Emerald City: Season 1/ Episode 7 “They Came First” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) Community Rating: 0.00% (0) – No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below) As Dorothy pursues peace with Glinda, The Wizard declares war. Topic 1: The Crown Wears Heavy (Lady Ev & Jack) With her father’s death, Lady Ev is in a vulnerable place. One which allows her jealousy of Tip and…

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

As Dorothy pursues peace with Glinda, The Wizard declares war.

Topic 1: The Crown Wears Heavy (Lady Ev & Jack)

With her father’s death, Lady Ev is in a vulnerable place. One which allows her jealousy of Tip and Jack’s relationship to get to her as he tries to console her. Thus leading to her kicking him out of the carriage and leaving him to fend for himself. This cruelty nearly leads him to rust in the screaming forest but then she rescues him. Giving way to a weird moment where him being given oil and rubbed being sort of erotic for him and, when they get back to the palace, it seeming she picks up where they left off in the last episode. That is, in terms of being more than friends.


It is sometimes hard to watch Lady Ev’s scenes with Jack for even when you acknowledge what has happened to her parents, and the trauma that has caused, it makes it hard to excuse some of her eccentricities. Yet, I must admit I enjoyed the awkwardness of the scene in which she was oiling him up and Jack was making it seem so erotic. Plus, her talking about her father and how she used to play with his crown as a child, I must admit sort of led to redemption. However, I really hope there isn’t a pattern forming where she does something in the beginning of the episode which makes her look sort of like a jerk and then, later on, we transition to her opening up, being vulnerable, and temporarily redeemed.

Topic 2: Witch Hunt (Mistress West and The Wizard)

With it being revealed there are newborn witches, the wizard has all the girls round up and asks for Mistress West to help find any witches amongst the group. For her, she is for this since she seems to figure she can protect them unlike she did the ones who died fighting the beast. However, upon a discovery of a witch, The Wizard reveals he plans to capture and detain witches. Though with Mistress West being against that and trying to protect the captured girl, after he disposes of the high council, he declares what is nothing less than war/ a genocide on witches.


Just a few things I’m left wondering: The first being, when it comes to a witch’s powers, are they born with a specialty or trained in a specialty? Then, considering the witch we met didn’t have a mistress raise her, how was she seemingly able to control her powers so well?

Those thoughts aside, I like the progression of development when it comes to Mistress West. For while, I’ll admit, I felt she was a bit over the top when we first met her, with her sorrows coming to the forefront, she has seemed to develop into a fully developed person. As the outcast of the mistresses, the one who perhaps is the most accepting of those who are different, she also seems to be the one who is the most authentically damaged and barely able to cope with everything. Leading you to perhaps understand why she would work with, or even temporarily trust, The Wizard. For while he is part of the reason her fellow witches are dead, and why they are modernly suppressed, he needs her and he allows her to sulk in peace. And while his need of her may not be something which compensates for the love of Mother South or the mistress of the East, something is better than nothing I think.

Though considering this genocide The Wizard seemingly is planning, you have to wonder when he may come for her. That is, unless he makes an exception for the witch who seemingly, even when it wasn’t in her best interest, at least tried to go along with his plans.

Topic 3: “They Came First” (Lucas, Dorothy, Glinda, and Sylvie)

On the way to Glinda’s, Dorothy reveals the reason why the Wizard’s men aren’t trailing them and her deal with The Wizard to get back home. Now, as Lucas, the plan is fine with him and Sylvie is ok with heading to Kansas with these two. However, upon meeting Glinda and her kissing Lucas, thus breaking the spell, Roan decides the promise Lucas made no longer holds. However, considering all she has done for him he asks of Glinda leniency. Even if she came to negotiate, if not kill, Glinda to prevent the war.


Dorothy’s storyline has always felt like one of the weakest of the show and it continues with this episode. For while her scenes with Sylvie were cute, the Lucas/ Roan being Glinda’s lover thing was eye-roll inducing and while it was cool to see her use the gauntlet power again, I constantly am struggling to keep interested in what happens with this character. To the point, honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact there are only three episodes left of the season *fingers crossed* I’d probably make this the last episode I review. If only because, compared to the Thursday/Friday anime, and the movie which usually precedes me watching this, the drop in quality is noticeable. Not just in terms of the media but also me trying to be more than indifferent. For while I enjoy Tip, when her story matters, and can kind of get into Lady Ev’s character, they aren’t the stars. Hell, they are barely featured period.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. It seems the dagger Tip has, which she uses to fend off a vulgar soldier, belongs to King Patoria’s daughter Ozma. Leading to the possibility that could be who Tip really is. But if this series is following the books, it will be much more complicated than that.

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