In a 9-minute introduction, “Enter The Garden” teases what is to come.

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Plot Recap

A man sits next to a vending machine with no identification and claims to have no idea who he is. All he does is wait but doesn’t say for what or who. He is T.K.

Then there is a girl, Haru, constantly fired for her hair, nails, skateboarding, and more. She just wanted a drink, and the first time she is at the vending machine, T.K. helps her, and the second time, as she hits the machine, a red bean pops out.

It isn’t clear why the red bean popped out, but T.K. tells Haru to eat it, and once she does, something in her activates that allows her to be taken to a world known as The Garden.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What in the world is T.K.?

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
T.K. Tomokazu Sugita
Haru Akari Kito

New Character Description(s)


Tomokazu Sugita as T.K, welcoming Haru to The Garden
Tomokazu Sugita as T.K, welcoming Haru to The Garden

A mysterious man with a fishing rod with a frog-like being at the end of it is the waiting man. Now, who is he waiting for specifically? Seemingly, he was waiting for Haru.


Akari Kito as Haru, riding some kind of magical wave after taking the red bean
Akari Kito as Haru, riding some kind of magical wave after taking the red bean

Constantly looking for a job because how she chooses to live and express herself conflicts with her employers, Haru is getting to the point of getting sick of how society rejects her, and add in this one vending machine that scans her and thinks it knows just the type of drink she needs, she has had it!

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Shadow House.”



Interesting Characters

When it comes to T.K. and Haru, you have two notable characters who stand out. Yes, T.K. might be this mysterious, odd man, but even with his abilities to take Haru to another world, being that he isn’t portrayed as zany or someone all-knowing, he avoids the usual type of character we see in this situation. So, starting off, you wonder what is his story.

Then, with Haru, yes, she is someone who goes against the grain, has multi-colored hair, and experiences life as an outcast, even though she doesn’t look like one. But, for an episode barely missing 9 minutes with credits, there is no denying the draw that makes you want to know where this show may take her. Never mind what lessons she may learn by being alongside someone like T.K.

On The Fence

No Idea Where This Is Going

While the foundation is laid, there are no blueprints for where this is going. We end things in the garden, with no clue if maybe they are in the Garden of Eden, the afterlife, or just another dimension. Which isn’t to say or imply things may be downhill from here, especially once you get used to the art design. However, as much as I am curious, at the same time, not much is presented to push you to remember that, maybe in a day or a week, another episode should appear on the Azuki YouTube channel.

Background Information

Episode Title The Waiting Man
Release Date April 30, 2024
Network YouTube
Director(s) Junichi Yamamoto
Writer(s) Taku Kishimoto
Previous Episode N/A
Series Page Enter The Garden
Character Guide To Be Created

How To Watch

Watch Enter The Garden: Season 1 Episode 1 via YouTube.

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