Overview As a lot of drama gets resolved, Lord Merton’s sons ruin a nearly peaceful episode. Review (with Spoilers) Well it seems I was wrong about Edith’s exit, but nonetheless it does seem a few characters are certainly planning for life after Downton. Though this isn’t to say others may not leave the family. But…

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As a lot of drama gets resolved, Lord Merton’s sons ruin a nearly peaceful episode.

Review (with Spoilers)

Well it seems I was wrong about Edith’s exit, but nonetheless it does seem a few characters are certainly planning for life after Downton. Though this isn’t to say others may not leave the family. But whoever may leave, it seems the separation won’t be easy for them. For more of what happens in episode 7, look below.

Topic 1: Guess Who’s Back and Who Maybe Leaving – Edith, Tom, and Daisy


Well, Edith is found this episode and Cora is quite upset she was not let into the big secret. However, being that she doesn’t want Edith’s brash decisions to lead her to going off to America, she creates a plan so that Marigold can live with her in Downton. An idea Rosalind isn’t fond of, but in the end it seems to work.

As for Tom & Daisy, with Tom losing Ms. Bunting, perhaps the last real thing which could significantly anchor him, the idea of going to Boston is not only brought up, but also talked with his daughter. Making it seem that he may very well leave Downton. As for Daisy, with her being young, idealistic to a point, and liking the idea of change, it seems she’d rather find greener pastures. Though, at first, it does seem with the labor party being quite a disappointment, she thinks perhaps her dreams may not come true. A quick visit to Mr. Mason though helps clear her doubts however.


While it is unfortunate Edith returned, even if Marigold is coming with her, at least we got to see a bit more edge when it came to Cora. For, even after the Mr. Bricker incident, it seems she hasn’t really found herself a project or anything to focus on. So, at the very least, hiding Edith’s secret gives her something to do.

As for Tom and Daisy, it does very well seem like one is likely to leave. Though with neither actor seeming to have something interesting going on [1], unlike the actress playing Rose, perhaps they are just pulling our leg. For while Daisy nor Tom have any sort of interesting storyline going on, that hasn’t stopped the show from keeping the cast it has.

Topic 2: The Truth Comes Out – Mary & Dowager Violet


With Mary still trying to rid herself of Tony, who seems unwilling to be tossed away, she is left with no choice but to rely on Mr. Blake to deal with the situation. Thus leading him to kissing her in Tony’s face in order for him to finally give up.

As for the Dowager, we finally learn it isn’t jealousy that has led her to try to subtly, in her own way, keep Lord Merton and Ms. Crawley together. No, instead it is loneliness. For, despite their frequent battles, Violet has grown quite close to Ms. Crawley, to the point it seems she recognizes that once Ms. Crawley moves up in the world, she won’t be as accessible. Meaning, unfortunately for Violet, all she will be left with is those who work in her house, and the pity of those who would allow her to be company.


Though, to a certain point, I love the drama Mary brings to the show, I must admit I’m quite glad that not only is Tony moving on, but also that Mr. Blake will be in Poland for months. If just because it means she’ll be back to focusing on the estate, with Tom, and maybe then Cora will inherit a task besides keeping Edith’s secret. Reminding me, as much as I don’t like Edith, and agree with some of the nasty things Mary said, at the same time it is hard to say it was called for. If just because I sort of see Edith possibly becoming the Ms. Crawley to Mary’s Violet. Well, if they ever learn to get along.

Topic 3: Welcome to The Family – Ms. Crawley & Rose


Between Ms. Crawley being middle class, and Rose in love with a Jewish man, it makes the night of Ms. Crawley meeting Lord Merton’s children, and Rose getting proposed to, a bit awkward. If just because Larry is such an elitist. Though, in his defense, Ms. Crawley is replacing his mother as his father’s wife and taking her position. So of course he, and his brothers, are going to be a bit antagonistic. However, Lord Merton really isn’t fond of their comments against Ms. Crawley, nor their insults flung at Atticus. For bad enough there is unresolved tension from Tom beating Larry for Sybil’s hand, but then the utter insults flung upon the Grantham family was just too much. So, very likely, we won’t see them for a long time again.


Well we already know Rose isn’t going to be around for most of next season, so this proposal only tells us why, but with Ms. Crawley I do wonder if she may be less active on the show too. For while I’m not sure where exactly Lord Merton lives, I do wonder if we are actually going to see her new life or not. Especially since the show isn’t heading into world war II so who knows if they are going to do more than wrap up people’s stories over the next two seasons.

Collected Quote(s)

“A lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears”

—           “Season 5/ Episode 7.” Downton Abbey

“In the end, happiness is a matter of choice. Some people choose to be happy, and others select a course that leads to only frustration and disappointment.”

—           “Season 5/ Episode 7.” Downton Abbey

Things To Note

The Downton dog Isis has cancer.

Violet is still in search for her friend’s princess.

Ms. Baxter tries to make peace with the Bates, but with her snitching comes them giving her the cold shoulder. However, Mr. Moseley is still in her corner.

The Bates are joining the conversation of getting their own place, but it doesn’t necessarily seem that this means them having children and all that. For while the murder investigation maybe dying down, it doesn’t mean they necessarily have normalcy.

1: Correction – the actress playing Daisy is also in Cinderella.

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