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Emerald City: Season 1/ Episode 8 “Lions in Winter” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Emerald City is really beginning to prove that it is the epitome of a “Stick Around” type of show. For as West’s guilt heightens, Glinda becomes jealous of Dorothy, and Lady Ev really comes to power, honestly, for the first time since this show started, I don’t think I have any complaints.

Topic 1: A Witch’s Guilt (Mistress West & Tip)

With it not being clear to Mistress West whether or not Tip might be Ozma, she takes her to the temple where the magic of deceased witches are held and has her sip Mistress East’s magic. The reason for this is so Tip can control her future and, if she chose to become a boy, she could. However, upon flashbacks showing the Wizard and Eamonn killing her parents, it becomes clear Tip is Ozma. But what isn’t clear at the time is whether Mistress East’s magic killed Tip or not for she becomes unresponsive after the vision ends.

Thus leaving Mistress West with another brick to build her house of guilt. For she is the main reason so many witches lost their life to fight for The Wizard and that is the reason Glinda keeps Mother South from her. Especially considering Mother South once considered Mistress West as her heir. However, with all that has happened, it seems Glinda will keep the two apart as not only punishment, and perhaps out of envy, but because she knows there is something seriously wrong with her sister. Her loyalty to her people being part of her issues.


I think of all the characters on this show, I’ve been hardest on Mistress West. I thought of her as someone over the top, made to seem dark and mysterious just for the sake of it, but with time she has grown on me. Her guilt over the loss of witches, of which likely only Mistress East ever forgave her for, and the need to see her mother touched me. Not to the point of weeping for her poor soul, but as she slashed her wrists and tried to kill herself it became clear that her drug use and drinking was to seriously numb herself. However, that isn’t working as well as it once did.

Topic 2: You Can’t Love What You Don’t Own (Lady Ev and Jack)

With Jane officially fired, since she refuses to make weapons, Jack finds himself once again questioning Lady Ev. Someone who, as she has guns manufactured in mass, doesn’t necessarily have time for Jack. Though, when the day is over, they have a real conversation. One in which she reasserts the idea that he is her property and says he remains so because if she didn’t own him he wouldn’t stay. To prove her point, she releases him and Jack walks out. As he does, The Wizard arrives for his guns and with the way Lady Ev’s guards point said weapons at him, it seems the plan was to only give him the bullets.


I found it quite strange how transparent the mask of Lady Ev was this episode. It made me wonder, as Jack began to peel away the layers of her defense, were the mask supposed to be representative of this? That she was becoming more open, more willing to be seen since he was opening her heart?

That thought aside, I do wonder if he was really planning to leave or get some air? Much less, with the soldiers pointing their guns at The Wizard, will they actually kill him? As of now, it doesn’t seem a decision has been made on a second season so who knows if NBC may have this be an “Event Series” rather than a regular one.

Topic 3: Glinda, The Jealous Witch (Glinda, Roan, and Dorothy)

Jealous is a rather big thing this episode [1]. Though no one is more jealous than Glinda. We learn that she is incapable of having children yet Mother South, who could grant such a wish, had Mistress West in mind. Despite Roan returning to her, it seems Dorothy still holds a spell over his heart, and even when Dorothy tries to kill her, he doesn’t act swiftly. Her champion is incapable of seeing neither Glinda nor Dorothy suffer and it kills her. Yet, Roan seems to want to be free of Dorothy’s spell. Leading Glinda to only present a dagger to get the job done.


It’s hard to not feel a little bit bad for Glinda. The future of witches rest on her shoulders and perhaps the one person she could count on, the guy she has been with for 2 years, has become lost to her. He still loves her but not as he did. Now this woman, who he asked for mercy, this woman who tried to kill her like a thief in the night, he can’t bring himself to protect her? While Glinda isn’t the saint she masquerades as, you do have to feel sorry for her. She is trying to be the prodigal child but doesn’t get one single reward for doing so. But I guess protecting your mother from herself, and protecting her babies [2] is a thankless job.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. I forgot to mention that part of Jack and Lady Ev’s fight dealt with the questioning of maybe he still having feelings for Tip.
  2. Being that, if Glinda could have had kids, Roan would likely be the father, who is Mother South having all these kids with?
  3. Sylvie is alive and well and while she had to deal with being initiated into Glinda’s coven, once she got passed that she become just another sister.
  4. Reminding me, as much of a maternal figure as Glinda tries to appear, it seems she pushes her girls into some form of silent madness. One in which they become almost ghostly.

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