As people get a bit too comfortable in their secrets, slowly their lives begin to unravel.

Review (with Spoilers)

Past and current relationships are gone into and we see just how fragile each one is. For with most of noteworthy relationships having dark secrets attached, naturally it weighs heavy on at least one party involved. However, while many are dealing with negative aspects in their life, when it comes to the Dowager there is a pleasant surprise.

Topic 1: Will She or Won’t She? – Violet, Mary, and Edith

To begin, let’s talk about Edith. As can be seen in previous episodes, while Tim is more than happy for Edith to see Marigold, Margie is in no way comfortable with her being around so much. For one, she doesn’t like the idea of her husband and Edith being so chummy; two, she is starting to get attached to Marigold and doesn’t like how Edith seems to want to take her; and three, I think Margie still has that fear that Edith may one day stop taking an interest. So, due to that combination, she asks Tim to keep Edith away. Something which may only be temporary, but it is rather hard to say.

Switching gears, it seems despite how careful Mary thought she was being, she ends up being caught by Dowager Violet’s butler Spratt on her way back from the hotel. Thus leading to quite the condemnation from Violet since, be it 1924 or not, she finds it unbecoming of an Earl’s daughter to act as she does. For while Mary mentions they are but some time away from announcing a proposal, the Dowager still feels a bit uneasy.

Which, so you know, could be because long before she became Robert’s mother, it seems she may have enjoyed a bit of a love affair with a Russian. A man named Prince Kuragin (Rade Šerbedžija) who she had something going on with. And while no real details are given, it seems the Dowager’s worry for Mary may deal with her experiences with this man. Someone who may have seduced her into his bed, but didn’t leave a ring on the table.

Topic 2: A Sense of Purpose – Cora

Something I realized in this episode is that, for the most part, Cora has never really done much on the show. I mean, we watched her grieve over Sybil, and introduce her American family, but has she really gotten her own storyline outside of her family’s drama? Well, if she didn’t before she may have now. You see, as Cora watches and listens to her husband and Mary talk business, see Rose take to the Russians, and Edith go off to see Marigold, she questions: what will be her legacy? Will she be remembered for anything of significance after she dies? And well, nothing comes to mind which may outlast her.

However, such fears of longevity get temporarily silenced by Mr. Bricker as he and Cora walk amongst an art museum and talk about the pieces. Reminding Cora that she is more than an Earl’s wife, but her own person. Someone who can do more than try to quiet things down and actually get the chance to participate in conversation. Much less conversation which is philosophical and isn’t just gossip. Making Mr. Bricker quite the companion for not only does he make Cora smile, but lead her to girlish laughter. But with her recognizing Mr. Bricker wants more than she can give, she nips his pursuit in the bud. With good timing too since Robert was waiting for her at Rosalind’s and he is fuming. For with him knowing she was out with another man, he is jealous to the point of being condescending and asking why someone would want her opinion on various artists?

Topic 3: Secrets Held Close – Mr. Bates, Baxter, and Thomas

With the murder investigation of Mr. Green still going on, and Mr. Bates being questioned, many are starting to freak out a little bit. For with everyone pretty much knowing what Mr. Bates is capable of, there are legitimate fears that he could be arrested. However, Mr. Bates is cool as a cucumber and barely takes much note of the investigation. For with him being confident he is safe, and most of Downton behind him, it does truly seem he has nothing to worry about.

Leading us to talk about the duo of Thomas and Baxter. Beginning with Thomas, it seems he maybe on his way out of Downton. Though, to everyone else, he disguises his possible interview with news that his father may have passed. Which honestly I’m unsure if that was truly a lie. However, despite whether it is a lie or not, with Baxter knowing his dad, she shares her condolences. Mostly because she saw Thomas’ dad as a nice man but, in Thomas’ eyes, he was anything besides a nice man. Likely due to Thomas’ sexuality.

Leaving Ms. Baxter’s fate at Downton. In the episode she reveals the missing piece of her story is that she stole the jewels because a man she was in love with, who changed her personality into something despicable, helped convince her to steal the jewels. Now, as for why she says she wanted to steal them, it is because she feels, as much as the man influenced her, ultimately it was her decision to take the jewelry and give it to him. Naturally leading to the question of: if he had the jewels why didn’t he end up in jail too? Well, the answer is that once caught she didn’t want to bring him down with her. For with her thinking the man’s life would already be hell, she seemingly figured not to add on to his debt to karma, and overall she rather the whole issue be buried. Thus leading to Cora’s decision which is: Baxter gets to stay.

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