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While Nicholas is the guardian, there is a recognition it is easier to live with his sisters if they are happy. So, he offers to make a sacrifice.

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While Nicholas is the guardian, there is a recognition it is easier to live with his sisters if they are happy. So, he offers to make a sacrifice.

Directed By Rachel Lee Goldenberg
Written By Hye Yun Park
Aired (FreeForm) 11/30/2020

Episode Recap

We’re All Trying To Compromise Here: Alex, Genevieve, Matilda, Nicholas

While Nicholas isn’t necessarily trying to have Alex be a co-guardian to his younger sisters, he loves him, Alex likes his family and back when Nicholas was a kid, someone like Alex was his dream. However, with Genevieve repulsed by Alex’s charm and her having an odd relationship with Nicholas, it is decided Alex has to go so, for two days, they break up.

However, after being rebuked by Matilda, and Genevieve trying to steer Nicholas back into Alex’s arms, they reconcile. Not to the point of acting like the breakup never happened, but things are as normal as Nicholas’ life can get.

Review/ Commentary


Nicholas and Genevieve’s Relationship

Nicholas and Genevieve in face masks.

The relationship dynamic between Nicholas and Genevieve is very precarious. For reasons I can’t say as fact, since we’re early on in the show, Nicholas wants Genevieve’s approval. Maybe it is because she is the one who he butts heads with the most, and so comes a bit of insecurity when it comes to their interactions? Perhaps it is due to the fact Genevieve might be brutally honest, yet is also capable of sharing an intimate moment like cleaning Nicholas’ ear. So, with that in mind, yes, she can be quite blunt, borderline cruel, but those sweet moments make up for it in Nicholas’ mind.

Plus, she is 15, and the way Nicholas paints his teens, he didn’t enjoy them the least bit. So considering Genevieve just got her period, her dad died, her pseudo-estranged brother is now her guardian, and he brought this guy he just met as a guest, Nicholas wanted to cut her some slack. Make it so it didn’t feel he was taking over for, at the end of the day, Nicholas may possibly own a portion of the house, but it is Genevieve and Matilda’s home.

This Episode Really Does Push You To Wonder What Is Alex Getting From This Relationship?

Nicholas pretty much laid out Alex is his dream guy, and yet, why is Alex around remains a serious question? Nicholas has a lot going on in his life and, initially, he was just supposed to be a hookup. Yet, now Alex does laundry at Nicholas’ place, they are saying “I love you” to one another, and Alex is tapping around co-parenting with respect to the fact Nicholas’ sisters are in their late teens.

Alex and Nicholas cuddled up.

Which is all to say, is Alex sticking around for he feels bad for Nicholas? Does he enjoy the luxuries Nicholas has at his disposal? Don’t get me wrong, I do think Alex has feelings or at least has developed feelings for Nicholas, but how tied are those feelings to Nicholas’ lifestyle than Nicholas the person?

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