As Downton Abbey creeps closer to its end, old friends become more frequent, and the possibility of happy endings seem on the horizon. For with an old friend visiting Downton, some happy news for a few of those who work downstairs, and the possibility of love, it seems any and all drama shall lead to an amicable resolution. Well, except for when it comes to that hospital business.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

With Tom back comes the question of what will he do next? Will he pick back up his agent duties, find something else within the estate, or perhaps continue living in England, but just not at Downton? Well, no answers seem to be in sight as of now, but it seems that, for the most part, he didn’t leave America by force.

However, when it comes to being forced out, it seems more and more Mr. Barrow may find that to be his fate. For while Mr. Carson is on his honeymoon, Mr. Barrow is butler and he makes no friends during his tenure. In fact, when a former co-worker named Gwyn (Rose Leslie) comes to visit, he openly embarrasses her in front of his lordship and gets chastised for it. To the point it is all but said that if cuts are to ever come to Downton, Tom shall be the one out on his ear.

A fate which, as always, Ms. Baxter worries about. After all, though Mr. Barrow rarely pays her mind, she is his only friend. Though when it comes to someone to confide in, she has Mr. Moseley be there in her time of need. Especially since the sergeant, for the umpteenth time, finds himself in Downton. Which you’d think, by now, would have been considered a scandal for he visits Downton almost like he is family at this point. But, I digress, for this visit isn’t based off accusations, but more so him seeking Ms. Baxter to testify against her former lover Mr. Peter Coyle. Someone who, with her testimony, the police think they can stop. However, at first she isn’t keen on the idea, but with it being known he has ruined a few young woman’s lives since abandoned Baxter, she eventually comes around.

Switching things up, as the war for the hospital continues, it seems Dowager Violet is finding a harder and harder time to find allies. To the point her usual shady demeanor is leading her to be so frustrated that she can’t keep her composure. Luckily though, while anger fuels her heart, Mary is becoming a slight softy. Be it because her confidant Tom is back, or because one Mr. Henry Talbout flirts with her. Though, alongside this, one could argue Gwyn bringing up what Sybill did for her has Mary looking over her life and thinking about the person she is. For while she does help Anna with her maternity issues, otherwise she isn’t much of a saint. But, in a rare showing of kindness to Edith, she does compliment her sister on the idea of hiring a female editor to work with. Something Aunt Rosalind notes and Mary vows isn’t to become routine.

Perhaps leaving just Daisy. Someone who, with seeing Gwyn, becomes just a bit more sick of her feeling like she doesn’t have social mobility. Though it is really the idea that Lady Grantham may not let Mr. Mason get the Dewes’ old farm which pushes her over. Almost to the point where she was ready for a row with Lady Grantham but, luckily, Lord Grantham spoke of the good news dealing with Mr. Mason getting the farm, thus stopping Daisy from putting her foot in her mouth once more.


As always, the main highlight deals with seeing the close relationships which are perhaps the wall which many characters lean on. For whether it is Tom with his sisters-in-law; Edith and Rosalind; Anna and Mary; or Ms. Baxter with Mr. Moseley and Mr. Barrow; you can see that the way these people live and survive is very much intertwined. To the point where if one line is snapped, it will cause a drastic change to all parties involved.

It is always good when a series which has been around for so long references to things which happened in the past, like Sybil being on the show, and helping people, as well as seeing former series mainstays like Gwyn. For not only do they serve as reminders of what has happened, but also they act as nice little treats to fans who have stuck around since the beginning.

On The Fence

Honestly, most of the drama on this show, at this point, just makes my eyes roll. For whether it is Anna perhaps losing her baby, Lord Grantham’s stomach pain, and especially the Dowager, it just makes me so happy this show isn’t 24 episodes. If just because, I can take what is going on in all their lives now, because I know it won’t be dragged out, but if there was ever a chance that some of these issues were to be constant and stretched out over the course of 15+ episodes, I don’t think I’d would have kept up with this series.

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