Everything’s Gonna Be Okay is back and focuses on Matilda dealing with not making it in New York and everyone dealing with pandemic boredom.

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Everything’s Gonna Be Okay is back and focuses on Matilda dealing with not making it in New York and everyone dealing with pandemic boredom.

Director(s) Silas Howard
Writer(s) Josh Thomas
Aired (FreeForm) 4/8/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Suze Maria Bamford

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What Is There To Do? – Nicholas, Alex, Matilda, Genevieve

With Matilda on her computer all day, rarely leaving her room and the pandemic raging, everyone is a bit bored. Genevieve spends all day with Nicholas and Alex, not fully realizing she is sometimes a third wheel, and it’s relatively quiet. Well, outside of Alex complaining about the trash building up for God knows why?

You Failed Me – Nicholas, Alex, Matilda, Genevieve

So why is Matilda in bed all day? Well, because she is trying to navigate what’s her next move. She couldn’t make it in New York, for which she blames Alex, Nicholas, and Genevieve, and she doesn’t want a job doing some menial task all day. So, she is partly looking into local colleges and another issue that, with her staying in California, has to be addressed.

So, Are We Still Dating? – Suze, Nicholas, Alex, Matilda, Genevieve, Drea

Suze (Maria Bamford) intercepting Drea's phone calls
Suze (Maria Bamford) intercepting Drea’s phone calls

For four weeks, Matilda hasn’t spoken to Drea, and because of that, Drea’s mother, Suze, made it seem to her, Drea, that Matilda broke up with her. So, after Genevieve breaks Matilda out of her funk by making her feel needed, she begins to rejoin the world outside her bubble to good results.

Mind you, she cut all the strings from her piano, so Nicholas had to get that repaired, and there was some healing done from her going off on them. But, with her talking to Drea and mending that bridge, she is in a better place.



Matilda Going Off

Was she wrong? Granted, Alex could very well find someone richer and hotter, as he mentioned in season 1. But when it comes to Nicholas and Genevieve, while Matilda was wrong for blaming them for failing in New York, she was right about everything else. As lovely as she is, Genevieve is finding herself and was a bit envious of Matilda when they were in New York. Then with Nicholas? Well, let’s be honest. He is a hot ass mess. Loveable, entertaining, but he seems just able to take care of himself so two girls like Matilda and Genevieve? Yikes.

The Questioning of Queerness

Matilda on the phone with Drea.
Matilda on the phone with Drea.

Matilda and Drea represent something rare in television. Alongside the depiction of girls with autism, they are queer girls with autism. But, as Matilda is showing, alongside there being a spectrum when it comes to autism, the same is true when it comes to sexuality. Now, as for where Matilda may fall? That is currently unknown. However, what is true is that Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, similar to Better Things (credit to @ImaginaryMargo for the comparison) will present to you diversity and some sense of real people, but never with a specific agenda or goal. It’s just about representation at its purest which isn’t focused on putting someone on a pedestal or making them a spokesperson. It’s about one perspective, amongst millions, that somehow hasn’t been frequently seen.

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Matilda Going Off - 83%
The Questioning of Queerness - 84%


Everything's Gonna Be Okay picks up where it left off, in the most wonderful way, and starts off the season just the way you need.

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