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Do you know anyone who seems to live for drama so they decide to become friendly with people who they swore off, get into relationships which will only cause them heartache and headaches, and basically chose people who decide they ain’t manure as well? Well, like those people, Delicious seems to live for petty and silly drama. Which, while it works for some, it does absolutely nothing for others.

Topic 1: Sibling Relations (Teresa and Michael)

While Teresa is ready to push aside the whole, my half-brother likes me and kissed me, situation, she eventually gives in. How far is just implied, though, after all that happens in Topic 3, it seems the two of them have had sex. On top of that, Sam catches them kissing after all is said and done.


As noted in the intro, Delicious is just trying to craft drama in any which way possible. Almost like the writer, or writers, took note of what has been big in the past few years when it has come to storylines. Everyone talks about the sibling relationship on Game of Thrones, let’s put that in there. Then, just to help setup Teresa the eventual moment when brother and sister copulate, they give her this ridiculous disorder in which she can’t get wet. Making it so, eventually, especially with the weather in the UK, she would have to take off her clothes. With such a situation, naturally, happening in front of her brother and her deciding to give into his lust.

But here is the issue with all of this, like most of the relationships on this show, there is no build or consistency to fully understand why something is happening? What drove Michael to develop feelings for his sister? Why did Teresa finally give in? There is no explanation, logic, or reasoning behind any of this?

Topic 2: Mom and Me (Teresa, Gina, Sam, and Mimi)

Despite being Leo’s mother, it seems Sam and Mimi’s relationship is on the level that it is like she raised her. After all, she has her back so voraciously and even as the cops come and Michael misbehaves, she seems to usually be on the same page as Sam. However, their relationship doesn’t match Gina and Teresa. There the show seems to want you invest for with Teresa revealing her abortion, and making it seem these two did more than shared a house but made a home, you can see the weakly beating heart of Delicious.


As noted in topic one, perhaps the big issue with Delicious is its utter lack of developing the relationships between characters. They make being friends or family simply titles and put no love or significance behind the majority of interactions. Hence why Leo has to narrate so much. To fill in the gaps of what should be meaningful moments, he has to explain things to you like you’re reading a book. Though, of course, what doesn’t help is that when you compare the relationship of Gina and Teresa to Sam and Michael, or Sam and Mimi, there isn’t this sense that these two have been through some hard times together. There isn’t this vibe that one has watched and mentored this person into who they have become. Instead, we are just expected to see something just because titles are said and they share multiple scenes together.

Topic 3: Making The Best of a Bad Situation (Gina and Sam)

With Rosa (Vinette Robinson) providing the advice to Teresa to have an abortion, which with Gina being Catholic isn’t at all something easily forgivable, she cancels her wedding. That is until she learns from Suzy (Kemi-Bo Jacobs) that dropping that event will destroy the hotel. On top of that, some vendors haven’t been paid in months and the staff are ready to walk out for they haven’t been paid either. Yet, thanks to Sam’s relationship with Rosa leading to the wedding being back on, and Gina’s cooking talents making up for the loss of an outside vendor, plus the whole family pitching in, the wedding is a success.


I’m trying to imagine this being a full length ten or 12 episodes series. A part of me feels like that extra time may have given this show the time it needs. The time to make Leo’s death really significant, to establish how much in love he was with both of these women, and so much more. That is, rather than have it where we learn Rosa is a gold digger with a thing for Sam. Gina and Sam going back and forth between being enemies, with Sam often trying to get her comeuppance, to Sam confiding in Gina that her good friend is a gold digger and got married for the wrong reasons. Much less the two of them sharing what made their relationship with Leo special.

I mean, is it nice to see these two women get along? Absolutely. However, Sam going back and forth between hating Leo and wanting to see and destroy his legacy, wanting to get revenge on Gina for being his mistress, and having no qualms about destroying the local economy for the community never accepted her… and then now saving the local economy with this gig and being chummy with Gina? It seriously seems like this show didn’t try to be likable, didn’t try to just tell a story and have faith that the audience would get it, or anything like that. Leaving you to wonder, what exactly was the point when someone was writing this? There is no consistency, no meaning behind interactions, and there is such a desperate need to make a moment that it seems to pull whatever it can hoping that it sticks.

Collected Quote(s)

Self-examination is like masturbation. If done at all, best kept private.

—           “Season 1/ Episode 3.” Delicious

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