As “Die Hart” tries to up the ante, it begins to overstay its welcome for who can deal with Kevin yelling and screaming this long?

Director(s) Eric Appel
Writer(s) Tripper Clancy, Derek Kolstad
Aired (Quibi) 7/20/2020 to 7/29/2020
Introduced This Episode
Himself Josh Hartnett
Diego Kenneth Trujillo

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode 7: The Great Escape

At this point, Kevin is done. Well, at least he was done until the prospect of going back to animated movies, and making less money, was presented. That and the director setting him up to have a hero moment. Which, despite his reservations about Ron’s methods, sends him right back to his action school. A place where Ron and Josh Hartnett, for fun, shoot blanks at him until Ron shoots a real live round.

Episode 8: Bad Boys

So, what happened to Kevin’s car? Well, apparently Ron’s school is in meth country, so some random person took it. Noted. However, what can’t be easily explained is a random Spanish speaking person blowing up Josh Hartnett’s car with a bazooka, and when Ron tries to make peace, him being shot up.

Mind you, at this point, Kevin is told damn near everything was scripted, and Jordan has now dropped her accent. However, whether or not this situation was made to further Kevin’s belief this is all real is up for debate.

Episode 9: Live Free or Die Hard

With Ron being shot up, there comes the question of how far Claude is willing to go and how gullible can Kevin be? Mind you, he gets kicked in the face, and that’s real, and hits people over the head with props, which is also real. However, considering when they shot at Kevin there were what looked like gas tanks behind them, and Ron had a few setups for fire and explosions, surely that would have done something, right?

Heck, considering the episode ends with Jordan shot and Kevin unable to leap over what he calls a cliff, is that not what started this? Claude seeing Kevin unable to jump from roof to roof? So surely, Diego’s pursuit of Kevin, and the death of Ron, that’s all part of the story, right?

On The Fence

It’s Time To Wrap It Up

I’m not going to say the concept isn’t fun anymore, but more so hearing Kevin yell and scream is coming to the point of becoming slightly annoying. Plus, with us knowing this is all part of Claude’s master plan for an authentic performance, and it not being clear if Diego is meant to try to throw the audience off? It’s difficult to take what’s going on seriously.

Jordan (Nathalie Emmanuel) following Kevin.
Jordan (Nathalie Emmanuel)

Which is making even Jordan whooping ass entertaining, but not enough to compensate.


Trajectory – Declining

Thankfully there is only one episode left as “Die Hart” is coming to the point of overstaying its welcome. Which is a shocking thing to say, considering you only get 10 or less minutes a day. So you’d think spreading this across multiple weekdays would lessen fatigue, but it doesn’t.

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It's Time To Wrap It Up - 74%


Thankfully there is only one episode left as "Die Hart" is coming to the point of overstaying its welcome. Which is a shocking thing to say, considering you only get 10 or less minutes a day. So you'd think spreading this across multiple weekdays would lessen fatigue, but it doesn't.

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