In the season finale, the family goes to New York to test Matilda’s ability to be on her own, and Genevieve gets a chance to be her own person.

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In the season finale, the family goes to New York to test Matilda’s ability to be on her own, and Genevieve gets a chance to be her own person.

Directed By Silas Howard
Written By Josh Thomas
Aired (FreeForm) 3/12/2020

Plot/ Recap

The Independence Struggle: Matilda, Genevieve, Nicholas

Matilda, for most of her life, has had her handheld or allowed a certain realm of control over the situation. However, in New York, the subway especially, there isn’t a means to give Matilda a sense of control. Well, outside of the day to day task of everyone.

But, despite the disappointment of her first time in New York being solely dedicated to Matilda, Genevieve makes it work. For example, her and Nicholas bond in ways we never really got to see them do in California.

Matilda sitting in a train car alone

Something For Myself: Genevieve, Matilda

Though, Genevieve does get the chance to do her own thing as she gets on stage and does a stand-up set. One which primarily talks about some of the difficulties she has with being Matilda’s sister. Yet, despite it being made clear Genevieve may have some slight resentment for Matilda, she is proud of how far she has come and cries when it seems Matilda might be ready to be on her own.

Which she isn’t, so it seems the New York dream will be deferred.

Review/ Commentary


Genevieve Airing Out Her Feelings

Genevieve airing out her feelings about Matilda felt strange but necessary. At least in the context of, in a show which has Nicholas and Matilda, who is Genevieve? Especially once you add Tellulah into the mix?

So, in many ways, Genevieve getting on stage was her asserting herself, crafting her own identity, and finding a way to get the spotlight on her in a way no one could take. Not Nicholas or Matilda, with shouts of praise that would refocus things on them, or Tellulah saying or acting outlandishly. People had to pay attention to Genevieve, listen to what she had to say, and that might be the first time in a long time she wasn’t cut off, her emotions downplayed or anything of that ilk.

Genevieve on stage.

Now, is what she said about Matilda nice? Not really. However, in lieu of therapy, there is the stage. And sacrificing that first plane ride was a big deal to Genevieve and is a moment she can never rewrite. Heck, the trip itself is about Matilda, and Genevieve was just so lucky to hitch a ride. So while her set likely won’t change the family dynamic, it likely has given Genevieve something she can say is her own and give her that escape she can’t find anywhere else.

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Genevieve Airing Out Her Feelings - 85%


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