Dr. Wilzig

An Enclave scientist, when introduced, we don’t know much about Dr. Wilzig. We are shown his ability to have mercy, by saving a puppy that would have otherwise gone into an incinerator, but without knowing the goal of his experiments, it is hard to say if he was misunderstood or a villain who happened to be a dog lover.


June is a merchant in Filly with a filthy mouth and an attitude.

Knight Titus

Knight Titus was the person Maximus was a squire for, but when he threatened Maximus’ life, Maximus allowed him to die after he was attacked by what appeared to be a radiated bear.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Atypical.”

How To Watch

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Fallout: Season 1 Episode 2 - Review


As Cooper and Lucy stay on a positive trajectory, we hope Maximus doesn’t become a liability.

  • Maximus - 74%
  • Wishing It Was A Little More Clear Why Dr. Wilzig Was Valuable - 75%
  • Lucy Slowly Going To The Dark Side (Potentially In A Comical Way) - 83%
  • The Violence - 86%
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  • Lucy Slowly Going To The Dark Side (Potentially In A Comical Way)
  • The Violence


  • Maximus
  • Wishing It Was A Little More Clear Why Dr. Wilzig Was Valuable

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