Dare Me: Season 1 Episode 7 “Scorched Earth” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

While Beth might be back on top of the pyramid, we’re reminded why Addy’s voice overs begin and end every episode.

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Beth noting to J.J. there is no going back.

While Beth might be back on top of the pyramid, we’re reminded why Addy’s voice overs begin and end every episode.

Directed By Bronwen Hughes
Written By Joe Johnson
Aired (USA Network) 2/16/2020

Episode Recap

About The Car: Matt, Colette

For reasons not gone into, something has happened to Matt/Colette’s car to the point it will have to go into the shop, maybe even need replacement. All of which is handled without much fanfare.

The Things You Don’t Know: Riri, Beth, Addy

Riri conveying she knows things, but not details what exactly she knows.
Riri: Look, there’s a lot that you don’t know.

Alongside not going deep into what happened with the car, Riri brings up something happening at cheer camp last summer between Beth and Addy. Now, as for whether it was something intimate or sexual? Who knows. Riri only makes it clear there is more to Addy and Beth’s relationship than Addy backing up Beth as she issues commands.

You Weren’t There When I Needed You To Be: Addy, Beth, Burt, Tacy, Lana

While so much is shrouded in mystery, what has consistently been clear is how much Beth looks to Addy to be a consistent source of support, love, and stability. For while her mom and dad try, during a dinner between them, Tacy calls and then off Bert goes. Then with Lana, her getting a little tipsy, or wanting to spend Bert’s money and seemingly caring about being a lush more than her daughter, it ruins whatever could be salvaged of that night.

However, the real knife in the back comes from Addy changing her phone background to be her and Colette. Which was a surprise to Beth since, with them sharing a room together, alone, it seemed like they were going to have the night to reconnect. Yet, whatever ritual they usually do doesn’t get done, and it seems Addy made sure Beth would discover her screen background was changed.

My Loyalty Lies Where There Is Opportunity: Addy, Beth

Beth confronting Addy.
Beth: How come you never choose me?

Leading to what we already knew but has long been unspoken: Beth has feelings for Addy. Which Addy knows, but it seems with Beth no longer being the queen, Addy is moving onto the person who truly has power. And with that, the devastation hits hard. Not so hard Beth throws the competition, the squad does ultimately end up in the top 5 and will head to state. However, one has to wonder, with losing Addy, what does that mean for someone who often can be off the rails?

You Really Need Friends Your Own Age: Colette, Will, Addy

Addy’s dreams to escape Sutton Grove make it so, who has the power, has her loyalty. Yet, her loyalty doesn’t come without question. As Colette tries to talk about setting emotions aside, low-key coming off as a predator, Addy questions how is she supposed to put her emotions aside and not let that affect her judgment when Colette is screwing Will?

This leads to some slapped together explanation that doesn’t gain much traction, and considering Colette ends up seeing Will the night after the competition, it shows she is still very much ruled by her emotions. But, alongside that, what we also see from Colette and Will meeting up is that Colette is someone who really needs some adult friends. For with Will seemingly dead, perhaps due to a gunshot, and Colette calling Addy, despite how she freaked when Addy brought Beth to her doorstep, it seems Colette may not be as much of a rung on the ladder as Addy things. In fact, she might be a rope Addy doesn’t realize she isn’t climbing, but wrapping around her neck to hang herself.

Collected Quote(s)

I’m a tall woman who slouchers for no one.
— J.J.

Review/ Commentary

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Beth and Addy

Addy noting how she operated in the shadows to get what she wanted.

It’s extraordinary how, as the season went on, these two got developed into people you’d never expect. Beth, despite her money and attitude, became a character you feel deeply for and struggle to not want the best for. Especially as it becomes clear she is nearly everyone’s second choice, if not the one they choose based off her availability or the convenience that is having her.

Then with Addy, while it has always been clear she was ambitious, at the very least, it seemed her ambitions would never take her to the point of being cruel. Yes, she does bully Tacy but, come on, Tacy deserves to be bullied – it is the only time that child is ever humbled. Also, when things almost went too far, who was the one trying to save Tacy?

But with Addy choosing, right before their performance, to hurt Beth, it almost makes you wonder if this entire season was about her chipping away at that hard exterior, getting Beth real comfortable and vulnerable, just to find a big enough gap to stab her where it would hurt. Because, after all we’ve seen and heard, it seemed that, while Addy may not have liked some of Beth’s ways, that was her girl. However, not it just seems Addy’s loyalty, time, maybe even her body, belongs to whoever can get her the hell out of Sutton Grove.

Addy Calling Out Colette And Colette Revealing So Much By Lying About It All

At this point, it seems Colette, being 20 or 30 years old, isn’t that adept at being an adult. That, despite her age, marriage, and child, while she has life experiences and years alive, she doesn’t have maturity. Instead, what “grounds her” is a man and child who hold her accountable. Two people who act as a ball and chain to keep her from being who she likely still is.

Heck, I’d even submit that, in terms of her and Beth’s relationship, their issues with one another come from them seeing into a mirror and hating their reflection. For Beth, she sees the life she may have to settle into to make it out in the world. Then for Colette, someone who might see/use Will and Matt as beards, she sees the girl who can freely express her sexuality and be with who she wants without consequence.

Which could explain so much about Colette. She wants to watch her world burn, so she acts reckless enough for a teenager to catch her having an affair. Colette wants to touch and use this vulnerable teen girl, Addy, to maybe say something and force her to be bold, outside her professional life. And, overall, Colette wants someone to come around who can make her give a damn because it seems she has been on autopilot for so long. Making it where she needs someone to snap her out of it so she isn’t just mentally aware something is wrong, but physically is forced to act.

Colette stunned after being called out by Addy.

On The Fence

Will’s Death

Honestly, considering all that is going on with the squad, Will dying didn’t seem like the knock out blow for the episode. As noted previously, nothing the men do or say brings them any sustained attention. It’s all about what the women are going through, and even with Will’s PTSD and breakdown, he was less an asset and more of a tick trying to feed off what screentime Colette had. Being yet another thing to add stress to her life.

So, with his death, is there any real reason to feel bad, mourn, or develop any sense of emotion beyond relief? For with every distraction gone, it means more time for what drives the show: The women.

Why Does The Squad Being In The Top 5 Feel So Anti-Climatic

Though, with that said, between Addy, Beth, and Colette, their drama really overpowers all else that goes on here. Like, the squad going to state? That should be a big deal but seems so small in comparison to Addy and Beth breaking up, and Addy showing her true colors. Yet, considering they are going to state, and the increased pressure that brings, alongside Riri having the ability to come back into the fold, it could mean the foundation of the squad could be focused on as Beth and Addy potentially blow it up.

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Why Does The Squad Being In The Top 5 Feel So Anti-Climatic - 75%
Will’s Death - 74%
Addy Calling Out Colette And Colette Revealing So Much By Lying About It All - 85%
Beth and Addy - 86%


In “Dare Me’s” exploration of desperation, we’re reminded of the complexities involved when emotions are used to manipulate those in power to gain favor.

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