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Collected Quotes: Masters of Sex

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“I never got to be that. Dumb, maybe, but never a kid. They called me ‘The Little Grown-Up.’ I was so proud of that, being good and following the rules. Anything to be the teacher’s pet. But then you grow up and there’s no teacher to please, just some idea of what people expect from a pretty girl. You make a nice home, and you, you raise well-behaved children. Don’t make waves, you don’t make trouble, and you keep your voice down. And you go along like that. And your wanting to be good makes you quiet. So quiet that you forget the sound of your own voice. People forget that you’re there.”

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— “One for the Money, Two for the Show.” Masters of Sex

“Censorship perpetuates shame, which, in turn, fosters ignorance. And ignorance prevents change. So, you see, it’s a dangerous trajectory to shy away from the language of the body.”

— “One for the Money, Two for the Show.” Masters of Sex

“Sometimes exhaustion is the first step forward.”

— “Asterion.” Masters of Sex

“No one’s ever been in love with me. Not that I’ve known of, anyway. I’ve had relations a few times. No one’s ever stayed. You know, lingered. And that’s what I’ve missed out on, that kind of closeness.”

— ”Blackbird.” Masters of Sex

“Care is what you have for a stray dog that you find in the road, love is what you have for someone that you share your bed with.”

— “Blackbird.” Masters of Sex

“Sometimes the best fighter isn’t the one who lands the hardest punch, it could be the one who absorbs it.”

— “Fight.” Masters of Sex

“I mean, if you don’t want your kids to turn out like you, what have you got to teach them?”

— “Phallic Victories.” Masters of Sex

If I never loved […], I could manage. But after knowing what it is to be loved so completely […], I could never settle for anything less than everything.

—  “Three’s a Crowd.” Masters of Sex

Season 4

Change is a process, not an event.

Season 3

If I never loved […], I could manage. But after knowing what it is to be loved so completely […], I could never settle for anything less than everything.

—  “Three’s a Crowd.”

‘We’ll see’ is not a no. […] If you meant ‘No,’ you should have said ‘No’ because all that ‘We’ll see’ does is make me think it’s possible, and then I end up ruining things.

—  “Three’s a Crowd.”

There is no universe where fear is a barrier worth preserving.
—  “Parliament of Owls.”

Season 2

“You got to reach for it. Even if it’s outside your grasp, it’s the reaching that people respect. […] History will judge [you] just as much for the nobility of [your] goals, as for what [you] actually achieve.”

— “One for the Money, Two for the Show.”

Pleasure is a human need. It drives us, the way hunger does or fear. It can blind us or sustain us, it can be a frustration, or a source of tremendous relief.”

— “One for the Money, Two for the Show.”

“A clean plate is the best compliment.”

— “Story of My Life.”

“Strong and brave and so tall and beautiful that she struck some men dumb. Some men very dumb. But she knew who she was and that is why she burns so brightly. You can always spot her in the sky.”

— ”Blackbird.”

A little piece of you is always the girl you were at 13.”
— “Blackbird.”

If your intention is to move history forward, as you put it to me, you better come up with a better reason than that! Otherwise you are a man spouting revolution while, in reality, you are just toeing the party line.”
— “Blackbird.”

“Sure, follow your dreams. It’s a lovely slogan for a life most people can’t afford to live. But who knows! Maybe you’re special.”

— “Dirty Jobs.”

“Sex? Fine, enjoy if and when you can, it is a biological function. But, play it safe, keep your heart out of it, locked away someplace safe like a bank vault.”

— “Fight.”

You can’t control the punishment, but you can master your response. And that, in itself, gives you a kind of power – that you can take it and not run.”
— “Fight.”

Season 1

“You never feel betrayed by your anatomy? That you have all these parts which can turn against you?”

— “Phallic Victories.”

“You want to keep the title, ok you got it. All I want is the job.”

— “Phallic Victories.”

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