Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) I have often noted that I’ve stuck with Emerald City more so because it isn’t destined for 24 drawn out episodes. However, as of this episode, I think things might get exciting. For there are a lot of pieces on the chess board moved around, and a few very important pieces…

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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

I have often noted that I’ve stuck with Emerald City more so because it isn’t destined for 24 drawn out episodes. However, as of this episode, I think things might get exciting. For there are a lot of pieces on the chess board moved around, and a few very important pieces fall. Though, threat not, there seems to be the possibility they can be brought back to life.

Trigger Warning(s): Violence Against Women (Domestic Abuse)

Topic 1: The War Against The Wizard [Part 1] – Taking Back The Throne (Mistress West and Tip [Ozma])

With all the atrocities that The Wizard has caused with his suppression of magic and overthrowing Ozma’s parents, it should come of no surprise that she wants revenge. The problem is, while Tip wants revenge, he wants to do it as a boy. For, while he knows Ozma was who he was born as, Tip is who he chooses to be. Thus making it difficult, after Mistress West frees the witches trapped in the Prison of the abject, to recognize Tip’s claim to the Emerald City throne.

To make matters worse, being that Mistress West was part of the reason they ended up there, they wish to pursue a trial and execution. Something which Tip is forced to stop by channeling her powers into a soundwave. One which requires her to allow herself to become Ozma and with her sharing her memories of King Pastoria’s death, the witches swear allegiance and commit to a war against the Wizard.


Tip’s most interesting attribute remains him being adamant on being a boy. Especially to the point where he realizes that he has to choose between his gender identity and his revenge. Yet, I feel it is also noteworthy to point out while Mistress West would prefer him to identify as Ozma for the sake of her own piece of his revenge, she notes his gender as he wishes to be presented. Granted, it doesn’t help at first, but I think it speaks volumes to what their relationship has become.

That aside, I must admit I’m quite curious about how magic and how a witch’s rank are handled. From what we are told, Mother South births all witches and it seems warlocks are not part of the equation [1]. However, considering Tip absorbed Mistress East’s magic and Dorothy is using her gauntlets to either possess or enhance her own magic, it makes you wonder if everyone is capable of magic or only within certain parameters? Then, when it comes to who is a cardinal witch or regular witch, who or what makes that decision? Is there some kind of American Horror Story: Coven type of test that must be passed to be considered a cardinal witch?

Topic 2: The War Against The Wizard [Part 2] – An Attempted Betrayal (The Wizard, Jack, Langwidere [Lady Ev] and Jane)

Langwidere attempts to betray The Wizard by taking his gold payment and keeping his guns, but he was already prepped for a potential backstabbing. Well, he thought he was anyway. For while he does get to hold Lady Ev hostage, Jack accidently kills her while trying to rescue her. Thus leading to the reveal that Lady Ev is a robot. One which Jane made for the former king decades ago [2].

But, even with Lady Ev dead, and Jack killing her, it seems the assumption was that one of The Wizard’s men did it so he is forced to try to escape while his paltry group of soldiers get mowed down.


I was genuinely shocked when Jack killed Lady Ev. Yet, at the same time, being that this show doesn’t seem made for a second season, as of yet, the shock of her death felt like the first nail in the coffin. Though with it being revealed she was a robot, I must admit that, for once, reversing a character’s death sentence didn’t feel cheap to me. If only because it explains so much about Lady Ev. Be it her attraction to Jack, her willingness to make someone like her, for he would understand, and it helps make sense why she talked about Jack knowing the real her, seeing her real face. It wasn’t about taking off her mask, which sometimes clearly show her face, but taking off her false skin and exposing her real self [3].

Topic 3: The War Against The Wizard [Part 3] – The Unexpected Rescue (The Wizard, Ojo, and Dorothy)

After handling Roan [4], Dorothy goes to Ojo and promises to free his wife Nahara if she helps her to control the stone giants. Unfortunately, Nahara is one of those left behind by Mistress West for she is dying. However, with Dorothy speaking about going home and taking the Wizard with her, Nahara either gives her magic or summons her remaining strength to grant Dorothy’s wish. Thus leading to, before dying by firing squad, The Wizard’s rescue.


I feel like Nahara dying was almost unnecessary. Mostly in terms of her being imprisoned because of The Wizard wanting to hide she controlled the stone men. So if she got to join Mistress West, or strictly sought to protect her home, I think that would have been an interesting angle. For, in the end, The Wizard being exposed as a fraud is a guarantee. It is just a matter of how, when, and will he be exposed before or after his death or return to Kansas?

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Was the man who Dorothy released from the Prison of the Abject perhaps the sole, if not one of the few, warlocks? Much less, is he the true Beast Forever?
  2. Leading to the explanation for the masks: To hide the fact she isn’t aging.
  3. I want to believe Lady Ev knew she was a robot.

Collected Quote(s)

“We can fight together or die apart.”

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