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TV Series Downton Abbey: Season 5/ Episode 2 - Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Downton Abbey: Season 5/ Episode 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As people grow closer, things are revealed as they are seen flaws and all. Making most look more appealing than they did in the past.

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Review (with Spoilers)

If there is one thing I have always found wonderfully strange about Downton Abbey, it is that it has such a large cast of characters, and reoccurring guest stars, and yet it rarely feels like anyone is ever fully left out. Almost everyone has something going on in their life, usually worth interest, and it is rare for two episodes to go by without some sort of update. Now, with praise aside, let’s talk about the episode.

Topic 1: My Future Here – Thomas Barrow, Baxter and Edith

With James gone, and Thomas without a friend, Anna takes a bit of pity on him. For while he is the resident butt wipe, I think she believes even he deserves a friend. Though with him knowing he made his bed, change certainly doesn’t seem on the horizon. In fact, just to keep life interesting, and dish out some shared misery, he tells Moseley about Ms. Baxter’s past. Something which rocks how he sees her for he is all but sure there is a reason behind her thievery. But, with her unwilling to tell him, nor Lady Grantham, whether there was any real reason, both are left not fully sure how to feel about her.

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As for Edith, as her and Tim pursue Marigold being Edith’s god daughter, you can see Tim’s wife Margie isn’t much for her doing so. For, like Lord Grantham, there is the fear that while she may be interested in Marigold now, what will happen if she gets bored? The poor child will have become attached to someone who has thrown her away like an old doll. Something which Edith and Tim know won’t happen, but that doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same.

Topic 2: Times Are Changing – Rose & Lord Grantham

With the memorial being a hot topic, one which surely will be erected, the question is: where to put it? If just because there is a split between putting it where a would-be cricket field would be, or in the center of town. The argument for the field is because it would be a peaceful place, as opposed to in the town where likely it would be used as a gossip point, or somewhere people would sit to tie their shoes. However, with the seeing of one boy mourning in the town over his father, it seems decided that the center of town would be best. For, as Ms. Hughes said, it creates a reminder while on your way to places, such as church, and makes for a more central location.

Now, as for Rose, with the wireless, also known as a radio, becoming a big to do, she wants one. However, Lord Grantham isn’t easily swayed into getting one just because Rose would like to listen to music. But with the king doing a radio address, it seems he changes his mind about having a radio in the house.

Topic 3: Let’s Talk About Love – Mary, Ms. Crawley, and Tom Branson

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To begin, Mr. Blake has come with a friend to see a painting held in Downton, as well as see Mary. Of which leads to him pretty much conceding to Lord Gillingham and him wishing the two the best. Something which is sort of nice for Mary since with her and Gillingham beginning to really test waters with one another, all blessings are needed. Though it isn’t just blessings needed, but also protection. For with Mary certainly not trying to have a true scandal on her hands, she asks Anna to go get some form of contraceptive since she herself can’t. Something which naturally is awkward for Anna, but with the most subtle of threats that Downton has been downsizing generation after generation, it seems Anna will go against what makes her feel comfortable for her lady.

Leading us to speak on Ms. Crawley. Someone who continues to perplex me for while she speaks as if she is uncomfortable with Lord Merton’s pursuit of her, she continues to entertain him without objection. Which perhaps is only perplexing to me since I don’t understand English custom, nor the times, but still it is making me so unsure if she may like him or not. Though she certainly does present herself as someone who is interested in something. Whether it is just good conversation or something more though, it is rather hard to tell.

Leaving Mr. Tom Branson. His relationship with Ms. Bunting is continually being coerced through various means. Be it Rose trying to play match maker, or Ms. Patmore asking her to be Daisy’s tutor, it seems everyone, whether they know it or not, are giving reasons for these two to be in each other’s space. Something Tom is starting to grow to like, and acknowledge, for she continually reminds him of who he was when he met Sybil, and who he was before her. For while he does enjoy the hospitality of his in-laws, he has never truly fit in. Something they all acknowledge and what makes Ms. Bunting, despite her opinion on matters, tolerated for Tom’s sake. However, Lord Grantham makes it be known, to his wife anyway, he will not stand for Tom even thinking about taking away their oldest grandchild. A battle he is unlikely to face, but could very well may.

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“I’d rather be convinced than defeated.”

— “Season 5/ Episode 2.” Downton Abbey

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