Everything’s Gonna Be Okay: Season 1 Episode 2 “Greenbottle Blue Tarantula” Recap/ Review

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As the family tries to establish a new normal, so come the struggles of finding a way for everyone to be satisfied.

Directed By Silas Howard
Written By Josh Thomas, Marissa Berlin, Vivienne Walshe
Aired (FreeForm) 1/16/2020
Introduced This Episode
Jeremy Carsen Warner
Tallulah Ivy Wolk
Leonard Jones Charlie Evans
Penny Vivienne Walshe
Luke Mason Gooding

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Girl Trouble: Tallulah, Genevieve, Leonard

When it comes to Genevieve’s friend group, Tallulah is the boss, the leader, and Genevieve is someone who is neither a minion nor is trying to compete for supremacy. Because of that, she and Tallulah have a bit of an odd relationship. Yet, no relationship becomes odder than that and Genevieve’s thing with Leonard. A boy who bullied her when it was revealed she didn’t start her period until she was 14, yet is oh so nice now that her dad is dead. Which is kind of cool, since she does have a crush on him, but is also really awkward since the main reason he is talking to her is guilt.

About A Boy: Matilda, Luke, Jeremy

Genevieve isn’t alone in being awkward with guys, however. Matilda, who likes Black men, is dealing with a classmate named Jeremy trying to win her affections while she is trying to flirt with a jock named Luke. Someone who is really nice, and not just because Matilda has autism. Leading you to wonder, in the long run, what could come of those two? Especially since Luke seems comfortable with Matilda and we don’t hear his friends say anything, as you’d expect out of most shows.

Haven’t We Come So Far?: Penny, Nicholas, Alex, Genevieve, Matilda

Despite Alex originally being made to be just a hookup, he is still around. He has come to Darren’s funeral, knows the girls, and might be developing a relationship with Nicholas. One in which the sex seems to be good and they both are some form of happy. But, while Nicholas is in bliss, his mother, Penny, is now alone and without her boy. Also, Genevieve is questioning Alex’s place in her home and life, and as for Matilda? Well, she is going with the flow.

But, it seems for a long time Genevieve and Nicholas have had spats. Heck, she even called him a f**** when she was younger and he upset her. Yet, in modern times, while they may bicker, she doesn’t go that far.

Review/ Commentary


Matilda Having A Full Life and Not Being The Person With Autism Consistently Surrounded By Neurotypicals – 95

One of the unfortunate things about the representation we often get for those who have autism is that you barely, if ever, see them have friends with autism or are amongst their own. “The Good Doctor” doesn’t have Shaun interact with others who have autism and on “Atypical,” Sam may know people with autism but his interactions with them are limited. So Matilda’s best friend having autism, a guy who likes her, and us seeing she has a community that is all her own, it is different and beyond nice but very forward.

Nicholas and Nick: It’s 2020 And Gay Sex Is A Thing – 94

While it being clear two men are having sex isn’t new, there are tons of shows with that. However, again there is this vibe from “Everything Gonna Be Okay” where it doesn’t want to be seen as this special snowflake. For the way the sex scene was shot was geared towards gay men have sex, but was as rushed and somewhere between weird and vaguely sexy like when heterosexuals engage. Which you have to appreciate, for at this point no show should get gold stars for this kind of thing.

Jeremy’s Crush on Matilda – 85

Piggybacking on Matilda having a full life and there being multiple characters with autism who matter, I must admit I also love Jeremy’s crush on her. Granted, it is clearly unrequited, yet there is something so sweet to it that you can’t deny. Plus, there is always the chance he may transfer focus to someone else and if it is in the classroom he and Matilda share, we could see two actors who either are autistic or pretending to be, in a relationship. Which could explore the complications of that scenario.

It Being Acknowledged This Sibling Relationship Wasn’t All Sunshine And Daises – 96

It was never said Nicholas and his younger siblings were bosom buddies. They were cool but weren’t jumping in his arms telling him he can’t leave for Australia or over the moon about him becoming their guardian. Instead, as seen in this episode, things evolved.

Formerly, Genevieve may not have been able to stand her older brother and Matilda would sometimes get involved. So seeing them fight, yet still care for another, it keeps things from being too perfect and really pushes the idea this could have some real longevity. Even after Matilda goes off to college, even if it is across the country.

On The Fence

Do We Need to Worry About Luke? – 75

Call it paranoia, maybe thinking all shows are to lazy to break from a pattern, either way, there is the need to ask if Luke needs to be worried about? Is he someone who isn’t going to break Matilda’s heart and, if it happens, will it be due to him letting her down gently, like an ass, or one of his friends saying something? For while we don’t hear his friends say a word, there is this perception that they snickered when she first approached Luke.

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Matilda Having A Full Life and Not Being The Person With Autism Consistently Surrounded By Neurotypicals - 95%
Nicholas and Nick: It’s 2020 And Gay Sex Is A Thing - 94%
Jeremy’s Crush on Matilda - 85%
It Being Acknowledged This Sibling Relationship Wasn’t All Sunshine And Daisies - 96%
Do We Need to Worry About Luke? - 75%


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