Between the wedding, the continuing trouble over the hospital merger, old faces, and the question of what the future may bring, Downton Abbey keeps the energy a bit upbeat and keeps the season enjoyable and brisk.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

The Hospital Scenario

With Lady Grantham firmly on the side of a merger, it makes her sitting with Dowager Violet quite an issue. Mostly because, as we have seen, Lady Grantham isn’t much for confrontation. So with her having to bear witness to Dowager Violet’s tongue, and Mrs. Isobel Crawley’s rebuttal, which includes coming after Dr. Clarkson [1], it seems the whole scenario is too much. Which isn’t to say she is backing down, but certainly not made for the politics of the issue.

Thankfully though, while Dowager Violet holds strong, it seems Dr. Clarkson may slowly be coming over to the side of a merger. Something which, naturally, upsets the Dowager, but considering it will only make her more ferocious in her position, likely all that will come of this is more entertaining one liners.

The Wedding

After quite a few hiccups, dealing with marriage expectations, Lady Mary butting her nose into things [2], and even Ms. Hughes’ co-workers thinking she could do better when it comes to her dress choices, the wedding and reception finally happens. Though, to be honest, Tom Branson’s return pretty much upstages the wedding.

The Editor

Being that Edith’s editor, Mr. Skinner (Paul Putner) has become too much of a nuisance, he is essentially fired. Leaving Edith to take the reins and, while she quite enjoys it, she does feel it isn’t her time yet. Though, amongst the chaos, so comes Mr. Bertie Pelhan (Harry Hadden-Paton). A man who is quite flattering towards Edith, and does renew the idea that she may very well may end the season, and the series, far happier than we have ever seen her.

The Secret(s)

Something is amiss with Spratt, and it seems to be dealing with his nephew. Someone who the police are after and, so it seems, he has helped evade custody. Issue is, Denker knows about it and surely will hold it over Spratt’s head. Though, on a happier note, it seems Anna is pregnant once more and the possibility of a baby is on the horizon.

The Last Hope

Being that Tom Barrow feels like he is to be fired any day now, he tries over and over to find a new position. Issue is, they all aren’t Downton. Everyplace is a step down, either in position or in grandeur, and with Mr. Carson never really saying a friendly word, and him being alienated from Andy, the only possible friend besides Ms. Baxter, his spirits are declining. This is as opposed to Daisy who, thanks to thinking Mr. Mason may take the Drews farm, and Mr. Moseley teaching her, is quite giddy about what is to come for her future.


The back and forth between Dowager violet and Mrs. Crawley for, in my opinion, these two are the main reason this show has ever had me locked onto the screen. For while everyone else is prim and proper, to the point of being dull at times, these two are spitfires.

Tom’s return from America was quite the sight to see, especially since he is to likely speak on how America isn’t all he thought it would be.

I quite like the idea of Edith finishing the series with a beau and happiness. If only because, 2nd to Anna, her storyline has been one misery after another.

Low Points

I found the buildup to the wedding, including Mary’s involvement, to be anti-climatic. After all, we have the heads of the Downton staff getting married, and yet it seems as normal as any other storyline. To me, you’d think this would have been part of the mid-season, if not finale, but I guess, like life after they get married, they wanted to treat things as business as usual.

On The Fence

Being that Spratt and Denker aren’t the most compelling of characters, I must admit that Spratt’s nephew being troublesome, and Denker using this against Spratt, can likely go either way.

Collected Quote(s)

Education is the gate that leads to any future worth having.

—           “Season 6/ Episode 3.” Downton Abbey

Things To Note

[1]: During the war between Isobel and Violet, Isobel accuses Dr. Clarkson of only being on Violet’s side because the merger would lessen his position. For rather than be the head of a hospital he would become just another doctor. Albeit a prominent one in the local community, but certainly not as much of a force as he is now.

[2]: As before, it was a bit of a case where Mary, selfishly, but lovingly, trying to have Mr. Carson have a high class wedding. Something which effectively was put to bed once Lady Crawley stepped in and asked Ms. Hughes directly what she wanted. Though, from there, Mary had another trip when she decided to offer something of her mother’s for the wedding, leading to a rather embarrassing moment in which Lady Crawley finds her workers practically raiding her closest. It all ends well though for Lady Crawley apologizes, as does Ms. Hughes, and Lady Crawley gives an old coat for the wedding.

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