Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Since Downton Abbey ended, and Skins called it quits, there has been a hole left for a decent British drama in my life. One which I was hoping Delicious could fill but… sadly it is as delicious as a microwave dinner.

Noted Actor(s)

Leo (Iain Glen) | Gina (Dawn French) | Teresa (Tanya Reynolds) | Mimi (Sheila Hancock) | Michael (Ruairi O’Connor) | Sam (Emilia Fox)

The Introduction

Leo is a renowned chef. One who owes his success to his ex-wife Gina. Someone who is the real cook in the family. Alas, what once drove them together, their shared loved for cooking, eventually drove them apart. For it wasn’t just cooking which they had in common but according to Leo their personalities as well. Yet, neither left the marriage empty-handed for Teresa was born of it. An odd girl who is allergic to water, and has a few other issues.

But life goes on and Leo married Sam, his former mistress, and they had a son, Michael. And the episode takes place on and around the boy’s 18th birthday. A day he won’t forget, nor Sam.

On The Fence

You Want To Like It, But Then It Disappoints You

Some elements of the show are quite likable due to the character seeming snarky in a way, like Gina and Mimi, Leo’s mother. However, everyone else just comes off as such a bore because their characters seem uninspired. Be it Michael, who is your usual character who is nice to look at but gives you no reason to swoon yourself, especially since he is given no real personality. Then his sister Teresa, an alternative type girl whose character lacks a sense of authenticity. Then, just to really push the idea she is different, she is odd, maybe even weird, she has some sort of allergy to water. And I could go on and talk about how run of the mill Sam is and Leo seems as dull as his boy, but honestly? Once there is a character whose main interesting trait is they’re allergic to water, so comes the question of how desperate will the show get to try to maintain your attention? Well, the way the episode ends answers that with something which perhaps should shock you, maybe seem unexpected but, if you’re like me, you’ll feel so indifferent that you’re glad the decision was made when it comes to that character. Gives you one less reason to think this show may turn around.

Overall: Negative (Skip It)

What is there nice to say? That Mimi has one or two snarky lines that Gina returns? One scene within an hour? Meanwhile, you got one dull child who is nothing more than eye candy and another who has been written to be so odd that there isn’t a hint of authenticity there. She is simply odd out of hopes you are curious about her weirdness. Then with the adults, it is barely even soap opera drama. At least with those shows they actually try to bring some intriguing drama. With this show, though, you are given perhaps nothing more than something to have on if you like falling asleep with noise in the background.

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