As Rose gets married, people talk about leaving, the future, and then a scandal erupts.

Review (with Spoilers)

Sometimes I forget that British programming usually don’t have 24 episode seasons, but the benefit of that is they rarely overstay their welcome. However, with only 8 episodes this season, I must admit there was an episode or two in which I felt bored with Downton Abbey. However, in episode 8 we are given quite a lot. Making me happy there is still the Christmas episode to look forward to.

Topic 1: Back Burner Topics – Violet, Ms. Crawley, Edith, and Robert

Though not a strong focus, we do hear that Prince Kuragin would never mind his princess to live the rest of his life with Violet. Also, we learn Ms. Crawley is wondering if, after seeing all the drama Rose goes through, whether she should still marry Lord Merton? Alongside that we also see Robert figure out Marigold is his granddaughter and learn that the cottages Mary, Robert, and Tom, have been talking about should be sold soon.


While I’ll try not to be as hateful as Mary, I do find the whole Edith situation to still bring no interest no matter how much her secret slowly leaks out. For, seemingly no matter what the show does, Edith just remains dull. Almost to the point it is laughable that the two elderly women of the show have far more interesting storylines going for them. For really, after being the nosy and condescending grandmother, imagine Dowager Violet giggling like a school girl and in the throes of love? I think it would be a nice direction for the character, as well as seeing Ms. Crawley become an aristocrat and deal with the expectations of her new title.

As for Robert, with him making no fuss over Marigold, perhaps Mary will be the one to make said story interesting. Though, if anything, all it may do is finally give her some reason to layoff and perhaps grow closer to her sister. Well, one could hope anyway.

Topic 2: Almost Time To Say Goodbye – Daisy, Tom, and Anna

As expected, both Daisy and Tom really seem ready to move on from Downton. For with Tom’s relative in Boston having a nice setup, and then Daisy becoming a bit too smart and worldly to stick around, it almost seems both would leave during the Christmas episode. Well, at least at first. Tom seemingly wants to wait until the cottages are handled, and while Daisy did hand in her notice verbally, but it seems she may wait until she passes her exams. Thus meaning they could both very well go during the Christmas episode, if not perhaps next season.

As for Anna, well she is in jail accused of the murder of Mr. Green.


While it would be sad to see Daisy and Tom go, whenever that officially happens, the lack of investment in their characters has shown it was bound to happen. After all, while Ms. Bunting did a lot for both of them, at the same time what more was she than a catalyst? One which showed them they are capable of more than what Downton can offer, and that they really need to explore what their lives can have. Plus, considering tragedy is what sort of put a pause on Daisy and Tom’s life, I would argue she woke them both up from the daze they have been in for seasons now.

And while I feel I should care about Anna’s arrest, for it is perhaps supposed to be shocking, as said many times: I barely care about the Bates family anymore. For while it was interesting when Bates was accused of murder, the first time, as well as watching him court Anna, since then I have struggled to care about these two.

Topic 3: Wedding Drama – Rose

With Atticus being Jewish, we see a large dose of prejudice done in a very subtle British manner. Well, with the exception of how Susan (Phoebe Nicholls), Rose’s mom, handles things. For between her setting up Atticus to look like he was cheating, announcing she was divorced to rattle Lord Sinderby, and just making an ass of herself, you can see why her own family seem to prefer Shrimpie to her.


As the prejudice of Jewish people continues, it does make me hope the show will explore some of the issues which went on during World War II. For really, all this teasing about how Jewish people were seen really makes me hope they explore the various angles and issues. Especially since Cora’s father was Jewish and I could see that maybe causing problems. Never mind a time jump, somewhere closer to the months before WWII, could definitely help as the show seemingly enters its final two seasons.

Collected Quote(s)

“My dear, love is a far more dangerous motive than dislike.”

—           Violet – “Season 5/ Episode 8.” Downton Abbey

“I’m not one to give up my secrets unless I have to.”

— Mr. Bates – “Season 5/ Episode 8.” Downton Abbey

Things To Note

  1. Denker has to be perhaps one of the oddest downstairs characters on the show. She comes to work drunk, though isn’t allow to do her duties, she uses this kid named Andy for fun, and even is starting to get along well with Dowager Violet’s sense of humor and temperament. Meaning her crazy self maybe here for awhile.
  2. Ms. Patmore’s nephew was given a plaque for his services, paid for by Lord Grantham.

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