Multiple accidental run-ins happen as Ryan and Eric begin investigating together, and Brian runs into Tiffany and Cintron.

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Multiple accidental run-ins happen as Ryan and Eric begin investigating together, and Brian runs into Tiffany and Cintron.

Aired 2/10/2022
Network AllBlk
Directed By Christel Gibson, Howard Gibson
Written By Christel Gibson
Introduced This Episode
Stormy Asia Sparks
Brian’s Mom Michelle S. Blackwell


What I Spy With My Little Eye – Brian, Cintron, Tiffany, Stormy, Brian’s Mom

With being sexualized from an early age, Brian finds peace and comfort by going to a strip club and even seduces one stripper named Stormy to go out with him that night. While doing so, he runs across Cintron, who is catching up with Tiffany, who reveals they, Cintron and Tiffany, have known each other since the 9th grade!

But, all Brian sees is Cintron sneaking around, and with that, he takes a picture, pushes buttons as he usually does, and then takes Stormy to DeAndre’s warehouse, where he and she have some fun.

Stormy (Asia Sparks) waiting for a ride after work
Stormy (Asia Sparks)

Which, unfortunately for Stormy, leads to Brian choking her out since his mom says she can’t leave.

The Truth Of The Matter – Ryan, Eric, Robin, Deandre, Cintron, Erica

After spending time with Tiffany, Cintron heads home and later finds Erica coming in because she misses him. This leads to him making minor accusations regarding what Erica and her brother are up to, and just to clear the air, Erica tells Cintron the truth. They rescue kids, and this calls for beating up bad guys sometimes. You know, the kind of thing no boyfriend wants to hear, especially when their partner isn’t law enforcement.

Speaking of law enforcement, after Michelle’s death, Ryan is really pushing Eric hard to help him find Laylah, so they head over to a Sinergy bar and try to gather information. The problem with this is Robin shows up, which forces Eric to leave Ryan alone. That’s a huge issue since Ryan is clearly not thinking straight and needs someone to reign him in. But with Eric knowing what could happen if Ryan saw Robin, he had to handle that.

However, no sooner than the family reunion is over, Ryan is beating a man with a pool cue, trying to get information, and revealing he is a cop. That effectively ends any conversation. Well, that and when that person exits the bar, Eric hitting him, more back and forth, and with the guy reaching for Eric’s gun, Eric kills him.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why did Brian’s mom tell him to kill Stormy?

What Could Happen Next

  1. You know Robin and DeAndre are going to mess around and cause Bunny to have a conniption
  2. Us learning Cintron did, in fact, have sex with Tiffany, and he has been lying all this time



Learning About Tiffany and Cintron’s Connection

Tiffany revealing she has known Cintron since 9th grade when he wasn’t the man he is now, it really helps you understand why Erica is a bit insecure about those two. They have history, and while it still isn’t clear if Cintron did, in fact, have sex with Tiffany while with Erica, you now get it.

Brian Remains One Of The Most Comical Characters On The Show

It’s the delivery for me. Brian knows how to get under character’s skin and usually avoids getting his behind kicked in the process. That scene with Cintron, for example, was utterly hilarious and reminds you why, despite all he has said or been through, why Brian is kept around and given new storylines.

On The Fence

Brian’s Mom Appearing

Brian's Mom (Michelle S. Blackwell) telling him that Stormy can't leave
Brian’s Mom (Michelle S. Blackwell)

Though this storyline with his mother’s ghost we could do without. Straight up, I don’t know why it’s happening, and while, with all shows we watch, there is hope things can get better, it is really dependent on them making this serious. If Brian’s actor isn’t pushed to take his mom’s appearance as real deal PTSD, and it remains in this weird, awkward comedy situation, it is going to be one of those things hard to explain to people when you try to get them into the show.

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Tanya and Ryan worried about Laylah
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Learning About Tiffany and Cintron's Connection
Brian Remains One Of The Most Comical Characters On The Show
Brian's Mom Appearing

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