Genevieve's ceiling.

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As Alex goes through a bit of a meltdown, Matilda tries to have a threesome, and Genevieve helps Tellulah send nudes.

Directed By Rachel Lee Goldenberg
Written By Vivienne Walshe
Aired (FreeForm) 2/27/2020

Episode Recap

Why Don’t You Love Me?: Alex, Nicholas

Being that Alex is sensitive, and used to being well-liked, Nicholas not being on the hook and loving him, if not outright adoring him, is strange, if not foreign. Making it so he asks if Nicholas loves him and while Nicholas thought this was obvious, apparently their love languages don’t align. Thus, there is conflict, and while there is back and forth, and sex, it is hard to say if the rocky period is over.

Taking Advantage Of One’s Youth: Tellulah, Genevieve, Barb, Leonard

Genevieve and Barbara amazed by Tellulah.

To maybe get underneath Genevieve’s skin, Tellulah reveals she is talking to Leonard, Genevieve’s pseudo-crush, who has also been her bully at times. But, in an effort to show she moved on, Genevieve tries her best to pretend she doesn’t care and even assist Tellulah in finding some nudes to send Leonard so that she may get a glimpse of what he looks like. This leads to the desired picture being received, and both Tellulah and Genevieve sharing a moment together of just shock and perhaps awe.

And then, the next day, Barb reminds Genevieve what they did could be considered illegal since they are all minors – hence why she wasn’t invited to the sleepover. Though a bad situation becomes so much worse when it is discovered Leonard is spreading Tellulah’s fake nudes around school. Which, after the Matilda situation, you’d think, upon hearing, would cause Genevieve to make a scene, right? Well, actually, she uses this as a chance to date, if not hook up, with Leonard.

The reason behind that? Well, it could very well be Penny’s talk with Tellulah got to her and between Penny’s influence and the miseducation Tellulah’s peculiar mind already operated on, she wants to live out her youth wisely. Meaning, for Tellulah, she is going to hook up with all the hot guys and have stories to tell for when she is no longer young and beautiful.

Let’s Have A Threesome: Drea, Jeremy, Matilda

After people making it a big deal that she is autistic and questioning her ability to have consent, Matilda decides to ask Drea and Jeremy to have a threesome. Both agree but, two seconds after taking his shirt off, Jeremy backs out. And he tried to leave, but then Alex and Nicholas were having sex in the kitchen so he was trapped.

Drea smiling.

Now, as for whether anything happened between Drea and Matilda? Yes. Yes, it did. After Drea made it clear how she needs to be held, those two make out and possibly more. Thus checking off one of Matilda’s pre-college boxes: Making out with a girl (and maybe more).

Review/ Commentary


Matilda’s Storyline

As of now, Matilda’s storyline is perhaps one of the few which addresses topics not really being dived into and handles that with both a comedic edge but a reminder that they are speaking on a real issue. Like her confirming that she doesn’t have to worry about some sort of consent issue. A topic that might have been a big thing a few episodes ago, but being that Matilda is still navigating what she can and cannot do, especially as she is likely mentally prepping for Julliard, her exploration of her sexuality is worth noting. Especially since she is “Sex Positive” and seemingly open to whoever she finds attractive or interesting.

On The Fence

Alex and Nicholas’ Relationship

Here is the thing, do I respect the fact their relationship isn’t all sunshine and daisies? Yes. Am I glad Alex, like an average person, pokes at his partner’s flaws and has fights, tantrums, and Nicholas lowkey just rolls his eyes? Sometimes, because it can be funny.

However, increasingly, as much as we appreciate this less than ideal relationship, it does push me to wonder if and when these two will break up? Never mind thinking it is on the horizon, it feels increasingly necessary.

Alex laying down on Nicholas' bed.

What’s Wrong Tellulah?

With the majority of the characters we’ve met, there was a moment where you was allowed to understand why they are the way they are. In terms of Tellulah, that hasn’t necessarily happened yet. We can theorize she is an attention seeker, and likely hates Genevieve isn’t snared by her. However, as for what pushes Tellulah to be somewhere between bold and outrageous? Your guess is as good as mine.

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What’s Wrong Tellulah? - 74%
Alex and Nicholas’ Relationship - 75%
Matilda’s Storyline - 85%


While some characters might be losing their luster a tad, Matilda’s storyline continues to make “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” a show to remain loyal to.

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