Dare Me: Season 1 Episode 4 “Rapprochement” Recap/ Review

As Beth continues to wage a losing battle against Coach French and Tacy, Addy is reminded that Coach French maybe friendly but isn’t her friend.

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Beth trying to push the idea she doesn't want trouble, just fun.

As Beth continues to wage a losing battle against Coach French and Tacy, Addy is reminded that Coach French maybe friendly but isn’t her friend.

Directed By Marisol Adler
Written By Jamie Rosengard
Aired (USA Network) 1/19/2020
Introduced This Episode
Kurtz Chris Zylka

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

The Hard Sell: Will, Michael

There is something about Michael for Will. Maybe it is because he knows he can recruit him or understanding Michael’s desperation for a secure way out of town? Either way, he continues to show up for Michael in ways no one else does and even opens up about what he could lose by joining the military. For example, Will lost his wife and his love by enlisting.

Trouble In Paradise: Matt, Colette

Colette and Matt arguing about their marital duties.
Colette: God, it must be so nice to be a guy.

Matt comes home to a bunch of teen girls dancing in his home, music blasting, and lack of peace. Also, Colette, in trying to be the perfect wife, mother, and this superb coach, is forced to go overtime to wear all these hats and juggle responsibilities. Trying to do all of that and then hear her husband complain, it causes a fight.

One which helps you understand why Colette cheats on her husband and has allowed it to get to the point she has midday sex sessions with Will. It’s not so much trying to relive the past but rather be with someone who isn’t or wasn’t the safe bet but is someone she is passionate about. Thus presenting the idea she might only be staying with Matt so that her daughter can be raised in the type of environment she didn’t have.

The Blame Game: Bert, Beth, Tacy, Lana

All Bert wants is peace, and in his mind, what disrupts that peace isn’t his actions, but that of Lana’s and how that influences Beth. So, he pushes the girls to do family therapy and tries to get Beth to absorb all the blame for what is going wrong and she refuses. In fact, she reveals Bert is still having sex with her mom and this leads Tacy to telling her mom. Which, ultimately, leads to Bert not paying his alimony, not paying child support, and with Lana unable or willing to get a proper job, that means she struggles and yet another person blames Beth for the way life is for them.

Letting Off Some Steam: Beth, Addy, Kurtz

Kurtz (Chris Zylka) told to keep guns away from his off time.
Kurtz (Chris Zylka)

So, with everyone wanting to dump on Beth, she seeks out the only distraction she has: Partying. For with her no longer captain, and Addy rising in the ranks, she can’t use the high that comes from wielding power anymore. But, while things start off okay with some drinking and smoking, they turn left, and Beth is found in the back of Addy’s car seeming like something bad happened to her.

Now, as for whether or not Kurtz is responsible? Well, that’s hard to say. All that is made clear is Addy freaks out and doesn’t know what to do.

A Reality Check: Colette, Addy, Beth

With Addy holding Colette’s secret and them spending so much time together, the line between adult and child, coach, and cheerleader, amongst many other boundaries that should exist, they are blurred. But with Colette fighting with her husband and needing time for things to return to normal, Colette being coerced to deal with Beth drinking to much, maybe being slipped a pill, whatever happened, shows to Addy their arrangement isn’t a two-way street. Addy might be someone who is expected to bend over backward for the coach, but there won’t be reciprocity. Which for Beth might be an issue for with bite marks in her inner lips, it proves something happened while she was passed out. The question is, however, with who?

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • Riri notes that she fears Addy, and because of Beth’s presence, it is one of the reasons they never got close. But, from what it seems, as Addy becomes the new Beth, Riri may want to become the new Addy. Maybe in more ways than one.

Review/ Commentary

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Was Beth Assaulted?

The answer is likely yes, but the question is with who? Kurtz has, thus far, seemingly only gotten to eaten Beth out, as it seems she can do such with a guy but doesn’t necessarily have any interest in penis. So between Kurtz taking what he wants, or the many creeps at the motel party, you have to wonder what happened?

Addy Seeing A Different Side To Coach

What has increasingly become clear is that Addy has a fascination with those in power and is more than willing to give herself over to said person as long as they take care of her. This is why, despite her bad behavior, she finds herself unable to truly move on from Beth and the shackle she has on her. Also, with promises of bigger and better, it is how Coach French is able to get a 16 or 17-year-old girl to enable an affair.

This really pushes you to realize how vulnerable and perhaps manipulatable Addy is. Perhaps making Beth present Addy as untouchable a saving grace for imagine if the right guy came along? Addy’s life and career trajectory could be ruined.

Understanding Beth’s Need For Power & Control

Lana warning Beth against acting rash.
Lana: One day, you’re gonna grow up and see how things really are.

That therapy session was hard to watch. Beth was sitting there, damn near getting triple-teamed, while Tacy was crying her little heart out thinking she could win over everyone’s sympathy. Something she did, for the most part, but then Bert cracked for a moment.

But, no sooner than him possibly holding Tacy accountable for her actions, he swings back to blaming Lana and Beth for all the issues in his life. Thus really showing how trash of a human being Bert is and why Beth treats him as he does. For beyond cheating on her mom and using her at his whim, he wants everyone else to take the blame for what he did to them rather than acknowledge how he continues to blow up or try to steer everyone’s life into a ditch.

On The Fence

Matt’s Place On This Show

We should feel bad for Matt, right? His wife is cheating on him, disregards him more often than not, and he hates his job. Which, after the Beth therapy session, you can only imagine how Bert is when he is at full power and is the boss. Yet, with his little spat with Colette, so comes this continued ability to hunch off his concerns, his pain, his comfort, because he doesn’t have clear value.

In many ways, his existence seems to be just to add a complication to Beth’s life and he is nothing without her as a character. Here is hoping, as we see him work, or do something beyond complaining, or trying to come off as a victim, that can change.

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Was Beth Assaulted? - 85%
Addy Seeing A Different Side To Coach - 86%
Understanding Beth’s Need For Power & Control - 87%
Matt’s Place On This Show - 70%


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