As David begins to get desperate, we’re reminded of the dark side which developed after being betrayed at Hurston.

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As David begins to get desperate, we’re reminded of the dark side which developed after being betrayed at Hurston.

Episode Title My Own Best Friend
Aired 7/20/2021
Network OWN
Directed By Kiel Adrian Scott
Written By Jaquen Castellanos
Newly Noted Characters
Adult Tare Aba Arthur


Old Loves, New Loves, and Control Issues – Tare, Nicole, David

While David thinks quick on his feet and with precision when it comes to business, but when it comes to love and his personal life? He falters under pressure and, based on Nicole’s criticism, he struggles, mainly when he isn’t in control of the situation. Because of this, Nicole decides, after David reveals he had sex with Marissa, she doesn’t want to become exclusive right now. After all, David hasn’t shown, previously, that she is anything special to him.

Nicole dressed up for a date with David

Take note, yes, they have sex, and she is aware of his plans for The Ville, but for something ultra-personal like JG getting shot? He had her learn about that with everyone else. Then, when she asks why? David has the audacity to say that it wasn’t her business. So with hearing something like that, she asks for space. Which David doesn’t necessarily want to give but with Nicole forcing David to operate without control, he is forced onto her terms.

And it is perhaps the possible dissolution of his relationship with Nicole makes seeing Tare such a treat for David. After all, she was his first love and a chance encounter, after a year, seemed like a perfect opportunity to lick his wounds. However, as it becomes clear David’s issue with Tare, like Nicole, comes from control and putting his work before his personal relationships, the reunion is short-lived.

The War At Home – JG, Tren, Trish

As established in previous episodes, JG and Trish’s relationship is rocky. One could submit, JG really wants Shella, but because of Tren, JG has stuck by Trish. However, sharing a child doesn’t seem to be enough for either, and add in Tren is a teenager who is starting to rebel, she doesn’t make for the best knot to keep her parents together anymore. But whether we’re seeing the beginning of the end or just another part of a long, tumultuous saga is anyone’s guess.

Someone Still Can Be Manipulated – JG, Joe, Elan, David, Shella, Elijah

With Marissa’s antics causing Joe’s company to be associated with potentially toxifying the Biscayne Aquifer, he isn’t happy and thus calls in David to a breakfast meeting. This Elan enjoys watching for David is way too smug for him, and he can’t stand the man. However, with David willing to sacrifice his brother, make him talk at a gala, all just to win the support needed to destroy The Ville, Joe is impressed, and Elan is shocked his uncle is still being charmed by David. Thus leading Elan, for now, humbling himself around David and just trying to make his uncle happy.

But David delivering JG for the event is an uphill battle that took a lot of manipulating and a touch of desperation. First is getting Shella to agree to be there, since, with things bad between JG and Trish, Shella is a worm on the hook when it comes to JG. Now, unfortunately for David, with talking to Shella about the gala comes Elijah wanting to go, but as long as David gets one, he can deal with the other.

JG agreeing to go to the gala

As for JG? Well, initially, he wasn’t down for what clearly was a means to destroy The Ville and change the narrative. Take note, JG might be silly, but he isn’t stupid and sees what David is doing. However, David calling him up, asking how he is, saying he loves him? That is very out of character, and if David is willing to say he loves JG? Well, that makes JG think something is up, so he ultimately ends up agreeing to go to the gala.

However, considering Trish was excited about the idea, it doesn’t seem David fully realizes the drama he set up.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. With seeing Tare this episode and the potential of seeing Seren in the next, should we expect any others to appear in their adult, or older, form?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

It’s like you always have something else to do or some further goal in your mind instead of just enjoying what’s around you.
— Tare



Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Young

Be it the betrayal in Hurston or the long string of childhood trauma David went through, whatever sweetness David used to have has evolved into an act. One made to disarm people when possible, and while there is a little bit of that old David in there, this new entity hides that person to the best of their abilities. For with David still unable to sleep well and vomiting after being under massive pressure, that old David reminds the new one he still hasn’t found a way to be as ruthless and debonair as he thinks of himself as.

But, while he has his weaknesses, clearly, David also has learned the art of manipulation. Granted, not so much in his love life, when the women can see him up close and clear, but for those like JG and Joe? Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Young knows how to use his old charms and new scheming ways to get what he wants. The problem is, as hinted previously by Elijah, can David deliver, or is he all talk?

On The Fence

Investment in JG’s Relationships

Trish and Tren remain the two weakest new characters of the season. Trish due to being thrust upon us, and Tren? Well, she hasn’t really evolved beyond being a moody teenager. So watching JG and Trish fight doesn’t do much beyond make you wonder when he’ll finally end up with Shella and when it comes to Tren? Unlike Starry and Femila, if they end up disappearing and essentially written off, that would be just fine.


Adult Tare (Aba Arthur) smiling at David
Adult Tare (Aba Arthur)

Season 2 continues to produce mixed feelings when it reminds us of all we missed and won’t see because of the time jump. Seeing Tare is no different but perhaps hurts even more since that was David’s first love, and you can tell that love remains quite strong. However, with someone deciding that David needed to grow up and that having the original actors making cameos would be the best way to transition us away from them? Someone made a mistake.

Add in how grand of an entrance Tare made? It just reminds you of when Tare was dancing in season one and the impact she had on this show. All of which we lost to see characters like Trish, Tren and see David try to destroy the Ville, thinking if he obliterates the museum holding his childhood trauma, maybe he could be free.

David Makes Man Cast, Characters & General Information (with Spoilers)

David smiling to himself
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With every reminder of the past, the second season of David Makes Man lessens the value of its present and future, to the point it sometimes seems like it would be better to cut us off from past characters than bring them back as adults.
Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Young
Investment in JG's Relationships

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