Downton Abbey: Season 5/ Episode 6 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview As things begin to settle down at Downton, partly due to bad news, it seems one person makes their exit. Review (with Spoilers) Though nowhere near World War II, it is quite interesting to hear mentions of Hitler as news about Mr. Gregson comes in. But, recognizing World War II likely won’t be covered,…

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As things begin to settle down at Downton, partly due to bad news, it seems one person makes their exit.

Review (with Spoilers)

Though nowhere near World War II, it is quite interesting to hear mentions of Hitler as news about Mr. Gregson comes in. But, recognizing World War II likely won’t be covered, and supposedly the show will end before the stock market crash and depression, it seems talking about the world’s last great evil is in vain. However, while we won’t get to see a real shock come to Downton, at least the little bit of drama in everyone’s personal life seems to want to compensate. As for whether it truly does, look below.

Topic 1: A Boost In The Spirits – Daisy, Mary, and the Bates


As Daisy continues to study and learn, with Mr. Moseley offering her tutelage, the Bates family dodges a bullet. For, you see, Mr. Barrow, out of spite, sent a letter to Scotland Yard about Ms. Baxter knowing something about the Bates murder. Something which, due to probation, she is forced to assist. In the end though, she hasn’t much to say and while Mr. Bates seems innocent, it seems the sole evidence to prove his innocence, a train ticket, is gone.

As for Mary, while she is looking to offload Lord Gillingham back to his ex, and also keep Mr. Blake at bay, she isn’t making it easy for them. For with a new haircut, but same attitude, she impresses the gentlemen enough to be reminded of why they liked her in the first place. Thus leading to a good ego boost for her.


Daisy, quite honestly, I’m ready to grow out of Downton, and I think with what Moseley says to her, her leave is soon to come. As for Mary, her pettiness when it comes to those two men has really turned me off. Especially in light of all she has done in terms of trying to manage the estate. But, all things considered, she is still young and naturally wants to be known as someone attractive. So her showing off, even in light of what is happening in Edith’s life, is sort of in character.

Leaving us with The Bates. Something not mentioned in the summary is Mr. Bates finds the birth control stuff and is quite upset, but with him admitting to knowing Anna was raped, and him saying he didn’t kill Mr. Green, I felt the birth control bit was worth brushing over. However, being that it seems only one or two more seasons may come of the show, it does lead you to wonder if the series will end with little Bates running around their cottage?

Topic 2: Some Help & Understanding – Mr. Barrow, Cora, and Robert


Robert is still cross about Mr. Bricker being in his bedroom and sleeps in a separate room, something bothersome to Cora but, with a stubborn husband like hers, it seems she may have to get used to having such a big bed alone. As for if Robert can deal with his twin sized bed for long, well it depends on his ego.

Speaking of ego, the ever proud Mr. Barrow, whose sickness is becoming more and more noticeable, decides to go to Ms. Baxter for assistance. During this, and him seeing Dr. Clarkson, we learn the drugs he was taking wasn’t opium or heroine, but rather saline. Something Mr. Barrow was taking in hopes of curing him from homosexuality. For, as he notes, he has gone through shock therapy, and other drugs, and this was perhaps his final hope. One which sadly has left him with nothing but a ghastly rash on his bottom.


Robert and Cora aside, since his childishness isn’t amusing in the slightest, it is Barrow who truly is worth noting. For never mind he is still, as you would expect, struggling with his sexuality, but also he opened up to Baxter and seems to be slowly forming a bond with her. Albeit, he is still rude toward her, but it seems she understands that is just his way. But with him taking drugs, and him seeming more and more miserable at Downton, it does make you wonder if one day he may take his life? Perhaps during a Christmas episode?

Topic 3: Time For A New Adventure – Ms. Crawley & Edith


As seen in the last episode, and long overdue, it seems Edith will be leaving Downton. For between only sad memories being at Downton, and Mary’s life being a sad reminder of things which may never come, Edith thinks it would be better to leave Downton behind with Marigold. Now, as for what she would do for money? Well, Mr. Gregson left his publishing business to her so she’ll be quite alright.

Then, when it comes to Ms. Crawley, soon she will have to be considered Mrs. It seems. For with her wanting one last adventure in life, she seems ready to accept!


Though perhaps it is mean to say, I hope Edith truly is exiting the show. If just because enough is going on to the point we don’t need a Debbie downer, and while it would be interesting to see a single mother in the 1920s, of all people I wouldn’t want Edith showing us that life.

As for Ms. Crawley, while her getting her beau feels like a consolation prize, at least she seems to have found her happiness. Though, I must admit, I find the Dowager’s contempt for the situation perhaps maybe more entertaining than the prospect of Ms. Crawley’s impending nuptials.

Collected Quote(s)

“Harsh reality is always better than false hope.”

— Dr. Clarkson – “Season 5/ Episode 6.” Downton Abbey

Things To Note

  1. The Dowager and the prince seem to be ever closer as she continues to look for his princess, and he even mentions running away with her like they should have when they were younger.
  2. As Ms. Patmore buys herself a cottage, Mr. Carson mentions to Ms. Hughes that maybe they should buy a place for when they retire. In a platonic sense of course.
  3. Rose continues to grow close to Atticus, but it seems that she won’t be a major player in the next season due to casting in Disney’s Cinderella. The source for this can be found in the intro’s link.

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