Beth being sarcastic about Will's death and how people are coming together.
Beth: In times of great loss, people gotta come together.

With Will’s body being discovered comes the investigation into what happened and the question of whether he was murdered.

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With Will’s body being discovered comes the investigation into what happened and the question of whether he was murdered.

Directed By Megan Griffiths
Written By Lisa Lutz
Aired (USA Network) 3/1/2020

Plot/ Recap

The Ones Left Behind: Will, Michael, Coach French, Beth

Michael talking to Faith about his grief.

With Will’s death comes not only feelings about his passing but also the discovery of his 24-year-old pregnant wife. Someone who died while he was deployed and by the time he found out, it isn’t clear whether she was buried and gone, but in terms of Will referencing things missed, there is the reason he said to Michael not to sign up. Which is something that shakes Michael and leads you to wonder if he is now off the path to join the military?

But, while Michael gets to grieve, and finds support from Addy, Faith, and many others, Coach French isn’t given the same sense of community. Rather Beth uses what she knows to pick with Coach French. Which, considering Coach knows how she can be when angry and how that would be falling right into Beth’s hands, she decides it would be better to walk away than curse out, slap, maybe worse, Beth.

Coverage or Blackmail?: Addy, Beth, Faith, Coach French

Which may lead you to wonder how Addy is doing, right? Well, as always, it seems she is way in over her head, and with Coach switching from needing Addy to giving her the cold shoulder, Beth is right there to be what she needs. This includes covering for Addy since Faith, who is taking note of her daughter’s disappearances, is finally getting suspicious.

However, Beth being around, having sleepovers, and creating an old sense of normalcy, it is calming Faith a little bit. Plus, there is something about Beth and Faith’s relationship which brings both a sense of ease. Heck, one would even say part of Beth’s pursuit of Addy might be because she likes the consistency Faith offers.

Hence why Beth tries to lock down Addy since she is now back in the game. For with Faith being in charge of Will’s death investigation and it possibly evolving to a murder investigation, guess who can offer an alibi, likely at a price? That’s right, it is Beth and with Beth willing to protect Addy but throw Coach French under the bus, so comes the need to ask if the video might be released to not only expose Coach but make sure Addy’s name stays out of the investigation.

Beth offering Addy an alibi.

Though, who knows if Coach French may push Addy to say or do something in her defense? Especially if she wants to get seen by scouts. Since that carrot still seems to have some sway over Addy.


  1. Imagine how Riri’s mom would act if she found out she was intimate with Tibbs.
  2. Does it not sound like Addy is on the witness stand or an interrogation room and telling her story?
  3. Considering Beth talks about Addy, her, and likely the other girls, cutting one summer, and it is hinted someone almost died, was that person Addy? Could what Riri was implying to, in terms of what happened at camp, be that Addy cut too deep? That maybe she was actually trying to die? Be it for whatever reason?
  4. Should we just assume Michael and Addy are close since they were neighbors, and he might be part of the only other Black family on the block?

Review/ Commentary


Did She, Didn’t She, Will She?

A post it note saying Coach French Must Be Sad.

Between Beth and Coach French, hearing Faith note they think someone stuffed that gun into Will’s mouth sounds suspicious doesn’t it? Granted, Kurtz could have done something too, considering Will is aware of him raping Beth. However, Coach French could be the type who dared and pushed Will to kill himself, perhaps thinking he wouldn’t do it. Then, when it comes to Beth, while a farfetched idea, who is to say she wouldn’t play the long game and have Will killed, one way or the other, to get Coach French pushed to be a likely perpetrator so that she is out of the way?

And I know that sounds so far fetched but let’s not pretend this isn’t the kind of show with a flair for dramatics. Plus if Beth would be willing to let Tacy die over some comments she made, imagine how far she would get to secure Addy for herself?

Faith Becoming More Prominent

This episode gives you multiple reasons to appreciate Faith. One, she helps you understand what a female cop, who is also a mom, goes through when she goes to work and discovers her teenager being a dumb teen. Also, her relationship to Michael makes you want to know more about him, his home life, and his ties to Faith’s family. On top of that, the way Faith and Beth talk makes you see that Addy isn’t the only thing Beth wants. She wants the whole family package, and all she needs right now is Addy to accept her to have it. Yet, she is always the second choice.

So, perhaps keeping on Faith’s good side, being someone she worries about, but never to the point of having Addy stay away from her, is the game plan. One of surely many in progress.

Faith expressing how she worries about Beth.

On The Fence


With Addy, I really do question what does her narration pertains to. It feels like something beyond setting a somber tone to begin and end the episode and seems like something more. Yet, with Addy inconsistently jumping from manipulator to manipulated, it is hard to say how we should see Addy. Well, besides being a terrible liar.

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Did She, Didn’t She, Will She? - 89%
Faith Becoming More Prominent - 88%
Addy - 75%


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