David Makes Man: Season 2/ Episode 10 “Trouble The Water” [Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

David and Nicole, in David's fantasy

It’s a bit of a weird ending for David Makes Man as way too much comes together in a nice and shiny bow. Though, when you’ve been denying yourself joy for so long, maybe when you stop fighting, this is the result?

It’s a bit of a weird ending for David Makes Man as way too much comes together in a nice and shiny bow. Though, when you’ve been denying yourself joy for so long, maybe when you stop fighting, this is the result?

Aired 8/24/2021
Network OWN
Directed By Erica A. Watson
Written By Allison Davis, Tarell Alvin McCraney


What Trenise Had To Say – Trish, Trenise, JG, David

Why did Trenise run away? What did she talk about with David? Nothing new. As David spoke to JG about, Trenise is still traumatized by her dad almost dying, her parents having marital issues, and while David is weird, he is quiet. He offers an escape that is so badly needed, for even if his home lacks accommodations like fresh food, at least Trenise has a place to escape that won’t call into question what she is feeling.

Trenise hugging David

Which David understands, so he gives her a key fob so that she can come visit when she needs to. But no sooner than Trish learns of the key’s existence, she takes it. Why? Well, Trish has an intense fear about how vulnerable her child is, and while she would never accuse David of anything improper, the journey to his home or even school to David’s house isn’t just around the block. Plus, even if David is her uncle, he isn’t her parent, and if there is one thing Trish has control over in her life, it is her child. JG may get ideas, maybe leave like Trenise imagines, but Trish relies on the power and sway she has over Trenise to keep a handle on things.

All Is Right In The Ville – Shella, Mx. Elijah, Corey, David, Joe, Marissa

Despite Joe’s dreams of condos, Corey’s dealing with getting many Black contractors some major contracts, and even all of David’s work up until now, The Ville isn’t torn down. Why? Well, a combination of two impassioned speeches. One from Mx. Elijah, who, thanks to smoking weed, vs. using man-made drugs, reminds you of the character we met in season 1. Thus reintroducing you to who they are and saddening you that they barely got to be featured this season.

Following them is David, who speaks to the people, then Cory as both someone who failed The Ville yet also has an answer to what ails them. You see, what Marissa found was fertilizer Mx. Elijah stocked up on years ago that was spread throughout the Ville. That is why the soil was so toxic but, in trying to beautify The Ville, Mx. Elijah did what was needed to be done. They even note they used their dead name to make sure paperwork was done with the county to approve of their work.

And I know what you’re thinking, “How is it that half a dozen people stop something potentially worth millions of dollars?” It’s hard to say. The constituency isn’t likely big enough to threaten Commissioner Corey’s career. Then, when it comes to launching Joe’s? It seems keeping The Ville creates more headaches than it does opportunities. Yet, despite all there was to gain, the evacuation order gets rescinded, and Shella is named President of a council made to protect The Ville and the interests of its tenants.

Joe noting David simply can't walk away

Now, from what it seems, Joe does purchase the land and will have to negotiate with Shella on changes, but it seems he got what he wants, and as for Marissa? Well, despite David making it seem he might be a new person, she doesn’t trust him, and who could blame her? But, as a showing to viewers he may have changed, while he knows his ticket is written with Joe, and Joe now finds him indispensable, David decides to walk away. Rather than embrace the go-to position of the man in the eye of the storm, David abandons that trajectory. But for what? Well…

We All Need Somebody To Lean On – Shella, JG, David, Nicole, Gloria

Throughout the whole episode, David is trying to embrace his younger self, than simply let him loose. Because of this, the healing begins. In his relationship with Nicole, with who he can imagine marrying and having kids, they are finally building a relationship beyond f***ing. With Gloria, who is moving from the home we’ve seen her in, David finally talks about how much he needs the mother she has become since the mother she was to him as a child has left him needing. This leads to a touching moment between the two, including apologies and a note that Gloria does have her own life now. But, as David’s doctor noted, Gloria is a love addict, and Gloria clarifies that if she is called on, she will appear.

Gloria reassuring David

As for JG? It isn’t clear if he and his wife may ever get to a point where it seems Trenise is all that is holding them together. However, when it comes to him and Shella, as much as both of the Young boys get on her nerves and The Ville’s, they are ultimately part of that structure’s history and can’t easily be gotten rid of. But what truly complicates things for Shella is she knows JG has feelings for her, and she has them for him. Yet, they can’t act on it, and so that makes Shella want distance. The kind that seemingly neither will attempt to really establish as we see them making out with one another and furthering their affair.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did Joe set Elan up to get hurt, or was David’s premonition just on point?
  2. If there is a third season, will we get another time jump, or will we stick to David as he is now?
  3. Will Gloria still foster as many kids in her new spot?
  4. What kind of trauma did Trish go through to make it sound as if molestation and rape is a curse she knows all too well?
  5. With David finding some sense of freedom now and relationships which allow him to rely on others, what does this mean for his friendship with Seren, who doesn’t appear in this episode, or even his friendship with Marissa?
  6. What chance is there that Joe may pay for some repairs to The Ville?

What We Hope Happens Next

  1. Is it weird that I’m fine with the show ending things here? Granted, David has just turned the page towards getting a happy ending for himself, but even at this point, I don’t think this season found a way to be seen as a continuation of the same show we got in season 1. It still feels like it is competing with itself and trying to escape its own shadow.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“We can be big and scared, as long as we clear about what we scared of.”
— David


On The Fence

A Lot Of Wishful Thinking

Remember how the first season ended with you questioning if it really happened, just because things were too good to be true? That’s how most of this episode felt. We got David and Nicole reconciling, even progressing in their relationship, as well as David revealing the existence of his wounds to Gloria. Mx. Elijah was coherent and returned to prominence, and David began undoing the disassociation with his younger self.

Nicole and David on a date

Now, granted, it isn’t guaranteed this will get a third season. The ratings are lower than they were in season one, and dramatically aging up the characters has led to mixed opinions. So at least handling David’s trauma and setting him on the path to joy makes it so that David became his own man if the show does end.

However, while this episode may have provided fan service in having David move past his trauma, it left a plethora of unanswered questions. Which, who knows, maybe a third season could focus on David adjusting to what it means to be happy while his friends and family go on the journey we saw him on? I wouldn’t bet on it, but who would’ve guessed we’d lose most of the characters we met in season 1 to either adult versions of them or dramatically less screen time?

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