It’s Genevieve’s birthday, and as Talullah continues to push people’s buttons, Matilda asks of Nicholas and Alex to help her get WASTED!

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It’s Genevieve’s birthday, and as Talullah continues to push people’s buttons, Matilda asks of Nicholas and Alex to help her get WASTED!

Directed By Silas Howard
Written By Josh Thomas, Jess Meyer
Aired (FreeForm) 1/16/2020
Introduced This Episode
Barb Lori Mae Hernandez

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

The Troublemaker: Talullah, Barb, Genevieve, Nicholas, Alex

It isn’t clear what’s wrong with Talullah, but Genevieve wants Nicholas to know that just because she is messy and weird, that doesn’t make her cool. She is a bit of an ass, which is consistently shown by how she pressures Barb to be a means of entertainment for her. Thus forcing Genevieve to follow suit since she doesn’t want to feel left out or be pressured by two people.

But, thinks go a little too far when Talullah has them take random pills, which thankfully are just blood pressure pills, and Barb ends up on the verge of a panic attack. One that, luckily, Alex is able to decipher, since he figures out what pills was taken. Thus leaving Nicholas to set aside wanting to seem cool, and never minding Talullah’s insult, to get real with them. Which leads to his first notable parenting moment.

I Drink And Hope To Forget Things: Matilda, Alex, Nicholas, Luke

Matilda crying over feeling like a burden to people.

With college around the corner, Matilda wants to build up her stamina, or endurance, for drinking. This is something Nicholas can’t take part in, due to having to be a guardian figure. So, in his stead, Alex, who the girls have grown used to, assist. Leading to Matilda drunk dialing Luke, who is cordial in his response, and her drinking getting to the point of crying and talking about not wanting to feel like a burden, among other things. All of this creates a bit of a bonding moment since Nicholas is still settling into his guardianship role, and while the girls may come to him with issues, that only happens once they lose control over the situation.

Silent Night: Nicholas, Genevieve

For most of the day, Genevieve was trying to downplay her birthday and didn’t want balloons or anything that would make it a bigger thing than she felt comfortable with. However, being given her mother’s ring ends up being the perfect gift for her. Then, to help with her aesthetic, Nicholas puts it on a necklace so that she doesn’t have to wear it or may misplace it.

Review/ Commentary


Genevieve Calling Out Nicholas’ Interest In Tallulah

Let’s be real with one another, Talullah is really not that interesting. The main thing she has going for her is the contrast between her hair color and eyebrows and that she lacks a certain level of inhibitions. But, at the same time, she is a ***hole. Barb, in an effort to be accepted and feel cool, is desperate, and Talullah takes advantage of that. And as much as Genevieve tries to bring balance to the friend group, as we saw in the pilot, she is susceptible to Tallulah’s influence thanks to Barb being such a coward.

Which makes her trying to use Nicholas so cute. Mostly in terms of her trying to have him help her gain some balance to things and make it so she can be friends with Tallulah, which seemingly is the only way she gets to maintain her friendship with Barb. Plus, as much as the girls make it seem they don’t necessarily care about Nicholas’ opinion, I think Genevieve does, just a little bit, and doesn’t want him thinking highly of someone she low-key can’t stand.

Genevieve, Barb, and Tallulah being chastised.

Matilda’s Breakdown

Like Shaun’s recent breakdown on “The Good Doctor,” Matilda’s feels like a punch in the gut for as much as she is high functioning and knows she fits in more than her peers with a more severe form of autism, she still feels like a burden. Which is heartbreaking for with Matilda seemingly embracing her autism, having some kind of community, akin to Daphne on “Switched at Birth” having other kids who are deaf, you’d think she wouldn’t feel this way. Yet, there is the need to remind oneself when you aren’t considered what’s average, normal, and people treat the idea of having people like you as such a horrible thing, what should you expect?

Yeah, you have to be strong, find your place, and make the best of it, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to have moments of weakness. And, like with Genevieve wanting Nicholas to not think highly of Tallulah, one would submit that Matilda didn’t want to seem a burden to Nicholas because things could be worse for her if he didn’t decide to be their guardian. If not she opened up to him because their relationship is evolving to the point where he and Alex are becoming her emotional support net.

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Genevieve Calling Out Nicholas’ Interest In Tallulah - 90%
Matilda’s Breakdown - 89%


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