David Makes Man: Season 1, Episode 7 “Son of Man” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

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The night Sky died is shown, alongside how the Vil comes together to celebrate Halloween – which Seren gets to experience.

Director(s) Daina Reid
Writer(s) Allison Davis
Air Date 9/25/2019
Introduced This Episode
Desmond Nick Creegan

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The Night Of The Murder: Sky, Raynan, Desmond, David

Desmond (Nick Creegan) talking to Raynan, planting the seed for viewers that he killed Sky.
Desmond (Nick Creegan)

It was at night when Sky died, and David had the pleasure of seeing Sky and a man with a mask on tussle as said person was planning to shoot Sky. And, at first, Sky got away. However, the person caught up with him and had Sky get on his knees before being shot in the back of the head.

Now, who is said person? Well, taking note of Raynan and Desmond’s interactions, it might have been him. Why? Well, take note when he sees that cell phone of Raynan’s it triggers memories. The kind which has him bring up a snitch he had to take care of. Combine that with him jumping a railing, just like the killer did the night Sky died, per David’s memory, and it makes it seem there is little to no mystery as to who killed Sky last summer.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Did Sky snitch to cops, another gang, or what?

Praise The Lord: David, Seren, Jessica, Ray

Seren singing in church.

While on Halloween, or rather the night before, you’d think the thing to fear would be ghouls, goblins, or initiation nights, for Seren is was his mother. Someone he got into a fight with. I’m talking she got a bruise on her jaw type of conflict. Yet, Seren, for now, is fine. He gets a busted lip later, but for his first solo performance at church? He looks spiffy and does well.

However, while David praises him, as a best friend should, Jessica takes him down a notch. Then Ray, being who he is, tries to play mediator but with the string attached being he wants to be called dad by Seren, it isn’t like he is doing this out of the goodness of his heart. Lest we forget, he is molesting that boy.

Yet, it is thanks to him Seren gets to spend the day at the Vil so while Ray is messed up in the head, at least he has his moments.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Considering the gated community Jessica lives in, why wouldn’t she put some makeup on that bruise before leaving?
  2. How long has Jessica and Seren been fighting for her to make it seem these “Love Taps” are a thing?
  3. Between Jessica’s physical violence and Ray’s sexual violence, is anyone else not surprised Seren doesn’t seek to spend the night at David’s house?

An Open Invitation: Mx. Elijah, Seren, David, Starry, Gloria, Shinobi, Raynan

Seren dressed in drag with David there supporting him.

With Seren coming to the Vil comes him meeting Mx. Elijah which, for any and all, is an experience. One Seren isn’t initially comfortable with, as Mx. Elijah tries to make Seren a costume. But after Mx. Elijah gets it, by clocking Seren is part of the community, they let Seren know they are in a safe space and their door is open to them.

Once that is over, they make up Seren and have them look like half a man and half a woman. Which, while it gets compliments from some, it leads to vitriol from others. But outside of one person trying to wash away Mx. Elijah’s work, beyond hair and makeup, Seren has a good time.

Perhaps too good of a time for it makes the idea of going home difficult. You could even say, while waiting for Ray and Jessica with Dave, it becomes an emotional experience as both boys open up to one another. Be it Seren saying how much fun he had, and recognizing the privilege of knowing both DJ and Da, or David noting Seren is his only friend, and he worries about him.

The combination of this leads to tears and makes Ray and Jessica showing up bittersweet. Yet, as Mx. Elijah notes, “You can’t save everyone.” And David perhaps takes that to heart by not even trying to save himself via getting further involved with Raynan and coming at Shinobi’s neck. Someone who is really tired of this kid, who isn’t even in high school yet, talking to him any kind of way – a problem that existed even when Sky was alive. However, Raynan keeps the two from coming to blows. Perhaps due to David seeming like he wants that pain to feel something real. Especially since Raynan doesn’t want to mourn Sky with him.

Leaving one last, major, thing. With David giving Raynan and Shinobi the prescription pad of Dr. Bree, they are trying to make major moves. The kind which require an adult and we learn Shinobi goes to Mx. Elijah not just for help, but head – since they got something going on. And for 20% and PreP, Mx. Elijah agrees to help.

All the while, poor Starry is prepping to leave to go who knows where. Well, besides further south towards Tampa to get a scholarship waiting on them.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. How long has Shinobi and Mx. Elijah been getting down?
  2. Also, it isn’t like Mx. Elijah got an apartment in the back somewhere, you can see those who come and go from the courtyard, so how many people know what is going on?
  3. With Starry leaving, does this mean we may see Femi again? Is there an LGBT+ underground, runaway, railroad?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Ain’t no need to be a lion to a lamb.
— Sky

You can’t save everyone. Sometimes you got to give people they problems right back to them.
— Mx. Elijah

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Despite previously noting Star Child was older, they are actually under 18.



A Sense Of Community

When it comes to the Vil, we often are given this idea it is just crime-ridden, a symbol of poverty, with the occasional glimpse of kids having fun – ignorant to what the adults are up to. However, with seeing people open their doors, participate in trick or treating, it brought about a nice balance to witnessing the death of Sky.

I’d even submit it shows how places like The Vil could be, if it wasn’t for certain people. That, even in poverty, people can come together, kids and all, and really have a good time. For even if they are in the hood, ghetto, or a heavily segregated area, it doesn’t mean they can’t do and have nice things.

Gloria Needs To Feel Young Again Too

With Gloria only clean for, maybe, more than a year, and her past conversation with Mx. Elijah pushing the idea she was messed up for a long time, as much as you can see her wanting a party for David, I think it was for her too. Maybe, when it comes to some things, Gloria isn’t just a young mom growing up with David, but also living vicariously through him as well? Hence her wanting him to find someone nice to date, for maybe she never got that. Including going to a regular old school party, rather than the kind that got her strung out?

After all, what parent doesn’t want better for their child and feel, in some way, they were part of what made that child happy? Even if they also set the low bar for what could create a happy moment.

The Death of Sky

It’s strange to believe we are 7 episodes in already. Yet, with the reveal of how Sky died, it hits you that there was long an assumption that maybe it was just a drive-by or accident. That bullet wound only showed up this episode, and previously, while we got some hints at what happened, they were vague.

However, not with a full idea, it really helps you understand David’s PTSD. He saw what happened, couldn’t stop it, and he likely didn’t provide any information to get Sky justice. Instead, he harbors the truth and with Raynan unwilling to mourn with him, he suffers alone.

Seren & David’s Relationship

David crying as he and Seren have a heart to heart.

What you have to recognize with Seren is that he is desperate for a healthy and stable connection. Not one littered with abuse, like he has with his mom, is subject to molestation, like with Ray, or this sense of obligation, like Marissa – whose mother pushes her to be around, eventually with, Seren. With David, there is just peace. Mind you, sometimes David has a moment and flips out, which leads Seren to wonder if David will become like the rest, but the consistency of his negative actions doesn’t match what he is used to from his mother and step-father.

Which really shows you how, when it comes to this show, how vital lifelines are. For Gloria, as much as Mx. Elijah may have played a part in her downward spiral, that’s her only friend. When she is down, needs a babysitter, what have you, Mx. Elijah is who she calls. The same goes for Seren and David.

When Seren was dealing with his mom’s abuse, he called David. Anytime Seren is nervous, stuttering, or looking like he is receding within himself, David reaches out and praises him. For both, while it has its moments, their relationship with one another is the least complicated and loving. Not to downplay Gloria’s love, but their relationship is still healing and is complicated due to her ability to be a provider. With Seren, that’s just a friend and maybe like a brother.

Though, depending who you talk to, Seren may want to be something more.

Low Point

Is This The Last Of Star Child?

With Star talking about staying with Mx. Elijah being temporary, and them trying to avoid the possibility of kidnapping charges, does this mean they are about to be written off? I hope not since, between Starry becoming close to JG, and them having a full-on handshake with David, I was expecting more out of this relationship. They seemed to connect, but we never see David and Starry hang out – Despite them not really going anywhere.

So one can only hope Starry, maybe all of the LGBT+ characters on the show, including Femi, get an episode focused on their lives.

Mx. Elijah Outting Ms. Hertrub Has AIDS

Ms. Hertrub not reacting well to Mx. Elijah clapping back.

We’re not going to pretend Ms. Hertrub isn’t a piece of work, but you do have to wonder why Mx. Elijah knows so much and is willing to expose so much? Is Ms. Hertrub their mother or aunt? Does Mx. Elijah got a day job we don’t know about? Either way, even though Ms. Hertrub’s mouth is reckless, Mx. Elijah’s clap back felt like it went a bit far.

On The Fence

Shinobi On The DL

I’m all for LGBT+ storylines, but I don’t know about us dealing with a down-low character. Particularly because it isn’t like Shinobi is even hiding their interactions that well. He is sneaking around in broad daylight, with Starry outside, probably told to get out for a hot minute. Yet, with Shinobi calling people f****, you already know he is one of those types. Here is just hoping Mx. Elijah doesn’t pay for Shinobi’s secret.

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A Sense Of Community - 85%
Gloria Needs To Feel Young Again Too - 84%
The Death of Sky - 83%
Seren & David’s Relationship - 95%
Is This The Last Of Star Child? - 65%
Mx. Elijah Outting Ms. Hertrub Has AIDS - 64%
Shinobi On The DL - 70%


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