Alongside dealing with what happened to Will, Addy finds herself remembering the night she and Beth had one of their first kisses.

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Alongside dealing with what happened to Will, Addy finds herself remembering the night she and Beth had one of their first kisses.

Directed By Justin Tipping
Written By Cathryn Humphris
Aired (USA Network) 2/23/2020

Episode Recap

Though You Broke My Heart, I Still Love You: Addy, Beth

Can you believe it was Addy who kissed Beth? Thus triggering this whole saga of Beth being in her feelings and trying to deal with, maybe understand, how someone she may not have been officially with, could still break her heart. Yet, despite the very public rejection, the heart wants what it wants. So as Addy is overwhelmed with seeing Will’s corpse, touching one of his teeth even, and ends up fainting in class, Beth still makes sure she is okay.

Granted, not without some sarcasm, and mentioning the Hamsa bracelet she gave Addy just to avoid situations that would cause her to faint. Yet, while Addy may have changed back her phone background to her and Beth, it is clear things may never be the same. Beth knows Addy’s feelings, whatever led Addy to kissing her before, they have either dissipated, are gone, or have been transferred to coach.

Yet, despite knowing something is up, seeing Addy’s car at Coach’s house early in the morning, Beth doesn’t pull out that video she has of Coach and blows up her life. Which, in itself, maybe the truest sign she still loves Addy.

Beth looking at Addy while she is laying on a bed.

Is It For Love Or For Power?: Addy, Coach French, Will

Why did Coach French call Addy when she, allegedly, discovered Will? Why is it Addy decides to be at Coach French’s beck and call despite how hot and cold she can be? It’s honestly hard to say. The only thing we can say is true is that both recognize there is something there but each person may define it differently. Heck, you may even have a whole different take.

But, from what it seems, Coach sees Addy as a friend and maybe, due to her pushing away most friends, she is doing to Addy as she has done to most people in her life? Perhaps pushing them away before they can disappoint her, abandon her, or hurt her? Then with Addy, while she isn’t necessarily hurting for a maternal figure, there seems to be something missing in her life. Be it the kind of love she wants, or needs, or maybe with her clearly being bi or lesbian, yet not desiring to come out, she finds Coach’s ability to keep a secret alluring. At least compared to Beth who seems like she’d rather be out and proud than keep feelings hidden.

Yet, who knows, the take in the last paragraph is the more optimistic version of what could be going on. The pessimistic version is Coach looking for Addy to be her alibi, if not a scapegoat as things go down. After all, Addy is but a puppy that, with some time and attention, was easily taken from Beth without much work. Add in Colette not having friends and it made this impressionable child who thinks the sun shines out of her behind the perfect enabler.

Then, in terms of Addy, as we previously said, for her it could be all about aligning herself with whoever she has to in order to get out of Sutton Grove. Beth was in charge before, so seducing her was necessary to secure a spot to be seen and get the hell out of dodge. Now with Coach in charge, she is the one Addy attached herself to and while she asks of her far more than Beth ever did, with them getting to regionals, and now beyond, she might see this as the cost she has to pay.

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • I often wish we got to see more scenes between Addy and Michael. Their relationship seems like it has more to it but, like Riri and so many others, we don’t get to experience the full relationship.

Review/ Commentary


Being Unable To Say What Is Love, Dependence, Or Manipulation

Addy listening to Coach French talk.

As much as there is this desire to damn Addy and think she played Beth and is now using Coach French for a ticket out of town, it is sometimes hard to say if that is fact. Addy, as of now, seems desperate. In fact, desperation is what everyone is going through as they try to find some pathway forward. Colette is in an unhappy marriage and due to her decisions up until now, she has no friends. Hence her sleeping with Will since, similar to Addy, it seems she thinks consistency requires intimacy. And whether or not feelings of love actually bloom can’t be indefinitely said. The only thing that holds true is that everyone, when they feel secure, show who they really are.

Beth, for example, shows herself as a far kinder person when she doesn’t feel like she is competing for power, attention, or affection. Which, from her father to Addy, has plagued her recently. Then with Addy, when she is feeling secure, she is loving, affectionate, and will even co-sign on someone acting horrible just to maintain that connection. I mean, lest we forget, Beth was no saint before or after Coach showed up and only when Tacy nearly drowned did Addy break ranks. Yet, soon after, she was right back to talking down to the kid again.

And it is in not truly knowing what everyone’s true desires are for one another, whether they are an ends to a means or someone they truly care for, is what makes the show.

On The Fence

Wishing More Of The Characters Were As Interesting As Beth, Addy, and Coach

Riri before the cheer squad get celebrated.

When it comes to Riri, Michael, and so many others, it seems due to them not being an integral part of the triangle Addy, Beth, and Coach are in, they barely exist. Especially if they don’t add something to the triangle, like Riri mentioning something that happened between Addy and Beth at cheer camp. So while, in the two remaining episodes, I double anything will change, here is hoping season 2 ups the supporting characters to be more than people at the bottom of the pyramid.

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Being Unable To Say What Is Love, Dependence, Or Manipulation - 90%
Wishing More Of The Characters Were As Interesting As Beth, Addy, and Coach - 75%


As manipulation blends into dependency, “Dare Me” pushes you to wonder whose intentions are pure, or at the very least not wholly selfish.

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