TV Series Collected Quotes: Hannibal

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“Therapy only works when we have a genuine desire to know ourselves as we are, not as we would like to be.”

— “Shiizakana.” Hannibal

“Memory gives moments immortality, but forgetfulness promotes a happy mind.”

— “Shiizakana.” Hannibal

“You’ve spent a lot of time building walls […], it’s natural to see if someone is clever enough to climb over them.”
— “Fromage.” Hannibal

Season 3

“One can appreciate another’s words without dissecting them.”

—  “Antipasto.”

“You seem more interested in making appearances than maintaining them.”

—  “Antipasto.”

“You no longer have ethical concerns, you have aesthetical ones.”

—  “Antipasto.”

Season 1 & 2 – Not Yet Organized

“No one can be fully aware of another human being unless you love them. By that love we see potential in our beloved, and through that love we allow our beloved to see that potential. By expressing that love, our beloved’s potential comes true.”

— “Shiizakana.”

“I prefer sins of omission to outright lies.”

— “Su-zakana.”

“Don’t make the same mistake I’ve made, being your own psychologist. I’m always assessing my feelings instead of acting on them.”

— “Futamono.”

“It’s your fight baby, but I’m in your corner.”
— “Coquilles.”

“All the things that make us who we are, what has to happen to make those things change?”
— “Mukōzuke.”

“There is no solution to grief, it just is.”
— “Mukōzuke.”

“In love you take leave of your sense, but in hatred you must be present to calculate your actions, allow yourself to hate.”
— “Naka-Choko.”

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