Emerald City: Season 1/ Episode 6 “Beautiful Wickedness” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) Community Rating: 0.00% (0) – No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below) A lot of time is spent focusing on The Wizard and Lucas’ past, and with a handful of reveals, and a slightly shocking ending, it seems things may just begin to become interesting in Oz. Trigger Warning(s): Gun Shot…

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

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(From http://jell-obeans.tumblr.com/)

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

A lot of time is spent focusing on The Wizard and Lucas’ past, and with a handful of reveals, and a slightly shocking ending, it seems things may just begin to become interesting in Oz.

Trigger Warning(s): Gun Shot

Topic 1: Frank’s Past and Secrets (Frank [The Wizard] and Dorothy)

It is revealed that Frank knew Karen through working for her, as what though isn’t made clear. But what is, however, is that he is the reason Karen got to Oz as well as the reason Dorothy’s father, Roberto, died. This isn’t revealed to Dorothy, but her being born in Oz is. Leading to The Wizard to try to forge an alliance with Dorothy since he sees her destined for great things and rather make her an ally than an enemy. Especially since he needs something from her.


The main thing I got from this is that Frank is more than likely The Beast Forever. For something tells me, whenever someone from our world finds a way to cross over, that is what triggers The Beast’s rise. For perhaps the beasts only comes about when those who don’t belong enter Oz, Ev, or what have you and acts as some sort of giant white blood cell type of thing which kills whatever it has to in order to expel the foreign agent. Something perhaps the witch of the west knew hence why she wanted Frank and crew out of Oz. Though with her being killed off, of course we may never learn her side of things.

With that said, I do wonder where is Roberto. Karen says that he was killed but we never see a body and it seems it could just be an assumption. On top of that, is Frank in his position strictly because he brought electricity, and perhaps a medium grade of science to Oz? How did that lead to him, according to his conversation with Eamonn, taking over a kingdom and disposing of a king?

As much as is revealed, there still are many questions.

Topic 2: Lucas’ Past & Glinda’s Secret (Lucas, West, and The Wizard)

It is revealed that Glinda is the reason Lucas’ memories are locked away but thanks to West and Dorothy, West sees that Glinda was trying to transport almost a dozen young witches. From where, though, this isn’t known. However, with West making it seem to The Wizard that Glinda plans war in retaliation to the imprisonment and oppression of witches, so begins the need for Oz to not just worry about The Beast Forever but also Glinda.


Granted, West isn’t fond of Glinda’s secrets but considering how this new batch of witches mean her mother, Mother of the South, is alive, why reveal that to The Wizard? Much less, while West don’t seem like the type to plan things out, you have to wonder why she would even fan the flames of war? Does she wish to be the last witch in existence? I mean, while she did the Wizard a huge favor, unfortunately, she has seemingly also doomed what may remain of her people. After all, Glinda breaking The Wizard’s trust you know will mean preventive measures that will lead to a likely genocide.

That aside, the other question is why was Lucas helping her? It isn’t that odd of a question, since it seems The Wizard overthrew a kingdom and drastically forced changes upon local culture. Yet, why Lucas was chosen in particular is of interest to me. Was he really that good of a swordsman to be trusted with this task? Could it be he was the protector of Mother South, like that Black dude was supposed to protect East?

Topic 3: A War is Brewing (Lady Ev, The Wizard, Dorothy, and Lucas)

With West’s reveals comes the need to begin to gather arms, something The Wizard can’t do on his own for, at best, all he knows, science wise, is how to make electricity. He needs the land of Ev but Lady Ev still remembers her mother’s death well and this keeps her from assisting. Lucky for The Wizard, as Elizabeth reveals her loyalty to Glinda and pushes for Lucas’ escape, Dorothy goes to get Sylvie who was still being held by Eamonn, someone who lets her go freely.

Yet, before Dorothy leaves, there remains questions about her past and as she decides to work with The Wizard to end the war, and perhaps use some vortex he claims can take her home, Sylvie turns Lady Ev’s father to stone due to her being frightened. Leading to Lady Ev rage on Oz being directed toward the witches and with The Wizard shooting Anna to show the power of guns, he gives Lady Ev bullets and a gun to reproduce for the coming war.


Anna being killed was a surprise yet, at the same time, something tells me Frank has trust issues, especially in regards to women. Granted, outside of Eamonn, there doesn’t seem to be anything but women in power, which perhaps is why I think that. But maybe that could be the problem. Jane, who worked with Karen and made Frank feel dumb, could have perhaps been a catalyst for Frank not liking women of power who didn’t treat him as an equal or superior. Perhaps I’m thinking too much into this but it is a theory. I mean, it would help explain his anti-magic feelings since we have yet to see a warlock. Kind of leading you to wonder how do witches reproduce… Though also leading to the thought that maybe Glinda has found a way and maybe Lucas is her children’s’ father.

That thought aside, I hope this plot leads us to seeing more of Ev and peels back the history of the witches more.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Nahara (Mia Mountain), Ojo’s wife, was a witch and likely her involvement with the Wizard is why East trapped her in that pit.
  2. Jack and Tip meet and she claims to love him. He rejects it since she left him to die but so comes the question of what kind of love is she talking about? If only because, since she still sees herself as a boy, does this mean her feelings are homo or heterosexual? Which I only think is noteworthy since, despite how odd Oz is, I don’t think we just nonchalantly saw two men or women who were a couple

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