Lexis Play Euphoria Season 2 Episode 7 The Theater and Its Double

It’s time for Lexi’s play, “Our Life,” which features her side of her friendship with Rue, her take on Maddy, and a gratuitous homoerotic scene featuring Ethan as Nate!

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It’s time for Lexi’s play, “Our Life,” which features her side of her friendship with Rue, her take on Maddy, and a gratuitous homoerotic scene featuring Ethan as Nate!

Aired 2/20/2022
Network HBO
Directed By Sam Levinson
Written By Sam Levinson


Nothing But Death Can Keep Me From It – Fez, Custer, Faye, Ashtray, Lexi

The play, titled “Our Life,” is a huge undertaking, and it seems the vice principal is willing to let Lexi do whatever she pleases, and with that, she is freaking out a bit. So for quite some time now, she has just been talking to Fez, and while he isn’t the most reassuring, he keeps things from getting worse and is quickly becoming Lexi’s best friend.

Ashtray ready to murder Custer

That’s why it is strange he isn’t there for the first act of Lexi’s play. But with Custer coming over, ready to get evidence on Fez and Ashtray, that likely is a hindrance. As for Faye? It isn’t clear whose side she might be on since Fez took her in and has treated her like a sister. But sister to Fez or not, Ashtray doesn’t play the same games Fez does. The only kin he has is Fez, and if anyone threatens them or their business, whether you’re as fearsome as Mouse or a punk ass dude like Custer, he will take you out.

My Best Friend & My Sister – Lexi, Rue, Cassie, Leslie, Fez

To start off the play, Lexi talks about life before 9th grade. This is back when her dad was around, and Rue’s, and the two of them were best friends. They talked about what made them anxious about high school, Lexi recounts when she got high with Rue and Fez and brings up questioning whether, in the present day, if they are still each other’s best friends, if not friends at all.

As for Cassie? She recounts being envious of her sister, especially her breasts, yet realizing what came with looking like Cassie later on. It’s all very much about reminiscing and trying to show a different side to the people Lexi loves.

But, speaking of love, Leslie notes to Rue, in real-time, while she loves her, she isn’t going to fight with or for her anymore. At this point, be it because she is tired or because of Ali’s wake-up call, Leslie will focus on Gia since her grades are slipping, she is getting in detention a lot, and she is starting to head down the wrong path. And because Rue gets it, Leslie has put up a good fight, Rue isn’t even mad.

The Part People May Hate Me For – Cassie, Lexi, Nate, Maddy, Samantha

For most of “Our Life,” Lexi is fair. Does she make Cassie seem dumb or her mother a hot mess? Yes. However, she shows the good in them too. Maddy, for example, her inclusion allows us to understand why she is so hurt by Cassie’s betrayal. Maddy integrated into the family, including when she stayed with them because of the violence in her household, and Cassie even held her as she cried over it.

Maddy encouraging Lexi

Then with Lexi, while Lexi has always been insecure about how she looked or her body, Maddy was always kind to her. She did her makeup, and, as shown, even with Lexi often being a wallflower, she was invited to hang out like she was Maddy’s own little sister. And that is perhaps why Lexi decides to eviscerate Nate by implying he is a closeted homosexual to the entire school. Thus pissing him off and also Cassie in the process, for he breaks up with her over it. Leaving us to wonder if Cassie may try to sabotage what’s left of the play or go after Lexi herself?

But, Nate being angry perhaps can be her going away gift to Maddy since, based on her conversations with Samantha, it seems Maddy is prepping to get out of East Highland. It isn’t clear where to do what, but she is making plans and seemingly prepping.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I feel like I’ve lived most of my life in my imagination. Taking the smallest moments and dreaming them up into something bigger.
— Lexi

At that age, we all thought we knew what love looked like. And we had our suspicions of what it felt like. But that’s also what made it so intoxicating. None of us had any idea what it actually was.
— Lexi

90% of life is confidence. And the thing about confidence is no one knows if it’s real or not.
— Maddy

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  • Jules destroys the CD of her and Cal having sex, and Rue still isn’t trying to engage her much after the intervention.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is Lexi a more reliable narrator than Rue – meaning there is no need to question anything? Beyond maybe the Nate thing?
  2. Does anyone else think we should have seen Lexi, Ethan, and Kat in more scenes? I feel like, with his performance, he and Lexi have had to spend a good amount of time together to nail his performance as he did.
  3. Does Maddy see Lexi like a little sister?
  4. Will this lead to Rue trying to hang out with Lexi more?
  5. How is Maddy’s home life now?
  6. So you’re telling me the only ones upset are Cassie and Nate? No parents, none of the school staff? Just those two?
  7. How long has Rue and Lexi known Fez, and how were they introduced?
  8. Was Nate’s nightmare about Cal having sex with him before or after the play? Also, did it happen?
  9. Who is Gia waking up at the crack of dawn to talk to on the phone, per Leslie?
  10. Is it just me, or has Suze not have been drinking as much as she has in the past? She seems very coherent lately. Still a hot mess, but a functioning one.
  11. What does Ashtray think about Lexi?
  12. Considering how Fez took her in and they’ve gotten close, even to the point of her becoming domestic and ironing his shirt for Lexi’s play, will Faye still betray Fez?
  13. Shouldn’t Bruce have snatched up Rue by now so she can pay back Laurie?

What Could Happen Next

Cassie furious

  1. We’re going to learn if Lexi can fight
  2. I can imagine Ashtray killing both Custer and Faye, thinking they are both snitches



Where Has This Ethan Been All This Time?!

I don’t know about you, but up until now, Ethan has lived in Kat’s shadow. Her calling him an incel, being quiet, and coming off average made him playing Suze, Nate, and just hyped up so shocking! Almost to the point of understanding why some believe him and Lexi could become a thing, because, in terms of normalcy, yet being passionate about the arts, they see eye to eye.

I’d even say, as much as Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney deserve praise for their performances this season, I think Austin Abrams definitely is second only to Zendaya in terms of who HBO should put their money behind to get accolades. He has definitely found himself being one of the season’s highlights, and maybe the show thus far – because I can’t imagine a top ten moments list without mentioning Ethan in Lexi’s play.

More Details On Rue & Maddy – From Lexi’s Point of View

Bobbi noting Lexi is brilliant

While Lexi has long been seen as an observer, what I didn’t expect from this play was for her to add nuance and details to characters – especially Rue and Maddy. I think it is easy to forget Rue and Lexi used to be best friends since the two don’t talk. They may pass each other by, but Rue has become so entangled in Jules and then Elliot’s drama, never mind drugs, that it seems she left Lexi behind.

And mind you, based on the scene with Fez and Rue, it seemed Lexi did try to check out this new world Rue was part of, but I guess between not being able to hang or not wanting to, they grew apart.

As for Maddy? I have to admit I never got why Maddy invited Lexi places since Lexi is a square compared to her and it isn’t like Suze is often time coherent enough to push Cassie to include her sister. Yet, this episode really allowed us to see they have a relationship. In a way, Maddy was a role model to Lexi, and while they weren’t overly close, Maddy seemed aware of her influence and didn’t take it for granted. If anything, she wanted to do what Cassie didn’t, and that was build up Lexi to be a bad b***h. After all, they had the same body type, and Lexi has it in her to formidable, in her own way. It seems she just needed an opportunity, like this play.

The Beast & His Concubine Have Been Awakened

Lexi is in danger. Between calling Nate gay for one of the longest and most memorable scenes in the play and doing what easily could be seen as taking Maddy’s side, Lexi was asking for something to happen. I mean, she is aware of what Nate did to Maddy, and he loved her, so who is Lexi?

Never mind, let’s not forget the risk of Nate doing to Cassie what he perhaps feels he couldn’t do to Lexi due to Fez and likely Ashtray. Now, luckily, it doesn’t seem Nate will take his frustration out of Cassie, but it does seem Cassie is channeling her man’s anger and is ready to strike.

Leslie Tapping Out

I don’t know if Ali got through to her or not finding inpatient care was a sign from God in her mind, but I appreciate Leslie tapping out since it’s hard to imagine fighting for years when someone won’t fight for themselves. Yes, they will fight you, even threaten your life, but getting and staying sober? You’re not even a factor. Their now ex was, but you, their sister, their family? Nope.

Leslie noting she isn't going to fight for or with Rue anymore

To me, that’s insulting, and considering the show went out of its way to note Leslie’s faith and how much she tries to live up to it, this seems like a pivotal moment in Leslie and Rue’s relationship.

Low Points

We Better Get Some Insight On Kat

I’m assuming the rumors are true that Sam Levinson and Barbie have beef because Ethan training and practicing for all of this, and Kat did not talk about it once? Even if she isn’t romantically interested, I would think she would have heard him mention this as friends.

Then, when it comes to Kat being a cam girl, after ignoring that the entire season? I need everyone involved to do better and Zendaya, and whoever else Levinson shows favoritism to, to speak up because there is definitely bulls*** going on, and they need to use their privilege – PRONTO!

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Lexis Play Euphoria Season 2 Episode 7 The Theater and Its Double
Euphoria: Season 2/ Episode 7 “The Theater and It’s Double” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Lexi Howard's version of the events which led up to the Rue and cast we met is triumphant, and while seeing "To Be Continued" is immensely frustrating, at the same time, I do want more, so I'll shut up and wait till next Sunday.
Leslie Tapping Out
The Beast & His Concubine Have Been Awakened
More Details On Rue & Maddy – From Lexi's Point of View
Where Has This Ethan Been All This Time?!
We Better Get Some Insight On Kat

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