Erica and Cintron at the hospital.

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As we go deeper into the local kidnappings, Eric does something drastic, and Ms. Audrey continues to cause double-takes.

Directed By Dale Stelly
Written By Christel Gibson
Aired (UMC) 6/4/2020
Introduced This Episode
Marc Simone Neviani
Officer Lopez Gabriela Smith

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

It’s All About Persistence – Marc, Erica, Cintron

Marc (Simone Neviani) getting in Erica's face.
Marc (Simone Neviani)

With Bradley missing their flight, Marc decides to confront Erica, who finds it amazing Marc has the AUDACITY to face her asking about a Bradley. After all, Bradley was her fiancé, yet Marc was having such a good time having sex with him that HE FORGOT TO REMOVE THE CONDOM AFTER! Almost like he wanted Erica to know.

But, before things could get heated between them, Cintron steps in. Then, after Marc and Erica separate, he pushes up on Erica, trying to remind her of the love they had in college. This does get him in Erica’s bed, but she makes it clear, the sex was medicinal and not a sign that he is back in her good graces. Never mind they may get back together.

Going Downhill Fast – Candice, Ryan, Officer Lopez

So, Candice has a drinking problem, and her girlfriend, fellow cop Officer Lopez, is doing her best to help her deal with it. But, you’ve met Detective Candice, right? You know how stubborn she is. And to prove it, she goes to work drunk, and Detective Ryan sends her home because she isn’t drunk and holding steady but messy.

Officer Lopez (Gabriela Smith) admonishing her girlfriend.
Officer Lopez (Gabriela Smith)

Not One To Be F***ing With – Ms. Audrey, Eric, Kevin, Keisha

As was shown in the last episode, Kevin and Ms. Audrey have Keisha. What they don’t know though is Eric has a bone saw and is more than willing to torture people to find out who is hurting or kidnapping kids in his area. Though, let’s be real, the way Ms. Audrey handles Kevin and decks Keisha when she finds the opportunity to run, can Eric handle Ms. Audrey?


The Deep Inhale Ms. Audrey Caused

Ms. Audrey is quickly moving her way up the top villains I can think of off-hand. Yeah, she is played a little over the top, but between her making big ole Kevin her b**** to straight-up decking Keisha? Let me tell you, when she punched that little girl, I took a deep breath like I was the one in need of an inhaler. I’d even say her doing that was more shocking than Eric’s torture scene.

On The Fence

Candice’s Drinking Problem

I don’t know if I’m going deaf or what, but I’m someone who needs subtitles, and I feel like I must have missed some dialog because Candice’s drinking problem came out of left field for me. Her dating or messing around with Officer Lopez? Not so much, this was mentioned when facing off with Eric or Erica. But being an alcoholic? This is new.

The Twins

I’m beginning to worry about how much this show might be relying on shock value. Something that, for Ms. Audrey, it does wonders for. However, between Eric torturing someone and Erica killing someone at work, we’re dancing that line between escalation and pushing the idea a line doesn’t exist, and it never will.

The Twins - 75%
Candice’s Drinking Problem - 71%
The Deep Inhale Ms. Audrey Caused - 88%


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